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After my last session with Tokyo Bust,  I have been looking around for lingerie that provides better support so the massaging sessions that I have gone through and the bust serum which I am currently using will be properly maintained through my daily lingerie wear.

I am very thankful to be able to work with Jocelyn from and she has helped greatly in getting me the correct lingerie for my uses. 

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I have heard countless advices on wearing the correct bra. But honestly, how would you know whether you are wearing the right bra?

Well-endowed women wear bras for support and they would feel pain and discomfort without wearing them, possibly due to the weight. Then, let’s think about women with small-medium bust size. They would most likely be very used to wearing bras to boost the size and would feel uncomfortable without them – which I would attribute it is more of a psychological factor. Through time, the result of wearing bras, ill-fitting or not, would result in the female being completely oblivious to any discomfort from bras. Such consequences which I have learnt from TBE causes the “4 breasts” syndrome and also nips heading down south. Thankful I don’t have the latter but I was a victim to the “4 breasts” :( 

I for one, have been wearing strapless bras since I started hooking up my first Triumph bra. My strapless bras are of double buckle with underwire. I came to learn that the consequence of wearing such bras day in and out for years gave me the “4 breasts” which the collagen and fats are pushed all the way up near my underarm – it is extremely visible when I wear cut-in sleeveless racer tops or tube tops and I was oblivious to it until I was made known to it.  The consultant from TBE advised me on changing my bras and I have gone searching for new lingerie from then.


This is one of my many strapless bras from Triumph.


All my lingerie have only 2 buckles which I admit tends to slip throughout the day :( No doubt I love the design and how “mini” the entire bra looked, but it gives extremely bad support which resulted in “4 breasts” syndrome.


With my strapless bras which do not gives any extra lift to my bust, I was unable to achieve a perky bust look unless I wear bras which gives good support and with straps. Took a frontal photo of myself wearing’s baby blue bra underneath VGY’s Peplum’s Top in White and I am pleasantly surprised to see such a flattering image geesh :x

image (7)image (8)

I also got this racy red lace overlay 3/4 cup bra which have three buckles and provide extremely good support. It gives the extra push and I have been wearing these two new bras pretty often! 
At the time when I was doing this shoot, the baby blue bra was in the washing and I was not able to take it out for a shoot on my comfy bed.


I am a fan of laces and everything soft and pretty so I chose this red lace overlay bustier. I thought it would suit me well as I have many wine red/bright red outfits. 


The thick 3 buckle bra gives good support – the importance which was reiterated to me during my TBE session. also provide bras with 4 hooks which acts like a bustier. It sounds pretty tempting to me as I love wearing bustiers if you realize my collections in VGY often has them! ;)


The thick strap holds my bust in place well such that it does not move around with rigorous actions.


If you worry the sides will be too thick for your liking, that is what I thought so too until I wore them and felt extreme comfort in it. It is not stuffy as well as the fabric is pretty airy! Took a side photo of myself wearing the baby blue piece and it is really not that thick or big if it appears so in my photos :)

image (9)

To be honest, it was my first time wearing lingerie with straps thicker than what I would usually wear. It was a new experience for me as I never worn 3/4 cup bras, bras with three hook and bras with thicker straps. I now look at these bras in a new light! 
If you have already started wearing these bras, please continue to do so as it tucks in your bust properly and shapes them well! 
If you have NOT started wearing such bras, you can start doing so as long-term wearing of ill fitting bras like my strapless ones will result in many ugly and visible consequences! 




I personally feel wearing lingerie with cups closer to each other gives the extra push and corrects the structure of my bust. 
Remember I mentioned in my TBE post about the consultant whom I envied? She was also wearing a bra similar to this and it gave her bust a great lift. I was surprised at the comfort of such bras offers as I am used to wearing bra cups with slight distance. It is actually pretty comfortable and gives me confidence in my clothes :*)


I am also a fan of seamless panties. 1 seamless panty at Triumph often sets me back at $26.90 which is pretty steep considering I get 2-3 pairs a month at a single go. You would probably be curious why I need to buy 3 pairs a month. This is because at every wear every wash, the seamless panty will just get looser. At the end of 8-10 washes, the panty will be extremely loose and I have no confidence in wearing them anymore.


However, this seamless panty also from have wowed me in terms of its comfort, and most importantly, its stretchability after wash. I have been wearing it for 3 times now and it still has extremely good stretch with sufficient tightness in its fabric. It conforms to my shape and it feels like I am wearing nothing!



Unlike many seamless panties which have uncomfortable hems at the base, this pair of panties have soft cottony fabric sewn onto the base to provide comfort and a good airy environment to prevent bacterial infections known to occur to ladies who often wear panties which are too tight, uncomfortable and not airy. 


If you are interested in shopping for new lingerie this brand new year, look no further as I highly recommend’s for your lingerie purchases! I used to think the more expensive my lingerie is, the better support my bust will be given and I cannot go wrong in them. But I can’t be more wrong :( offers a wide range of lingerie such as bodyshaper, seamless shaper girdles which will be great for tucking in those tummies under bodycon dresses after your festive dinners! ;) I personally own one from La Senza which I wear under bodycon dresses and it is crazy expensive at $120. They also have innerslips for sheer dresses which I recommendeded to a couple of my VGY customers and also intimate accessories for bareback outfits, swimwear and nightwear. offers a loyalty program to reward customers (just like Triumph!). I love such loyalty programs as I often buy lingerie and the points accumulation which can be translated into shopping credits made me a loyal customer. 

Every $5 spent gives you $1 shopping credit. If you only have $1 shopping credit in your account, you can turn it into $0.20 to offset your next purchase immediately without any minimum purchase! :) 
Jocelyn is really nice to give discounts to my customers and readers! Thank you dear! 
Quote <tricia20> to enjoy 20% off purchases and no minimum purchase is required.

Last of all, Merry Christmas to all my dear readers! I have something special for a few of my readers and I will be posting it up in my next post! ;) Stay tuned and may happiness and kindness always stay in your hearts!  

With Love,


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