Saturday, September 29, 2012 :: Maybelline x VGY @ Zouk


Have been wanting to blog about the Maybelline Lasionista event at Zouk which happened last month! Yikes!
These photos are long overdue!
Maybelline invited 5 blogshops for a fashion show cum bazaar night and VGY was one of them.


My trusty angel I call Eve ;)IMG_9184


The little angel with a pretty name, Britney, whom many of you have meet when she passed you the invite at the door! L1170939

With the 2 pretty models of the event – Constance and Sabrina. IMG_9191

With the good people from Tinsel Rack


Just before the doors were due to open to the roaring queue outside, I persuaded Eve to visit one of the express makeup counters and get her makeup done by the Maybelline makeup artists haha. God! She was so reluctant! IMG_9198

Until she found someone to go along with her!
We go toilets in groups of ten, no?

So lucky to have found such a reliable and lovely girl to handle my emails.
Sad to say, I have trust issues with people, especially girls, so Eve is truly a godsend :*)


I was kept really busy at the backstage ensuring the models are wearing the right accessories etc.
I insisted on the model on the left to wear the blazer without a bra. And she gamely agreed! You go girl!

Larry Yeo was the makeup artist of the night. He drew out 5 looks for 5 different blogshops and this is what was allocated to VGY models ;)

It brings attention immediately to the centre of each eye making their look doubly intense. Just what I need for them to pierce through the glances in the crowd!

I do not really fancy the choreographer’s planning for my models to carry a gun but anyway, it was a done deed when I got to know of it haha.


I was eyeing this model from the start but it was really too bad she wasn’t allocated to VGY during the choreography :(L1170915


My prettiest twin sister. It runs in the Ong family ;)

Thank you for always being there at every single one of my events! :*)IMG_9235


My dearest John who rushed down after work to help out and just..being there for me :*)IMG_9237


And the models started strutting their stuff.
On a side note, I am selling away this feathery purple necklace. Email me if you are interested! :)

The studded blazer which was only available for sale during this event. Fel kept a piece for herself as well!
I still have last few pieces for this lovely blazer.
Email me at if you are interested to purchase! ;)IMG_9275

The Camy Playsuit which sold like mad both online and at the event.
This item is now out of stock! Please do not email me for it! :(


The Amelia laser cut peplum skirt which I wore on the night was our best-selling item! Well of course, I shortened my own piece by 3 inches to elongate my legs :/



The 2 of them…forever scandalous –.-

Gave my loveliest Serene and Matt tickets for the event and Serene came down after work! Felt so bad I didn’t have time to snap photos with her :( Thank you for coming down anyway! Love you, Serene!

Ling from who was invited as a beauty blogger :)

As I am penning this entry down, it’s yet another weekend!
I am rushing for a launch by this coming Monday (hopefully)! There are too many items to launch in the upcoming Collection 102! Also stay tuned for the upcoming sales post which I will be putting up after C102 is over!

Was telling Eve I will do a sales and what is available post to commemorate my 2nd anniversary with John this 10 Oct :*)
I am also planning to donate alot of clothes for the unfortunate so they can celebrate year end and Christmas with new clothes. Was pretty touched when a customer, Edna, came my shop one day and tell me how kids from the poor countries actually hug the shoes that they received (as donation) instead of wearing it. They’d rather walk bare footed to and fro from school than wear the “new” shoes. Edna even said “when you receive them from the entrance, you see them walking back from school bare footed and hugging the shoes you gave”.
This, I would never forget. 
So, be kind to one another, donate and help as many as you can.

Lastly, this year see me through many milestones and I will pen it down as a closure for year 2012. It will be a heartfelt and honest to the bone post.
But for now, some things are better left unsaid, till the time is right :)

Have a kickass weekend! <3

With Love,


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Monday, September 24, 2012 :: OCBC Frank Card & Party @ AVALON

If you DO NOT already know about FRANK by OCBC cards, you have not been to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard (especially).  
I remembered just 1-2 months ago, Cineleisure was plastered with gigantic, endless posters of quirky card designs. 
It covered the entire Cineleisure in floors and I found myself turning several rounds to look at the designs plastered on each floor.

Fast forward to this moment of time, I was extremely excited when I was offered the opportunity to sign up for a FRANK Credit Card and to attend an upcoming FRANK Party @ Avalon (happening on 24 Oct)! On the same night, I went online to choose the design for my FRANK card the first thing when I reached home haha.

I was extremely shocked to see the massive amount of designs splashed on the webpage!
Check them out here
OCBC franks

I have pulled out some of the designs which caught my attention!
I have yet to submit the design which will be on my FRANK card so PLEASE HELP ME CHOOSE!

I started dancing when I was reallllly young. So I have 2 decades of dance experience. 
When I dance, I feel out of this world. I feel really relaxed and just enjoying the moment in time – my body will be in sync with the music and I love how dancing effortlessly becomes another language for me. Whenever stress catches up with me, heading to a dance studio will make me feel so much better. So looking at this card of a dancer, I can almost feel that fleeting moment when she leaped through the air. I can feel her in me.

On the other hand, I am someone of a playful nature. I love to come across as a fun and outgoing woman to others! This quirky card with a wacky sense of humour will definitely get me smirks and cheeky grins from cashiers haha. It is like conversation starter with a stranger and I do not even need to speak to begin with!

