Thursday, July 10, 2014 :: Gucci Flora The Garden Collection

Few months back, I had the privilege of filming for the coveted range of Gucci Flora perfumes with the team from Clozette. Watch our video here! 

Flora Garden Collection consists of five fragrances –, The Gorgeous Gardenia, Gracious Tuberose, Glamorous Magnolia, Generous Violet, Glorious Mandarin.  

My favourite of the lot is none other than the Gorgeous Gardenia which I cannot resist and had to get my own. Took the first whiff at it while waiting for my flight and fell in love with it. Doesn't matter that I already have so many different perfumes, teehee. 
The Gorgeous Gardenia, my favourite scent of all is a burst of blossoms with the top notes being red berries and refreshing sweet pears. The feeling of euphoria that comes with the burst of sweet and mysterious floral scent is extremely refreshing in summer time. In the words of a man, "the perfume on you is irresistibly sweet". Yummmm, I know. 
In order to let y'all have a better idea of my depictions of the different perfumes in the Garden Collection, I decided to represent each perfume with an OOTD photo! 
Here's my favourite, the Gorgeous Gardenia is a lushly enticing scent that speaks volumes of a gorgeously feminine woman with a sultry sensuality.
Glamorous Magnolia v1b
Generous Violet evokes a sense of lavish generosity and impeccable sophistication just like a luxurious outfit. 
Generous Violet v1
The Glamorous Magnolia can be represented by this OOTD with one of my favourite outfits! Now, do you agree with me that wearing an outfit that you really like and feel comfortable in (because of the way it hugs your curves, accentuates the right parts etc), makes you walk and talk with confidence (turning heads in the process perhaps)? It is that confidence that makes you appear alluring and exude a charismatic glamour. 
Generous Violet v2
The photo below is a representation of Glorious Mandarin! O' glorious life! A getaway in the midst of a life that has turned mundane will give inspiration while breaking away from day-to-day stresses, encouraging a spirited approach to life. 
Tricia - Glorious Mandarin
Poise and elegance is a glowing inner peace which speaks of a woman's optimism in life. Like the lovely Gracious Tuberose perfume, which gives the woman a gracious aura as she walks down the street..
Gracious Tuberose v4
Want to win all the five darlings in this Garden Collection? Join the photo contest to win the Gucci Flora Travel Gift Set! Simply share your OOTD on Instagram and remember to use the hashtags #FloraOOTD #Clozette
gucci flora travel
Also, go ahead to redeem a Gracious Tuberose sample on! Why not, it's free!

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