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2013 has been a great year thus far! 
Ever since CNY celebrations were over, I had been spending my time sourcing for inspirations to build up my mood board this Spring/Summer. I can spend the entire day reading magazines, surfing online, watching runway shows etc. I am pretty sure the designs coming up on VainGloriousYou will be mind-blowing! ;) It is a pretty huge step this year as most of the pieces coming up on VGY will be our own label. So excited for what has yet to come! Once the designs are coming in smoothly, it will be time for me to execute my “plans” for 2013 ;)

On a side note, I’av learnt to pray not for an easy way out but for the strength and faith to do what I have planned out.

Found time to make my way down to Dolish Nail Spa located at Tampines 2 weeks back. And I have to say I am truly amazed by the professionalism of my manicurist, Eleen, whom is also the new owner of Dolish Nail Spa. Never mind that she may not be fluent in English (she hails from Malaysia) and she is pretty shy in character, Eleen was entirely absorbed in the process of doing my nails – she was so passionate about her work I would say. Take for example, I am not a fussy customer but Eleen actually redo a couple of nails as she was not entirely satisfied with the nail art and she felt she could do better to achieve what I have in mind.

The cosy little shop tucked away in Eastern Singapore. 
Dolish Nail Spa is now managed by Eleen and her cheerful daughter :)



I just have to take a photo of this pretty floral cup geez :/ 
Just why am I so attracted to florals?



Eleen have such stable hands and an eye for details. I am truly amazed by how she try her best to understand the gibberish I was blabbering as I could not put into words what I envisioned. This was what I gave her, “Victorian flowers which don’t look like the typical acrylic flowers and roses many manicurists love to draw”, “Tiffany base”, “ not-the-typical french manicure”, “not too much diamonds on but will appreciate a few here and there”, “don’t want something that looks overly cutesy”, “prefer classy and elegant styles”.


As you can see, I am not a fussy customer haha. I don’t see what my manicurist do most of the time. I think that is pretty mean to put pressure on them as they work on our fingers. I am sure nobody likes someone staring hard at them while they work. It can get pretty stressful, you think so?

In the midst of the session, Eleen suddenly asked if I am a smoker. (I am not) My initial surprise quickly turned into amazement when Eleen explained on. It turns out Eleen actually check with all her customers if they have a habit of smoking. This is because smokers usually hold the cigarette in between the index and third finger and that tends to cause discolouration on the sides of the nails where it come into contact with the cigarette. What Eleen would do is to put on a slightly different shade so when discolouration happens, it will become the same shade as with the other nails! I was genuinely impressed by her thoughtfulness! :*) 
I had been to countless manicurists and nail parlours but not one has checked with me on my habits!



When I visited nail parlours in the past, massage is usually placed right at start. But I learnt from Eleen hand massage has to be the last procedure as the cream will be stuck onto your nails and your manicure may not last as long as it usually would. Even if the nail parlour wash your hands after massage, the prevalence of the cream will still be there on your skin.


This was the pretty final result I am so happy with! 
I had classic gelish manicure with nailart and a couple diamonds here and there ;)


The maxi which I am wearing in the photos is available in another color in VGY Kissjane rack @ Citylink :)


A photo with Eleen. 
Thank you for being so meticulous! I truly admire your work spirit! 
I have actually googled about Dolish Nail Spa before heading down for my first appointment and the entire page 1 of the results were all great reviews in terms of their skills and service. My first experience there has already exceeded my expectation of nail parlours!


Dolish Nail Spa has a special promotion for my lovely readers: 

Quote my name “Tricia” or “VainGloriousYou” to get 10% off all services!

Additionally, Eleen has something specially for my readers (Thank you Eleen!)

You get a Classic Gelish Manicure with 2pcs 3D nailart 
Classic Gelish Manicure with Soak Off
At only $45

Here’s a simple sample of the 3D nailart and gelish nails – of course, the color and 3D nailart is up to you to decide! :)
photo (3)


Dolish Nail Spa is also having their anniversary promotion!
Take advantage of this promotion and get your nails done ;) 
I honestly don’t think you can find such prices at Dolish’s standard of service. Express Pedi at $9?? Express Gelish Mani at $25!? It is definitely worth your monies.

photo (4)

Dolish Nail Spa is located at 825 Tampines Street 81 S(520825)
Tel: 6785 3210
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm
Alternatively, you can contact Eleen at 91010987. 

(However, it will be better for you to call in as she will be too busy in the day to respond to her personal phone messages and calls! :] )

*Sponsored service but was not asked to write a blog post. However, I am genuinely impressed by Dolish Nail Spa and Eleen whose work spirit is truly commendable that I wish to share this amazing experience with all of you. They are such easygoing and friendly people it made my session there really enjoyable. Thank you, Eleen! ;)

With Love,


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