Monday, December 10, 2012 :: My New Hair Color For Fabulous Christmas!

Made a trip down to Salon Vim for a new hair color to welcome Christmas and I’av FINALLY gotten the color I have always wanted! When I see pan asian babies, I will always stop in my tracks and admire them because for their gorgeous eye and hair color. These beautiful kids have this very pretty light shade of ash brown colored hair that looks fluffy and soft to touch. Have you ever notice the color of their hair? 
When John said I get to choose my own color this time round, I was over the moon! 

So we got started on a hair wash. Look at my dark black roots coming out just after a month.


Salon Vim is pretty packed most of the time. Even John’s weekend appointments are full four weeks ahead!


So my hair was first lightened before toning to give a unique ash brown color that will be unique to me ;) 


I’av always told John I love his hands for many reasons. For using his pair of hands to create magic on so many people – his hands show so much tenderness and love when he puts his heart into a customer’s hair. Then for using his strong hands to hold mine when I need him. Just by looking at his hands, I feel protected and loved. I wonder if any woman out there feels the same as I do. I read online that hands project an electricity that emanates from the energy of their owners. Maybe this is why I am so attracted to him and his artistic hands. But I prefer to believe that his hands tell stories of the journey he has walked to be where he is today – and knowing about these stories made me fall in love with this man all over again and everytime when I look into his hands.


Back to my hair! 
John then added in violet red and green to complement the base colors. I thought it gave my hair an element of surprise with these 2 colors peeking from beneath ;)


I also asked for Redken Treatment. I am loving this cocktail treatment since John introduced it to me few months ago. It makes my hair fluffy and soft despite all the chemical treatments done to my hair! I have alot of baby hairs that never seem to grow past 4cm and they stand UP against gravity when my hair gets dry or when the weather is unfavorable to me -.- Its as though there's some static above my head, you get what I mean? These are called flyaways I suppose? 

So doing the Redken Treatment is pretty good in my opinion as these flyaways are pretty tamed after that. 




Blow-drying in progress! I was extremely happy as John was blowdrying my hair. This is the hair color I have always envied on pan asian kids and it is finally on me ;)



Unable to capture the true color of my hair color due to the orangy lighting in the salon but I am loving the newly cut layers that add volume to my hair and making it more manageable!


I also got this product from Redken which is a cream shampoo with little lather. Have been using it for 2 weeks now and it makes my hair so soft! It also gives volume to my hair which is JUST what I need!


The color is more TRUE to the photo below. It is such a gorgeous light ashy color that makes me look…like a Japanese haha. With this lighter hair, I go heavier on my makeup to bring out the features on my face. I love it so much!




John and I thought it will be fun to film a video in the salon. He explained what he did to my hair so you will have a clearer idea! :) It is our first video together and we may do more in future teehee.

Please do not mind the lighting in the salon, it is extremely unflattering to us! 
Also have no idea why the video quality is so bad after it is uploaded onto youtube. Anyone has a clue?

I am thinking of filming a video of John being frightened by me haha. If you do not know us well, I am always hiding in corners and jumping out to scare him. That’s why he calls me a RAT. But he will probably be angry at me for filming it down so I will reconsider :p 

(Then again John, I’ll never learn my lesson hahaha)

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Check out VGY latest collection this Wednesday and see my gorgeous new color in the shoot!
Good luck in getting yours as well and safely place your trust in John to work up some magic in your hair for the New Year! ;)

With Love,


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