Sunday, August 31, 2014 :: Beautiful Feet With Scholl

Something that I have experienced - being in heels all day long especially for a prolonged period of time will eventually result in hard, rough skin. I hope that I am more diligent in slapping on moisturizer on my feet every night before I sleep but the thought of having to first scrub my feet (traditionally using a pumice stone) then moisturizing…..does not work for a busy person like me who is always chasing after more time.

But I can now have beautiful and smooth skin in the comfort of my home and this is good news (let me repeat) for a busy person like myself. I get the dead skin electronically filed away within 5 minutes!   
Thanks to Scholl's Velvet Smooth electronic foot file which is ergonomically designed, refillable  and so convenient to use with the switch of button, this is one of the worthy beauty investment I would recommend if you are often in heels like I do! In the long run, this is definitely value for money as compared to every classic pedicure you will spend (approx UP. $30) at each session.  

John, who is constantly on his feet for long hours have developed really tough and hard skin which take ages for the pedicurist to file every single time. As we rarely get time at home already, we really appreciate being able to enjoy foot care in the comfort of our homes than spending an entire hour in a nail salon for a classic pedicure. 
Here are some photos from John haha: 

Read my full review including a video which I did here
The Scholl event is happening from 29 to 31 August, outside Ngee Ann City from 12pm to 9pm so do drop by if you are in the area to check this device out first hand and bring home some goodies from the kind folks at Scholl! I am pretty sure you will be a convert! ;)

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Friday, August 29, 2014 :: L’Oreal Paris: Fall Repair 3X Range

I have been plagued with hair fall issues for the longest time – way before I met John, my hair was in a MUCH MUCH worse condition where there are prominent bald spots which placed my confidence level at its lowest. I think there isn’t anything I can lie, exaggerate or cover up about this because all those who have seen me know HOW bad it was. My photographers especially, Melvin from Multifolds and Fiona from Smittenpixels always have to patch up (digitally enhanced) the bald spots of my hair otherwise it is….that obvious in photos.
The reason for hair fall is due to stress from work and lack of sleep. Additionally, the improper meals meant my body was not able to repair itself with sufficient nutrients . All these factors contributed to my hair loss and it resulted in significant bald patches near my temple. 
Here is a photo showing the drain in our house previously when I was experiencing really bad hair fall – before I started really caring for the well-being of my hair and scalp. 

(This photo is not exaggerated and was taken after 2 baths) 

It is funny how we experience hair fall but body hair doesn’t seem to shed on its own….if only they do. 

Through alot of hard work and taking advice from John (Hey he’s like a doctor!), baby hair is sprouting from all the bald spots and I am taking even better care of my hair now. This is so as to maintain the condition of my scalp so hair fall can be prevented. Once the loss of hair reduces significantly, it can only mean the condition of your scalp is getting better and problems such as oiliness, dryness are kept at bay so your hair have a clean and healthy canvas to grow out healthy and strong. 
It is said that you lose up to 100 strands per day and that adds up to 3000 strands a month. As such, the use of the right shampoo and conditioner are highly important for the upkeep of the scalp. I tend to alternate my shampoo, conditioner and masque after 2, maximum 3 bottles. So given the opportunity, I jumped at the chance to review L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3x range which consists of a shampoo, conditioner and ampoules treatment.  

This range has 3 ingredients that work together to form its Triple-action Formula. Aminexil, an ingredient which is typically only found in professional salons as a form of treatment, is now made available to the mass market thanks to L’Oreal. With two other potent ingredients, known as Arginine and Protein, it targets hair fall at the root of the cause – largely due to lack of nutrients and hair breakage. With this in place, L’Oreal Fall Repair claims to save 1600 strands of hair per month. 
As for me, I use it as a form of intensive treatment therefore I try to use one treatment bottle per day. I am on my second week for this now and Anti Hair Fall range is looking good for me up till now. 
Previously, I have been through other scalp-targeted treatments as well and find that these are a specifically targeted form of treatment which works to strengthen individual strength of hair strands where the product gets delivered directly onto the scalp and into the follicles. This can only mean every hair strand will get restructured from within thanks to the active ingredients which was administered directly. 

