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It is the time of the month where I look forward to receiving my Trove from the monthly subscription! It has been 5 months since I first signed up for vanity surprises every month with Vanity Trove.

One thing that attracted me to Vanity Trove was the beautiful hard cover box which look so pretty in pink. I simply adore the elegant design of the box and the simplicity of the look that I started collecting these pretty boxes to store my accessories, masks and many more small knickknacks.


I decided to put together a box of beautiful surprises into Vanity Trove’s elegant box as year end gifts for the lovely angels in VainGloriousYou team! Put in a wide array of makeup products to name a few - my favourite YSL Touche Eclat and some precious mascara from Japan which I couldn’t bear to use! Hope they like this little surprise!


Also stuck on VainGloriousYou’s label onto the crepe paper to personalize this box!


Let me introduce some of my favourite products from the November Trove! 
Laline – one of the successful international boutique brand that specializes in aromatic bath and body care products not only for the body but also for the soul. I say so as aromatic bath products always help me de-stress and I feel so much better stepping out of bath thereafter. In a more psychological way, I feel more sexy and have an extremely “feel-good” feel for myself when the aroma lingers on my skin.


This body cream now has a place in my bag. The sweet smell that carries a floral scent is extremely romantic! Glad that they gave the full sized product for this!


Another product worthy to try is Neogence from Sasa. You get to try this product in the December Trove and also receive a $5 discount if you purchase a full sized pack!


Tried and tested both. I have huge pores on my nose which I call “strawberry” so it was the perfect canvas to try this product on – the irony in it, don’t know whether I should cry or laugh to this. It greatly reduced my pores on my nose and my makeup went on extremely smoothly which was pretty rare for me :/ 



I have always been in a lookout for BB creams and was thrilled to find these sample sizes in my Trove! The Jasmine Water BB Cream was pretty appealing to me as the water content of this is high – which I gather should be similar to my favourite Teint Miracle liquid foundation from Lancome. Have yet to get down to trying it! But I am very satisfied with the size of the BB cream given (first from the right) as it should be able to last me for 2-3 weeks! ;)


I got the privilege of being one of the few to see what the Dec & Jan 2013 Troves will contain and I will share it with y’all with clear photos! ;) Of course, there will be many more products in the Trove but I will only share a couple few that I really like!


One of my favourite products from this gorgeous Trove has got to be these trial packs from Philosophy!


I am especially attracted to eye care products as I take pretty good care of the skin around my eyes. It is vital to take good care of your eyes as the skin around the eyes are extremely delicate. I have used this product for one night now and the skin around my eyes are pretty receptive of this product so I’ll wait and see if it delivers what it promised! An immediate result is the disappearance of fine lines when I applied my concealer the next day. Usually, I am faced with the issue of fine lines that tend to crease 1-2 hours upon applying my concealer. However, I did not experience that one night after using the product so it’s a really good sign for me to carry on using it and see further results! ;)


Microdelivery Peel
If you look closely at the second satchel for step 2, the ingredients include salicylic acid. I have always been using facial products that contain salicylic acid as this ingredient is extremely good for the face, if you do not know by now. Salicylic acid works as a peeling agent which gently removes excess skin (like dead skin cells) and also prevent pores from clogging. This is also why it is used in step 2 of the Philosophy product as it acts as a peeling agent and is ALSO often used in chemical peel. Salicylic acid also helps to prevent acne as it prevents clogging up of your pores. One product which contains small amounts of salicylic acid sufficient for daily use is Garnier which is why I have been faithfully using this brand for many years – I swear it gives me clear skin ;)  I alternate my facial washes between Garnier, Khiels & Mario Badescu weekly. It is not often that I see facial wash products with ingredients containing salicylic acid so this from Philosophy is definitely a clear winner for me! I’m sold even before using it!


The third item I wish to share is this sleek rectangular pump by Dr Georgia Lee containing collagen essence. From the second photo below, you will be able to see the actual size of this product and it can jolly well last you for 1 – 1.5 months. It also comes with a $20 voucher which you can use to offset any purchases from Dr GL. 

This collagen essence comes in a liquid form that has no viscosity and is odourless. It goes well on the face and is immediately absorbed without any stickiness! I have just been using it 3 days so there should be results if not minimal change that can be observed with a closer look by the 30th day! This product is developed by famous Dr G.L., who wouldn't have faith in it? ;)




I am excited to try the First Aid Transforming Peel-Off Mask! I have always been purchasing Activa brand of charcoal peel-off mask from Watsons which costs around $7 for a one-time usage. I like that peel-off masks cleanse my pores and my face will brighten up after every use.


And the Peat Miracle Revital Eye Cream! Love that I have so many new eye products to try!


Last but definitely not the least, the January 2013 Trove which contain this key product, Albion, that I have been wanting to try! The retail price of a 165ml bottle is at $82 and I was not ready to spend that amount of money before first trying out the starter version - making sure this product WORKS on my skin before purchase!


I sat up when I heard reviews of this product capable of calming redness and melting away unsightly fine lines. I have slight redness around my cheeks which made me look like I applied my blusher in the wrong position when I have no foundation on.
Worthy enough of my review here – this toner actually absorbs quickly into my skin and the redness was NOT SO visible (without foundation on) 5 minutes after application. Overall, my face looks more radiant.


Another star product which I like in the January Trove is this pretty rouge red lipstick pencil from Essence. My love for makeup products will never die, haha.


Lastly, I always survive on power/health bars when I work in the day. I can go without food the entire day with just 1-2 snack bars in the noon and have my dinner (first meal of the day) at 11pm in the night. Haha, I know it is bad but……I guess this is how I stay petite? Many people even customers who see me outside would (brazenly) hold my wrist, touch my arms and say I have became skinnier but really, I can eat alot on the weekends. Just that, surviving on such health bars keep gastric away from me and make me stay slim although I have a huge appetite. Thumbs up I guess? ;)


So these are all the products I find worthy of sharing with all of you! I hope you are still with me at the end of this post because it is a perfect gift and a fabulous surprise for your friends as a New Year gift.

Start by first signing up for an account with Vanity Trove for surprises and many more! Click here to join! 
If you like the items that I have specially chosen in this post, quote my name “Tricia” when you subscribe to get an extra surprise from one of my picks above!

Vanity Trove have troves for men as well and if you are interested to find out more, I have managed to find these links for your convenience:
Men’s LAB SERIES Edition (
Men’s SASA Edition (
Mangosteen Edition (( – I LOVE THIS TROVE! 

Last of all, remember to keep the lovely trove for keepsake! It is extremely pretty as a small pull-out cupboard to store your accessories! 

PS: To my VGY angels, I hope you like your troves! ;)   
PPS: The next entry will be on a heartfelt 2012 post that I have been wanting to post up & the small giveaway I am preparing to give a few lucky readers :) Stay tuned and have a beautiful weekend! 

With Love,


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