Thursday, January 31, 2013 :: Thank You!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all whom have taken time to send me an email - to send an encouragement my way, to participate in the giveaway, to say grace and to talk to me about everything under the heart! :*) Every single email is a GIFT to me and I received close to 100 gifts! Geesh thank you so much! :*) I will be replying to EVERY SINGLE ONE of your emails once my VGY collections are over so please give me some time! :) 

There are only 5 gift bags that I have prepared and it was such a hard decision to choose the 5 winners! :( I badly want everyone to be able to win something but it is not possible to send gifts to all! I am so sorry!

If you see your email appearing in the photos below, it means you are one of the 5 lucky winners.


Alison, Time and again, concrete plans and the initial determination will fade out just like how novelty wears out over a period of time. So always remember to go back to square one and remember that feeling of exhilaration and determination which spurred you and made you happier for days. All the best to your A level results :)

Denise Pun

Don’t be envy of other people. There is always someone out there whom is going to be better than you are. There is always someone whom has better hair than I do :p My height used to make me feel inferior when I talk to people but one day I wrote on a piece of paper the little things that I love about ME and I began to look at myself in a different light. It is all about slowly “leaning” into the habit of feeling good about yourself (because asking you to feel good immediately is close to impossible). “Leaning in slowly” allows you to slowly accept, learn, love and it will become a habit to love yourself just like that :) 
* I will drop a few of my favourite hair products into your bag so you can have beautiful hair too!

Sarah Chee

I am sorry to hear about your heartbreaks and disappointments. I believe everything happens for a reason, for the better or for the worst. Therefore, Year 2013 will be a year of faith. Having faith and staying optimistic is greatly important and it gives you strength to think clearly and “find a way out” to better days. There may be times when staying optimistic is really hard (trust me I know that),  but trust that faith will move mountains. It may take years but one day, good things will come your way if you hold on tight with faith. Thank you for all the blessings you have sent my way and I give it all back to you :)


I chose you simply because I admire how you seek out a way, find some good in a situation which you thought was bad initially. I admire people who are optimistic and work towards making themselves happier. Doesn’t matter how or what you do to get there as long as you have been good to yourself  - I wear heels no matter how painful it may be to my feet and I instantly feel so confident of myself with that added height. You have practiced slowly “leaning” in to make yourself feel better and it makes me happy to be around happy people like you ;) 


Audrey, I am glad you picked yourself up despite all the unfortunate things that have happened! I believe writing down the email for you was a form of release for you and you definitely felt a sense of relief being able to write it down in a positive manner to me :) I am genuinely happy for you that you managed to pick up the pieces and I hope the small gift bag will make your 2013 even better! :) Thank you for writing to me!

Please email me back as I hope to meet up with every one of you and give you the gift bag personally. 
Tentatively, I will do a meet up next week (as I am pretty busy this week!) and I will drop you my personal number to contact you easily! :) 


With Love,


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