Monday, February 11, 2013 :: Salon Vim @ Bugis Victoria Street

I was choosing amongst a few events which I want to blog about and decided on this for Salon Vim as 2013 is a year to be thankful for. I would like to start the year by being thankful and appreciative to the wonderful things that I have been bestowed with that has changed my life in a way or so. I am extremely thankful to Salon Vim for offering sponsorship of my hair and of course, this magical place where I met the love of my life. I share their immense joy in opening a second outlet (a huge one to boot!) at Bugis Victoria Street – that iconic busstop at the entrance of Bugis Street is where they are. On the day of their grand opening, this day was made even more special as it was my birthday!


It is an extremely cosy place with the same friendly atmosphere as the outlet at Somerset 313!



A spacious 2nd level to house more customers on festive occasions! This space is much needed! 
Have you seen how packed Salon Vim @ Somerset 313 was during the recent CNY period? It was crazy!


So I headed down to the new outlet on this significant day to do my favourite Redken treatment. My tresses are extremely important to me and my mood greatly depend on the condition and look of my hair.



I absolutely love how soft and luscious my mane looks after the treatment. I have also learnt from John that Redken treatment is effective as it strengthens and maintains the pH level of your hair. It is a custom treatment where you can request a cocktail mix to achieve your desired end result (for eg, softer hair or stronger hair). It is good to understand what GOES into your treatment mixture as some salons offer treatments that only ADDS coating to your hair to make it look extremely soft when you walk out of the salon. That is why the price can go as low as $20+ $30+. However, that coating will come off at the first couple washes. In contrast, Redken treatment is an extremely good treatment I would say as it contains protein that works hard to build and strengthen your hair. I swear by this treatment and request for it at every visit! Sigh, technical details or understanding things at a molecular level always interest me as I was a science student in the past! Geez what a nerd!


Thank you for making me look my best on my special day! :*)
PS: Also for taking half a day off to celebrate my birthday with me! <3


Salon Vim @ Bugis is located at:
235 Victoria Street
Tel: 68370073

With Love,


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