Thursday, November 25, 2010 :: DECEMBER BABY


Maybe I can get J to do one of these styles for me for the new year. I love the 2nd look; edgy, vogue and chic. I can also go for the last look which is my favourite. I always find big curls very sexy and easily a head-turner.

Busty Fel, wanna do the 1st look for VGY new poster photo? Haha. Color spray hair like mad –_-“


colored hair


lovely hair

the hair



- - -

In preparation for ZoukOut, I have been working out with Fel. Look, even dogs are exercising. Prolly should get Tintin to start on a training regime.

exercising pet

I am considering getting a friend for Tintin. Maybe a white pomeranian?



Keeping up with the animal hats trend…

pet in trend


- - -

Of course, not forgetting makeup and color trends. Vavavoom GOLD is now on the bandwagon. Just the perfect color for me :)


Maybe I could try this…just for the fun of it hahaha.

eye makeup

Yes Of course! My scarlet red lippy which will complete my look. Not sure if it can go with my lovely gold.. I guess a subtle gold shimmer on my lids would suffice. I am determined to wear red on my lips. You don’t know how good it look on me :p


- - -

Nails in Vogue. Yay. Painting my nails blue would be complimentary to my new ring J bought for me!


- - -

I will be preparing Christmas gifts for some special chosen ones on my list this year!
With love from J and I :)

This year, Christmas will be a time of love giving and celebrations for me. By giving out little gifts making people happy, it will put a big smile on my face and I am determined to start a new year exhilarated, happy and blessed!

Love goes around and will come back to you in the end (o:  
So smile, give love and be thankful people!

love season

With Love,


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Sunday, November 21, 2010 :: Pretty Lashes, Lovely tresses


Soon, I will be promoting the mascara used to create the beautiful lashes you see in the photos below. I have been given the mascara to try prior to any agreement made to advertise for this online shop; I will only agree to be sponsored provided the mascara is good. 

Definitely not acting like some haughty big shot here but as I mentioned 2 entries back, I will only promote what is good if it works on me; not simply blatant advertising which I consider atrocious and deceptive.

And I am SOLD because the mascara is pretty amazing! I was in awe after applying 2 coats of the mascara. I thought nothing can beat my Loreal mascara which always had friends/strangers asking me if my lashes are real. This mascara can even create Lady Gaga thick and voluminous lashes after 6 coats of fiber! And the best thing is, you do not have to wear fake lashes to pull off looking like you have used falsies.

This really HAD ME SOLD at my first try.

*All photos below are taken by my iphone and is original with no edits made to the lashes.


The photo above is taken BEFORE applying the mascara. Notice my not-so-visible lashes although I applied 1 layer of my own mascara from Deja-Vu.

- - -

The photos below show my lashes after applying the sponsored mascara.






- - -

Even when taking photo from afar (from head to tummy), the lashes are thick and visible; just like having fake lashes on :D


And I really have to thank J sincerely :*)

My hair has became visibly thicker and I feel so much more confident thanks to the special techniques he used to cut my hair. Although my hair is still as little; a fact that is hard to change even after applying so many types of tonic :(, J confidently assured me to put my hair in his care and he will ensure my hair will grow to look thicker.

I have never regretted nor look back ever since.

Now, I feel so much confident with my tresses. I love my hair color which he specially formulated to suit my skin color (ah yes, J is real good in colors), and I definitely adore my haircut. His recommendation of the right products to use really helped in giving my tresses a luscious outlook.

Having beautiful hair is very important to me as a bad hair day will really spoil my mood:( Some people may think I am spoilt but I can’t help hanging my head down when I do not have the hairdo I am pleased with. And I think I may not be the only one who feel this way? Having gorgeous hair really do wonders to up my confidence! :) With that,


With Love,


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:: personal selling post



Tiger printed tank dress – $15
(worn only once)

- - -



Nude cut out patterned maxi – $20
(worn only once)

- - -



Dorothy Perkins Halter Maxi – $50
(worn twice, retail $109)

- - -



Crochet Pink Maxi – $15
(worn only once)

- - -

netted tunic

Topshop Netted Tunic – $35
(worn twice)

- - -


topshop blue maxi 2

topshop blue maxi 3

topshop blue maxi

My favourite maxi dress from Topshop!
Sheer Lace Blue Maxi (Does not include the black inner piece) – $50
Retailing at $89 or $109
(Worn only once)

- - -


photo 3 (4)

Tieback Top from WoodWould (don’t know if I got the name correct) – $30
Retailing at $63
(Worn only once)

- - -


Miss Dionna Maxi in Light Peach from VGY Collection 66 – $22
(worn only once)

- - -



Primevera Topshop Inspired Romper from VGY Collection 59 – $20
(worn twice)

- - -



Scarlet Old Rose Tux Vest from VGY Collection 58 – $22
(worn only once)

- - -

Casual preview_tricia in avangel


Avangel Black Blazer from VGY Collection 69 – $18
(worn thrice)

- - -


Topshop Wisteria Blush Chiffon Tie Wedges in US 6.5/UK 4/Euro 37 – $120
(worn twice out + 2 times for VGY photoshoot)
Retailing at $163.

