Friday, March 23, 2012 :: SHISHA. GOOD OR BAD?

Was cleaning my room out 2-3 weeks ago when I discovered a Shisha, given to me by my uncle who visited Africa during a work trip. I actually asked for it as a gift (haha) as I was fascinated by it after a trip down Haji Lane with my dance friends for some Shisha session after midnight. This happened many years ago.

Till date, I have never assembled the Shisha as I’ve heard mixed feedback about it. Some friends advised me not to do it as it was harmful, while some urged me to assemble it quickly so they could come by my house for a harmless way to get high. So it has always stayed in that corner of my room until the massive cleaning weeks ago. Then curiosity got the better of me and I decided to do some research on it.

Found an interesting video that got me laughing throughout the 9-minute long recording. Usually such educational videos turn me off in 10 seconds, but this video had me doing a double take several times. So this Shisha guru actually teaches us how to assemble a SHISHA (the machine that you see outside is called a HOOKAH) together by explaining its parts one by one. Took a peek at my HOOKAH and it was exactly as he’d mentioned.

There is a twist in the video.

As he puts each piece into place, he talks not only about the benefits of the different components but also its role in helping to damage your health. What's funnier is how he says it in a matter-of-fact way although genuinely trying to be as helpful as possible.

He got my attention within 10 seconds into the video with this opening statement
"It's all pretty straightforward but I'm gonna give you a few extra tips to make sure you do yourself the most damage in your next Shisha session".

Funny as hell this guru is, I actually understood how each hookah part plays a role in contributing to a self destruction of your health. 
I actually remember that ONE time when I went Shisha smoking with my friends, I was coughing crazily due to the heavy soot from the extra charcoal my friends added and it drove them crazy.
(You need to know when I cough, I never stop lol.)

The most funny part of the video was when he went "Don't feel bad if all your friends are cigarette smokers. You can still keep up with the rates of cancers, heart diseases and lung diseases"


Love people who are able to speak like this. They definitely make a video more interesting to watch!

A D-disgusting fact I found out about SHISHA smoking which was also mentioned in this video was the hygiene factor. Most cafes don't wash the pipes thoroughly and in time, rust accumulates and….you can see for yourself how this guru actually blows the rust out of the hose. This rust can actually get into your lungs…oh my god.

You can see from this photo that my SHISHA equipment actually rusted even though I didn't use it. What's more, the insides of the pipes don't get much ventilation so…….I don't even wanna imagine what's inside the pipes.

I usually see many people having Shisha sessions in Haji Lane, Arab Street and Bussorah Street when I get to my shop at midnight to do some accounts. How I wish many more can know about how harmful Shisha is! I used to think Shisha was harmless because all my dance friends said so! All these misconceptions for sooo many years!


Here’s the link to the video that I watched. 

It is very light-hearted and hilarious so you can click on it to watch if you wanna see for yourself how humorous this guy can get haha.
I swear he is a joker.

Hopefully you can help spread the word and tell your friends NOOOOOO  when you are asked for a Shisha session!

Be a non-smoker, non-drinker, everything non non non like me and I promise you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle, glowing skin and a prettier you! ;)

With Love,


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Wednesday, March 21, 2012 :: My First Balayage!

About 2-3 weeks back, I submitted my last school project of my university years and decided to do a little something for John by whipping up a home cooked meal for him while he slog his guts out at the salon haha.

It was an impromptu decision to have my hair dyed in Balayage on the day. I think he was pretty touched by it and decided to do something to make me look pretty in return :p

Turns out I really love the color and it is a twist from the usual reds highlights I see on the streets.
This Balayage is done on the downside of my hair so it is not jarring with a splash of red in the hair.
It is done in a subtle but alluring manner that peeks out from the bottom when I swish my hair around (laughs).
Not a bigggggg fan of red on my hair so John decided to try this Balayage way of incorporating reds in my hair.

Tired face after a day of cooking. You must know I slept through the following day because cooking is such a tiring chore..defending those oil spurts etc hahaha.

Not sure if you can see the reds underneath. But the gradient is awesome!

Went to a good friend's birthday celebration at MBS and my friends gushed at my new hair hehe

Thank you dearest John! You know my hair best!

PS: Although I never get to choose how I want my hair to be cut and what colors to go on it (haha), I know I can always depend on you to make me look my best every single time :)

I'm heading back to touch up on the reds so it can last better after the 2nd layer is up.
Have a friend who used to do her hair with John when she was still in Singapore and she always ask for her hair in red. It is extremely red but it compliments her skin tone and make her stand out in a really classy way.
What's better is the red on her hair can reallllllyyyy last! 

