Tuesday, November 20, 2012 :: Tuesday Update

An update on Tokyo Bust Express:

TBE has been quick in tracking down customers through my blog and have successfully managed to track down those who have left slightly more detailed accounts of their experience at the outlets. The company have moved quickly to act upon these customers who have provided a point of contact and resolve the issues through apologies and compensation. They have also been monitoring my blog closely to further identify customers as soon as possible. I implore all to be fair to TBE as well as they have always placed emphasis on customer service. The quick move to contact customers says much about the company's responsiveness and how much they value their customers.

Secondly, to clarify my previous blogpost, the permission given to me to remove the TBE promotion for my readers was a goodwill gesture extended to me by TBE.

Last of all, I was informed that the response was really good and many had a great experience at TBE. Although many have not stepped forward to share the great experience they had, I am really thankful to those who have taken time to email me about their positive experience and understood that some incidences are isolated cases so it is not fair that the negative feedback puts the company in a bad light. 

Nonetheless, I am extremely happy that many have satisfactory results upon visiting TBE because I understand how small improvements to our body can be a huge boost to a woman's self esteem :*)
I am glad that I have been of help and cheers to greater self confidence!

For the upcoming collection on VGY, I experimented purple eyeshadow on my lids using a new quad eyeshadow from ZA as seen below. Did the same makeup on my model, Kennie as well and she loved it! ;)

Used the one on the left – purple palette. 
Thank you ZA for the lovely eyeshadow! :)


First time trying out hook on chain earrings and they are so comfortable to wear! 
On the side note, my black roots are showing and John has repeatedly asked me to get my lazy ass down to Salon Vim haha. SO, I will be heading down this week for a new hair color! No more procrastination!

Hook On Chain Earring from Burglary

I found this white rabbit earring really edgy looking! Haven’t found a chance to wear them out but I will soon! ;)


I seemed to have a newfound obsession with unicorns – after the pink unicorn I won from Legoland haha. 
Chosen a pair of gorgeous unicorn earrings as well and they looked extremely classy.


All earrings featured above are from Burglary.

I will be launching a new collection on VainGloriousYou this week so stay tuned! Lastly, I am extremely thankful for all the support I received from my readers! I may not reply all the comments but I do read every single one of them. Thank you so much for staying and growing with me :*) 

This week will be a better one! :)

With Love,


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