Saturday, November 19, 2011 :: New VGY launch!

It is yet another weekend and I have been fervently working nonstop since the exams ended to launch a new collection, prepare a makeup video, attend to emails, work in Vainpot, interviews, meetings, design a wedding gown and many more. 
It is pretty much of staring at others in envy when I know many are travelling out of Sg and practically just enjoying life after this school term ended while I have been working and working...

What to do? 
So I learn to enjoy what I am doing! 

Last weekend, we headed out for an outdoor shoot around Sg and in the end had to redo the shoot again the next day as the photos fall below my expectations. 

Been putting on too much pressure on myself as I set high expectations for myself and the things that I do (yes, studies aside) - I refer to VGY and everything that evolves around VGY's reputation. 

I believe it is good to set high expectations because you break your own walls, you put yourself as your most worthy enemy and when everything falls into place, you amaze people with results. It is like..a black horse! 

Amidst so many failures, tears and sweat, I am very satisfied with the set of photos in this collection and I hope to do even better in future! 


Some of the pcs which I kept for myself :]

Makeup was sponsored by Maybelline in this collection and I will be doing a makeup video with the products that was used on me. Will be doing it in a subtle shade instead which is good for everyday wear :) 

I am still learning how to take videos so pardon me, really, pardon me for the bad lighting. Took 5 hours in total to prepare the setting but sadly, the lighting still failed to compliment the makeup and it definitely did not show the actual colors on my eyelids and face :( 

Only the photo on the left is the true color of the eyeshadow and lip color.
The mini images on the right were over exposed as I was staring directly into the sunlight which streamed into my apartment :( 

I have been quite hesitant on doing this makeup video because..I am not a makeup guru myself. I do what works best for me from my experiences. So thank you to those who have been supporting me and urging me to put it up! :) 

And really, thank you so much to Maybelline as they have given VGY a huge box of BB creams to be given away in the new collection! Fret not! I have soooo many of them so you will definitely get 1! 

I will also be giving away 10 Maybelline goodie bags worth $50+ each to my readers here so...keep a look out for it next week! ;) Peeked into the bags and there are really wonderful stuff in there! Will be blogging about it when I return from my getaway! 

Meanwhile, please click VGY facebook here and support the new collection by liking and sharing! You get yourself a free BB cream for doing that! 

Thank you lovely girls and have a great weekend! See you in the new collection! <3

With Love,


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