Pretty girl, ain't she? :) 

With Love,


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Sunday, March 11, 2012 :: Makeup, Hair, Giveaway & Random Musings!

Collection 91 is a special one as John & I have sat down to discuss on the hairstyle and makeup in this shoot. Yes, especially when I'm giving away my favourite BabyLiss curling tong! :D
John's inspiration for the hairstyle came from Rosie Huntington's Transformer hairstyle. 

And the makeup is inspired from the colors of Spring. This palette should be from M.A.C.
I was attracted to the rosy pink and baby blue tones.

Then I saw this photo on someone's instagram. And I knew I have to incorporate pink and blue on my eyes this time round!

While doing my research for the colors I could use on my lids in this col, I came across some really pretty eye colors. This shimmery bejewelled eye color with its intensity toned by with a touch of smoky brown at the outer corner is a beautiful one isn't it? Gona add this into my to-try eye colors and name it the 'Mermaid' ;) 

Another pretty number

 From the Jean Paul Gaultier spring runway in 2010. Loving this on the asian eye! 

And here's my version using baby pink, reds and a touch of blue with the hair set by John.

- - -

Giving away 2 of this lovely glassed floral necklaces! Fell in love with it when I first saw it and thought of giving it away here! Don't think anywhere else is selling this necklace! :) 
Simply tweet me @vaingloriousyou and the first 2 to leave a tweet for me will get this necklace! <3

Even prettier IRL! 

On a separate note, I am selling this knitted rose crop top here instead of the new collection as I only have 3 pcs of it. Am guessing it will be a hit on the website and my supplier won't be able to hold a backorder for me  so..3 pcs to sell is a tad too little! Am keeping 1 piece for myself so I only have 2 pcs up for grabs! Leave me an email at if you are interested in getting it! :) 

Haha yet on another random note, was browsing through the new collection photos when I saw this. Hate it to the core when John take unprepared shots of me. I was really frowning at him if you can see through this over-exposed photo. And I remembered my next action was giving him the death stare lol.

 - - -

 One of the weekends where we crash and burn at birthday parties. If you are following me on Instagram, my outfit here was stolen from dear Serene's closet on the very day. 
You are so kind, Ser :p 

Hahaha Tintin you are just so adorable.

Working hard at the new collection launch and have fallen ill unfortunately! So please give me up till Monday to launch! :( With my trustworthy angel away on a holiday, I am dreading to do the invoicing in the new col! Really got to be 100% well before I launch!

Have fun this weekend, all! <3 

With Love,


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Saturday, March 3, 2012 :: Maybelline Media Event @ Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar!

Went for the Maybelline media launch event last weekend with Ser and it was so exciting to be introduced to new makeup products haha. If only this is what is being taught in school everyday - I will be so attentive in class. 

The private event was held at Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar in Orchard Central. Quite a cosy little place for some quiet weekend dinner with your loved one :) 

Got Ser to come along with me for the event! It was so nice to have her company on a Saturday! <3

Models donning Love, Bonito's clothes for the event

and appearing in a half-faced get-up to prove the magic of makeup! 

I really love this jelly blusher. It has this extremely fluffy and bouncy texture to it and I love that it gives a pop of color to my cheeks effortlessly.
Sidetracking, I was given a couple of the Maybelline new baby lipbalm lippie to try during Dec and I was so surprised that it is as good as my Chanel moisture lipbalm which I have paid about $50 for. In fact, I have switched to using Maybelline lipbalm in the day and only applying my Chanel lipbalm before I sleep. 
My driving point is, Maybelline products can be really good for the price you are paying for! :) 

Remember the Maybelline BB Mousse which I introduced in the video last December? 
This is the latest Maybelline BB cream (B.B White) with an astonishing SPH50. Now this is something you can reallllly wear to the beach haha. Tested it out on myself during a weekend and other than providing high UV protection, it definitely hydrates and brightens up my face. Remember to set it in with a light loose powder  so your face wouldn't get too sticky. 

Masterliner White. I like that this liner is rich in pigments and gives an intense brightening effect to my eye.
I apply it to my waterline and make a cut outwards of about 0.5cm from the outer corners of my eye. Not any particular makeup technique to boast of but it work wonders to compliment the shape of my eye :) Try it! 

With the 2 models I specially picked up to take a photo. Really love the makeup on them! 

In VGY's romantic chiffon toga dress in red velvet.
Stocked in some red velvet and cream colored pcs in KissJane recently! 
(only red velvet available online!) 

Will be reviewing the Magnum mascara ultracomb in my Instagram! 

Keep a lookout for the next post! I have 2 really pretty glassed floral anchor necklaces to give out so stay tuned! :) 

With Love,


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