- - -

As promised, I have put up my first selling post here as I usually only wear my clothes only once. I don’t often repeat them as I love wearing new clothes. Argh, gotta change my attitude now that I have landed myself in a huge debt. I have more which I will be releasing some time later as I need to take photos for them :)

Kindly note that all items above are my own worn items which I am putting up for sale. There will be no additional photos for all the items sold here so kindly refrain from asking for it. There will not be any further discount or nego. All prices are inclusive of normal postage.

With Love,


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 :: Suwimm suwimm


Went for a swim with Busty Fel today in preparation for ZoukOut haha.

She’s my bestfriend 2006; only for year 2006 (we won Teenage Magazine BestFriends 2006 competition) hahaha.

Busty Fel is actually my best mate from poly years, my dance partner, my loyal photographer for VGY and my alter ego for a bustier front lol. She almost fainted when she saw how fat I grew in the recent photoshoot (ya I like to walk naked around her). As mean as she can be, I was told I have “a disappearing jawline and a developing double chin” –____-

I was recommended Bio Essence Face Slimming cream by my air stewardess friend to contour and slim down my face. Will be getting it soon to try it out and will give reviews about it!

On a lighter note, the nonsensical but optimistic side of me positively believe that I am 60 swimming sessions (of 30 laps each) away from having Jessica Alba’s abs. Now, doesn’t that sound like music to the ears? ;) It’s almost therapeutic to me. Ahh the powers of believing.










Busty Fel, I will be a toned up long legged beauty on 11th Dec :P


With Love,


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Saturday, November 13, 2010 :: BABYLISS CURLING TONG by VGY


Spent 3 hours working on the video and finalllllyyyyy, the VGY video for the curling tong is now up on YouTube! A new collection will be launched very soon tomorrow on Sunday!

Hope the video is good! It’s my first attempt at such editing for commercial purposes.

The curling tong by BabyLiss is even better than my own curling tong which I used many collections back. It has a clip and is definitely much easier to use. The curls created are very natural and will have lustre shine which can last through the day. It is very unlike the other curlers which caused curls to lack of shine and induce breakage + split ends in your hair at the end of the day.

And I really need to reiterate, I approached Salon Vim to get these curling tongs as I fell in love with them after dearest J styled my hair for me using these tongs on numerous occasions. It is definitely not blatant advertising of these tongs you see in VGY. I only promote what is really good after trying it on myself. Many customers usually ask what I use to curl my hair, style my hair etc. So everything including the products used are included in this video! :)


Use Of BabyLiss Curling Tong by VGY in Collection 73

With Love,


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Maybe because I am a Sagittarius, I have a thing for human-horse photos. Just looking at the photo alone satisfies the animal need for a Sagittarian for freedom and to have my instinctual desires fulfilled. I feel like sitting on a horse and gallop away, far far out to the meadows.

I am seeing a lot of tribal x fringes or what I prefer to call them, camels, blues for upcoming fashion. 







Just everything I love. Dang.

But I do not have a budget to blow for my shopping list this year end. Thanks to a hefty 90K debt Sad smile I have been stopping myself from “accidentally” walking past Topshop, F21 and all the lovely stores. I don’t even do window-shop nowadays. Tsk. Imma’ that close to freezing my credit cards in ice.

- - - -

wisteria topshop wedges

Debt and shopping porn aside, I am contemplating selling my Wisteria Topshop Wedges in Blush. These Givenchy inspired chiffon tie wedges are crazy and it is sooooo comfortable to walk in/dance in, that I spent another $163 to buy another pair in black. It was love @ first sight when Dingxuan loan me her pair to wear for the NUS event where I was the guest judge. The lovely nude pink color is absolutely stunning and you know me, I love nudes, blush pinks, creams, florals toooooo much to say no to any price tag.

Item 19


It goes perfectly with cuffed ankle pants, I suggest khaki green.


I very much prefer my black ones as seen on Rumi Neely. So, any takers for my Wisteria Topshop Wedges in Blush? It is US 6.5, Euro 37 and UK size 4. Only worn twice. I will be selling at $120, no further nego.

OR, you may have the YSL Arty Ovale Ring in Green or Marble Coral? I could trade for the green, probably! Open-mouthed smile Anyone has this YSL ring and willing to sell? I can’t find it anywhere Sad smile Read that it may be coming out again next year but it has not been confirmed! Not really bank balance friendly for now but these rings are super stylish and major arm candy! Yumyum.

ysl rung


Or the Marc Jacobs Spiral Ring

marc jacob spiral ring


Not shopping is so hard for me.

- - - -

I will be launching a new collection over this weekend, sorry for the delay! I have been trying to work on the video for the curler but it is a major disaster! Maybe the video will come abit later, the photos should be able to do justice to the curler! My locks were really luscious during the shoot!

Here’s a sneak peek!


With Love,


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