Wednesday, December 12, 2012 :: SingTel Loop & Meet for Maybelline Flea

I am so excited because it will be an extremely fruitful week for me and one that packs a punch! Let me fill you in on my exciting week ahead!
On Weds TODAY, Vainpot is having an exciting event to celebrate 12.12.12! It will be a storewide 12% discount off! The catch is, we will NOT be saying anything to you! You have to mention the secret code “TWELVE” at the counter to get your discount ;)

VGY will also be launching a brand new collection THIS EVENING! So thankful to Evonne for helping me do up this cover photo in the wee hours :*) 


On Friday (14 Dec), it will be MY birthday!  I am slated to head down to the opening of Salon Vim's new branch at Bugis in the noon and there will be many bloggers there as well to celebrate this occasion with Salon Vim :)

I will then be celebrating my birthday over a quiet dinner with John as we are both busy with work. Simply have no time to celebrate because….THE NEXT DAY on Saturday (15 Dec), VGY will be participating in a new Maybelline product launch cum flea market event at SCAPE! There are many things to do for this huge Maybelline event and VGY will be showcasing some gorgeous new arrivals!


Let me try to pique your curiousity here ;)
I will be releasing an extremely delicate and pretty lace piece featuring scallop fishtail hem and petal capped lace sleeves. There will be a total of 4 stunning colors which you DO NOT want to miss for CNY! It is a timeless keeper as well and for those special few friends who have seen this design, it was LOVE at first sight! Even my model, Kennie couldn’t wait to model this dress on Saturday(she will be one of the models representing VGY at the Maybelline event). 
For myself, I am simply enraptured by the beauty of this dress and I am saving it for my birthday dinner with John! :)

Remember to head down and be the first 2000 to enter because…Maybelline is giving away 2000 goodie bags worth more than $50 each and VGY is throwing in a $5 voucher in all goodie bags!

VGY Maybelline Scape Voucher

All these excitement is getting nowhere if you (unluckily) happen to FORGET about these events!
I am a complete klutz and a super forgetful woman. My right hand angel, Eve, has almost become my P.A. reminding me of this and that everyday haha. Sometimes there are too many things on my mind that I become overwhelmed with thoughts day in and out. I almost knocked down an elderly 2 weeks ago because I was thinking about something while driving. Thank god it was only a light bump or I don’t even wish to think about the consequences.

At this moment of time with so many events happening, the last thing I want to do is to do MANY THINGS such as…..ensuring my friends know about the event, keeping them informed of last minute updates etc. There are just too many things to do and sometimes, these can become a logistical and administrative nightmare.

I was extremely thankful with the introduction of a new app known as SingTel Loop & Meet! I have just downloaded it on my iPhone and invited some of my closer friends to the Maybelline event this Saturday! You HAVE TO download yours because this app can do wonders! Let me show you!

For one, I have created my event and titled it “Maybelline Color Tattoo ThINK Flea”. 
At the time of my creation of event, I only invited 1 of my friend, Sheena Tan hee. I have invited more friends through Facebook and my phonebook contacts so it is really so much easier now!

image (9)image (5)

In the case where I have many friends who have not RSVP, I can simply do a friendly RSVP shoutout to remind friends to inform me of their attendance at a click of a button. It is really easy when you want to organize a birthday party, gathering, girls’ day out etc with your friends! If you are a working adult with a huge clientele, you can make use of this app to invite your clients for a cocktail meetup! It gives a professional, friendly yet personal touch! I’m sure you will be gaining alot of brownie points after that! ;)

When you thought everything is going smoothly, bad things ALWAYS happen at the WRONG time. Fret not because you can do a SHOUT OUT via this app to inform everyone – even to those who can ONLY receive SMSes about this event. So you do a shout out for last minute changes like 
Dang! Event location has been shifted indoors due to bad weather condition! But our party will still be rocking! See you all hippies in an hour’s time!

image (6)image (7)

And…….This is the part I have been wanting to share with all of you! Movie reviews powered by inSing! 
To digress, these are the 2 movies I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to watch! Especially Argo! The entire movie was so intense! It totally deserved the 4.5 stars!

image (1)image

AND..whet your palate with the amazing list of trendy and chic food places! 
There are Keong Saik Snacks, Tamarind Hill, The Fabulous Baker Boy, Group Therapy Cafe and many more!
The Cajun Kings caught my attention because someone mentioned to me this place sells great crabs (my favourrrriteee!) but I have yet to try it out! Anyone tried Cajun Kings yet?? Let me know, please! ;)

image (2)

Usually brunch places are packed and mainstream but here’s a hidden gem my friend brought us to! 
Selfish Gene Cafe has AWESOME ambience! I can sit in there all day to read a book or work on my laptop! It is such a beautiful and homely place! If I can cook well, I would love to open a cafe with such concept! 

(But I can’t cook. At all.)

image (3)

Lastly, there are suggestions on what to do, where to go when you are at the peak of boredom and you have a handful of friends who gather together but have no where to go haha. I guess this happens to many of us? My gang has totally exhausted all hangout places at night and there is no where else for us to….CHILL. 
But not anymore! I am going to start the ball rolling and introduce my friends to this Talk Cock Comedy happening at Clarke Quay every Sunday thanks to this Loop & Meet app! We are the absolute nonsensical bunch of idiots (haha sorry guys) so this will suit us just fine ;D

image (4)

Give this app a try and I am sure you will be hooked on it! 
You can read more about the app here at their official website -
I was extremely excited after I check this app out prior to this blog entry. Finally an app that allows you to DO EVERYTHING by NOT DOING ANYTHING at all - It’s the evolution of all apps. 
Just ticking off all the eating places in this app will keep you and your friends pretty busy for the weekend!

Please RSVP to my event here if I have invited you! Would loveeeee to see you lovely ladies at *SCAPE this Saturday! It will be the best birthday present to me :*)

To all others, please do drop by if you can make it because this is one flea event you do not want to miss! Aim to be the first 2000 and snag the highly sought after goodie bags! Those new products will definitely work wonders for year end makeup! 

This will be a crazy, hectic but enjoyable week! Let’s go!

With Love,


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