Then again, floral prints, textured soft designs etc always make me go weak in the knees. I have such a soft spot for these designs. This is a really classy and subtle card that I can imagine it sitting prettily in my purse. This design gives off an understated  sophistication, doesn’t it?  I was drawn to how the cream and grey in the design gives a soothing vibe! If the prints is in roses…there is no need for this dilemma anymore!

And if you know me well enough, I really love rocking red lips. I still remember the first time when I walked into a makeup counter to purchase my first red lipstick. I applied it there and then and walked out being more confident than ever. Mind you, prior to it, I have no experience of applying lipstick. So red was one of the first color I painted my lips in and I fell in love ever since. Come to think of it, most of my lipsticks now have red undertones in them..hmm.
This red lips design is simple as it seemed but it is a whole lot of expression for me.

Last of all, this party rocking design. Whenever I dance, I ALWAYS love flipping my hair from below (and I can do it really well haha)! Firstly, it gets all the hair outta my face. Secondly, it is downright sexy and appealing to groove to the music and punctuate it with a flip of the hair. I am sure if my BFF have to choose, she will definitely pick this design for me. Right, Fel? ;)
AND, this design is also the official picture of the Avalon party happening on 24th Oct!
Please help me choose a design for my card! I will take the design with the highest votes!

If you are interested to attend the FRANK party @ Avalon on 24th Oct, simply sign up for a FRANK Credit Card OR spend a minimum of $200 from 1 Sept to 30 Sept 2012! You will easily win invites for yourself and 3 more friends!
Speaking of $200, I can easily chalk up $500 on a credit card every month on retail therapy…:( And usually I don’t see where the money has gone to! Right, ladies!?

As I am signing up for a FRANK card as well, OCBC is really nice to offer me invites for myself and 3 other friends for the party! There will be free entry, free drinks, free goodie bags for all AND a sneak peek of end-year party offerings from Forever 21 ;) 

(How can I ever miss a fashion show? )

You can head on down to their facebook HERE for more details.
The last time I checked, there are already 451 people attending this event! I am expecting the numbers to jump really fast because there are 3 more weeks till this event!
I am really looking forward to my card so please help me choose a design alright!
This FRANK Credit Card offers 5% cash rebate at Forever 21 stores and I can’t wait to lay my hand on this card so I can save some monies at F21 for my year end shopping! ;)

Hope to see you lovely ladies at the party as well so hit me up at my Facebook if you are attending it!
Have a wonderful new week ahead and spread the love! <3

With Love,


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Saturday, September 22, 2012 :: GUSHCLOUD APP!

Gushcloud omg
(My way of saying oh my god…now)

Gushcloud rewards is finally back with an awesome app!
Now you can gush from your phone just like how you use instagram on your phone ;)

I already have the gushcloud app downloaded into my iphone.
photo 1


Launch the program to sign in! 
This app connects you to your facebook and twitter.

photo 2photo 3

You will be greeted with a pretty welcome page and a short tutorial to get you started!
photo 4photo 5


Choose to gush whatever you like on your page! 
On the right, this is my profile page! I have just jumped on this bandwagon so please subscribe to my profile to see another side of me! 
(At least, I have another social media app to express myself)

photo 1 (3)photo 4 (2)

Earn titles according to how much you gush.
Hmm…..I am….still a rookie ;p

photo 2 (3)

On the trending page, you get to see the hottest topics all around the world.
photo 3 (3)


Now this is the part where you will be most interested in – earn money by simply supporting a campaign. 
VERY SIMPLY, choose a campaign you like, then LIKE/TWEET/SHARE it to earn monies! 
You can see a little red flag on each campaign. That red flat tells you how much you will earn for joining the campaign!

photo 4 (3)photo 5 (3)

I decided to join this campaign because I have been hearing it so often on 987fm while travelling on the car. 
John even asked me he heard the radio right – that the record holder could hold his stare (without blinking) for 30 mins! 
I told him maybe he heard it wrong. 
Or is he right?! Anyone knows??

Anyway, click on the campaign of your choice and it will lead you to this DETAILS page where it is just a simple 2-3 steps process to earn monies!
photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)

After doing so, you will find yourself earning GP points which can be converted into cash!
For starters, I now have 99GP in my account.

photo 3 (2)

10 GP = $0.12 SGD approx
And I just earned cold hard cash in a short span of 5 minutes from exploring the campaigns!


Go to
Check your rewards on the top left hand corner. Mine is 99GP which translates to $1.21SGD! 
Then choose to withdraw the cash in anyway you prefer – bank transfer or via paypal.

Alternatively, you can exchange for coupons or donate the money to charity! 
This is an excellent way to do your part for charity amidst your busy lives. Even a dollar counts so please consider this option! :*)

Gushcloud rewards 2

Lastly, come join me once you have created your account to start gushing!
Gushcloud 2

Sometimes, I'd like to take a breather from Instagram and Twitter - having a social media platform which I can express myself freely. I gushed some inspirational quotes during mid week to pull myself through. 
At times when the going gets tough, reading inspirational quotes and pasting them somewhere where you can easily read them can turn the day around and make you feel slightly better with a sprinkle of optimism :*) 

You think so too?

With Love,


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