Thursday, March 24, 2011 :: MUSTARD FOR THE WIN!


Absolutely very proud to announce that VGY has been the FIRST blogshop in the blogosphere to come  up with mustard colored pieces!

Remember our first mustard piece way before this fashion reach Singapore during the CNY collection?


This pretty Blair Lace and Pleats Mustard Maxi, a sellout at both VGY ONLINE and VGY KISSJANE has made its way into CLEO magazine!


Then VGY launched the next series of Mustard maxi dresses which officially kickstart the mustard color craze in online shops :D Heard from my supplier that orders for mustard color similar to the one in VGY was requested daily.


What else can I say? I am damn proud of VGY, darn proud of myself haha.

Mustard is such a striking and outstanding color that I categorize it under the ROYAL colors. You know, royal colors meant for the royalty like emerald green, royal blue, gold yada yada.

When I have finalllllllyy finalized the design of my manufactured maxi dress, I was told there is COMPLETELY no more mustard color in the textile market. The mustard I chose is really bright, outstanding and most importantly, it suits ALL skin tones. So that special mustard color is out of stock :( Wonder when it will come back again. Even the 2nd backorder for Brigitte Pleated Mustard Maxi have to be on hold due to oos of the textile color. It could probably take 3-4 weeks for this 2nd backorder to arrive.

And, I absolutely love deep red. If you know me, I love drowning my lips with red lipstick and my nails in deep red (Malaga Wine from OPI).


This maxi is another wonder. Lavish Red which not many can carry off. Those who can will look extremely elegant and classy. Due to the popular demand for this Lavish Red, I have opened a 2nd backorder AND my 2nd manufactured maxi design will come in a deeper red color; very close to wine. Have seen the color palette for it and I love it to death hee.

- - -

I will be selling this kickass black clutch here in This clutch is NOT available in VGY online so you can email me @ if you are interested or do an immediate transfer without an invoice. Stocks will arrive on 1st Apr :)



This is the necklace I mentioned earlier in VGY Facebook which I will be selling here in It will not be available in VGY online so you can email to if you are interested in purchasing this necklace. You can do an immediate transfer first. I have only a few pieces so chop chop!


Please note the long necklace with emerald stone is NOT included.



The leopard dress worn comes with an attached inner black dress. It will be available in VGY KissJane on 25 March.

- - -

What else will be available at KissJane?




This black scoop neck top (with cross bare back) I love scoop neckline tops because they show off my collar bone and it’s always sexy to expose your collar bone when you wear something conservative from the front! Not many tops have scoop neck design so I really love it!

Sorry I don’t have the back photos!

It is available in 2 colors; WHITE & BLACK @ VGY KissJane on 25 Feb :)


& something to share with you girls… Notice how grassy my hair look in the above photo? It is due to the bad weather, constant curling my hair and how I stopped doing bathroom treatments for the past 3 weeks no thanks to my project overload and VGY collection.

Dearest J came to the rescue again and did this treatment which was damn good. You can refer to Beatrice’s blog haha. Her hair was even grassier than mine and after doing the treatment it was SILKY SMOOTH can you believe it. I am NOT exaggerating. As I speak, there are many appointments lining up in Salon Vim to do this treatment thanks to word-of-mouth.

I think the name of the treatment is..CUREPOD.

One thing about word-of-mouth is your product has to be REALLY good for people to be convinced and spread the love for you. Don’t you agree?

Just after 5 days of doing the treatment, I tortured my hair by doing coloring. I thought that was it confirm gone case but amazingly, the effects of the treatment toned my tresses down and it was still as silky and shiny after I colored + tong my hair. My god.

Take a look here


If you wish to know, the curls are not permanent and I curled it using VGY BabyLiss Curler; my trustworthy tong hehe. I carry it in my bag even when I go to sch. Ohmytian, vain right.

So, I will be leaving sg in 2 hours time and will be back on 29, officially 30th Mar. Do pardon with me for the lateness in replying to your emails! Will definitely reply each and everyone of you when I return! :)

Let me go on my well deserved trip and recharge my batteries! ^^ Till then!

With Love,


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Friday, March 11, 2011 :: . . . . . . . .


In case, some of you don’t have my facebook, I just posted a note about what happened to me last night…








I went to the 7-11 to get sanitary pads and I didn't realize I walked out carrying the awful big packet of pads until John looked at me in horror and asked "why the hell did you not ask for a plastic bag???!"

Couldnt stop laughing as I ran back to ask for 1. U should have seen the "please-let-me-die-why-is-my-girlfriend-like-that" look on his face. That girl behind the counter deserves a beating cuz (1) she didnt gimme a plastic bag in the first place (hello? wake up pls i just bought sanitary pads) and (2) she laughed so hard when she saw me walking in.




Sometimes I seriously don’t know what I am doing and why am I doing it until like…30 seconds later. It’s like, my hands are doing this but my mind is somewhere else –_-

I can sit 20 minutes at the wrong side of the train platform staring and waiting for the electronic TV sign to change to “WOODLANDS” when the train is bounded for “MARINA BAY”. After that I suddenly realized the sign wouldn’t change and Im just at the wrong side.


…I have nothing to say.

With Love,


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Thursday, March 10, 2011 :: Making Time..