If you are looking for a hair tonic or a good shampooing system to treat hair fall yet don’t know where to start, I highly recommend treating your scalp condition first and giving L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X range a shot. It is really easy to use! Simply apply the treatment on your scalp after bath, choose to towel dry or blow dry and you are done! ;) 
The shampoo is extremely creamy and comes with Loreal’s signature floral scent which is light on the senses. It can be easy to stray from this regime and skip applying the treatment but trust me on this, be disciplined on using this treatment system daily and you will begin to see results after 1 month. I love how the texture of the shampoo is silky smooth and creamy because I love bath and body indulgence products which usually comes with really inviting scents. Similarly, this range has a light flowery scent just like most of their products which sits really well with me so thumbs up for its texture and smell! If you are facing issues such as oily scalp and hair fall, I would recommend this range for those with oily scalp as it leaves my scalp feeling clean without the tightness and the oiliness is reduced as well. The best way to tell whether this works for you is keeping track of the amount of hair you drop BEFORE you start and AFTER you use this system.

I cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining you hair, your face, your body etc. It is all about taking small steps to improve, in this case, to treat your scalp first to prevent hair loss before you will reap the results of healthier follicles and ultimately, a thicker mane. These products are readily available at Watsons, Guardian and major supermarkets islandwide :) 
Good Luck !

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Monday, August 25, 2014 :: Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File review

So gone were the days when I had to sit in the bath and file my feet with a pumice stone. I cannot be more thankful - let me tell you why. I love soaking my feet in hot water and enjoying a classic pedicure in the process of doing it but everytime a pumice stone or a foot file goes under the sole, it tickles the hell out of me and I will skip the filing! Which is why, I tend to avoid classic pedicures as I do not  get the most out of it (considering how I nearly kicked a pregnant pedicurist last time). 

So I was pretty skeptical by Scholl's Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File when I first came to know about it from a friend (who later invited me to go try this "amazing product" in her words). Even so when I was trying this out for the first time and a pedicurist filed my feet with this electronic foot file, I filled the entire room with giggles and had sudden reflex movements because, yes I'm ticklish like that. 
There you go. That's me cringing in my seat. 






I was intrigued to try it again on my own in the comfort of my home after I saw how it filed away John's thick layer of hard skin which his pedicurist was unable to treat after 3 sessions. It was surprising and interesting to us because we saw how there were visible "dust" flying away from the feet as his foot was being exfoliated. The dead skin which was filed away looked like sawdust in the air. I think one can actually get obsessed with seeing all these dead skin get filed away because the more "sawdust" in the air means you are that closer to baby smooth skin on the feet. I for one had that unexplainable satisfaction from seeing the dust fly away from my feet haha. 



I have quite dry and rough skin on the neck of my big toe and mould of my feet (refer to photo below) because most of the times, I am in heels causing pressure on these areas which has hardened and became really rough skin. 


After 1st treatment 

And look at my heel cracks which got better after a second treatment with this electronic foot file. 

After trying it for myself BY yours truly, I realized, it is actually not as ticklish as someone else doing it for me and definitely more bearable than using a foot file or a pumice stone! This is coming from someone who cannot bear having her foot exfoliated. 
I will let my video review (yes a video review finally from me) speak of my experience with this electronic foot file. I know I know, I rarely do video reviews but when the man agrees this is a good product, I gotta do it because I am saving the women from hearing the unbearable sound of rough feet dragging about in the house. We women gotta do our yoga in peace, y'know? ;) 
PS: John has expressed interest in being featured here so I may be doing a review on his feet once we manage to get the callouses off!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014 :: Color Run Singapore 2014

Some people join in the run with the aim of getting covered in every color possible haha. Not sure if this is my aim but I am sure I will come out looking like a pink color runner mutant from Avatar. 
This exciting and highly popular Color Run also dubbed as the “Happiest 5k On The Planet” untimed event is (very proudly) co-sponsored by New Balance. Color Run has been hosted in more than 170 events in 30+ countries in just 2013 alone! So super excited to be joining this year’s run with my running kaki, Eve teehee. 
(ARE YOU READY, EVE!?!??!!) 
Heck, I am not sure I will even run the entire 5K. I will prolly walk and laugh all the way while making friends and perhaps, throwing colors at others haha. 

My New Balance Fresh Foam 980 Color Run kicks! 

WHICH, will be DIY-ed by yours truly, who is a really bad artist if I may add. 


Here goes nothing! 
(Halfway through) and looking really good huh!? 

Not bad at all! *Gives myself a pat on the back* 


T for Tricia, who will kick your ass, heh Smile with tongue out 


If you are interested in getting your own limited kicks, check out some of the Color Run merchandise sold in all New Balance Experience Stores! The colors are absolutely wicked!! 


Registration for Color Run is already closed and fully sold out but you may wish to visit these sites to check out the event (maybe there will be more tickets available?? Winking smile) and New Balance footwear!

Color Run Facebook:
New Balance Facebook:
For New Balance Experience Stores, click here!

Catch you at the run if you are heading there on 30 Aug too! ;)

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