I am so busy with projects I don’t know where to begin. 7 projects in 2.5 months. 1 after another. Extremely tired but here I am struggling to complete my work in the middle of the night. Had to divert my attention away from typing and typing because my goddamn eyes and brain keep threatening to black out on me. No don’t you dare, not at this crucial time.

Another 2 major projects due next week and I have to worry about the new shop. So many things to be done like registering for an account with PUB, Singtel, buy furnitures etc etc. Oh, have you heard? Vainpot is now a registered business renamed as “The Vainpot Boutique” and we will be shifting to a brand new shophouse taking up level 2 and 3. We may be setting up a studio in there so VGY and MMTP shoots can move even faster plus we need not worry about booking studios at crazy prices. But that is, after I manage my finances. Purse strings are super tight nowadays with rent payments and the deposit for the new shop. All in all, I am super relieved and thankful I have my great partners from MMTP; Ser & Matt who run the shop with me and get most of the work done. Don’t know what to do without these 2 superheroes. Ah that reminds me. They came down to my house @ midnight, watched me cry, talked to me consoled me (and dirtied my bed) when I was at my lowest point.

Without them, I think I will just sit in the middle of Vainpot, fling my hands up in the air and cry. Haha ya la im super dramatic when im stressed up. What to do. Im an extrovert. If not how to express myself?

My cough is coming back and it is making my head throb at every cough. Any remedy? :(

In the midst of work with fingers furiously hitting the keys on the board, the incessant cough, throbbing headache and the tough struggle to stay awake, watching J sleep makes my heart melt and for the first time, I stopped to realize it is such a precious moment and I have never treasure it until I looked for some serenity and comfort amongst the uncertainty…and are my peace. <3

With Love,


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Wednesday, March 9, 2011 :: A Belated but its-okay VDAY Post



I wish to dedicate this video to my dearest J. The lyrcis of this song made me tear so much because J is exactly like Chris Medina. He didn’t leave me when I needed him the most. Read on to find out why..


I know, Vday is soo long ago; almost 1 month now. But to J and I, everyday is a Valentine’s Day. I wish to thank my lucky stars – my wishing stars which I talked to in the night from time to time since I was..12 – that the angels have sent me the best boyfriend in the world. And this time, I am sure he’s going to be my last; the man whom I will spend the rest of my life with.

At the time when I first know J, I was just a lady still in her early twenties with no debt obligations. I was a hot-blooded female with a degree to my name, a blogshop owner and had an online gadget business which made me famous in the all-mens technical world as the only female supplier for authentic Apple gadgets. From 4 years ago, I built this gadget business and handled gadgets worth up to thousands and then ten thousands and last year, one-hundred-thousand. So you can guess, if anything goes wrong, I will be in a huge debt, almost a bankrupt I would say.

In the few months when things were picking up between J and I, things spiraled out of control and the supplier whom I worked with for 4 years for all my Apple gadgets gambled $100,000 of my money within 3 weeks. I had hundreds of orders, and none came in this time round. Overnight, I owe the world close to $100,000. My world came crashing down, i felt so scared, I felt so small, I cried, I screamed, I felt like giving up – I felt like I came to a dead end. My hands trembled daily thinking about the mountain high of debts with so many customers breathing down my neck. I thought this was it.

This point of time, the lowest point of my life, J held my hand, solved problems, find solutions and stood by my side all the while. All this time, J was not even my boyfriend. He do not have to shoulder all these stressful financial issues. He can even walk away from me. Which guy in the right mind would want to shoulder this huge debt with any girl when he can be saving up and enjoying the time of his youth with another lady? Moreover, J was not obligated to me. I was literally a NOBODY to him. We were not even friends to start with.. I remember nights when all I could do was cry and cry, he pulled me close to him and told me how he can visualize all the wonderful future we could have after we solved this debt and get over the police reports we had on hand. He told me how he can help to settle my huge five figure debt. It was a huge sum and tell me if there is any man out there whom is willing to shoulder this?

J and I seemed to have an affinity right from the start.. This time, I really felt that he is a gift from my angels.

Similarly, Chris Medina did not leave his financee when she got involved in an accident and suffered from brain trauma and was paralysed. He can choose to leave but he did not. I could relate to the video/song so much that I cried when I first heard his story. Yes, I urge you, please play that video above.

This Apple incident is deeply etched in my heart and I am glad we found blessings amongst all the misfortune and finally got together on 10.10.10 last year.


In my heart, John is one of a kind, special, caring, reliable and faithful boyfriend that I can ever ask for. I can’t wait to settle down with him :*) And my love for him is growing everyday.

With that, we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together. J had work on this day so we did this slightly earlier.




Wore this lovely drapey black dress from Vainpot and paint my favourite Malaga Wine OPI nail color


We actually booked Shangri-La Hotel’s THE LINE restaurant but was given outdoor seating. Consulted my chef friend and she said the food quality has dropped drastically and suggested we go elsewhere.

So, we decided to try out the Silvershore restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel @ Rasa Sentosa outlet.




























J did this for me haha. See my name?


And I love roses so much. I don’t know how to start explaining how much I love roses.


Thanks to all the stress this sch semester, I have dark circles appearing..


And I am changing my hair color soon. J said he’ll gimme a new color before our big break to HK in mid march. Yayy :*)


J, thank you for giving me a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I love you more than words and I love you the most.

With Love,


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