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Here are the lucky winners for TRICIA x VGY GIVEAWAY! 
- Salina Ivan
- Sharon Heng
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- Vivien 
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I am back with a giveaway with a lonnngggg pictorial post before I leave our sunny shores for the month of Feb!

So just a few days back, I had the privilege of getting a personalized makeover service at VDL located at Suntec City. My perception of Suntec Mall is it is a ridiculously big mall (with 5 towers) and just parking at the right place (so you don't need to walk from tower 5 to 1) was a feat, well, to me at least. But surprise surprise, the new extension mall was so easy to locate and from the carpark to where VDL is located, it took me less than a minute! 

And here's a brightly lit VDL shop located on the 2nd level just opposite Guardian. 
A little background on VDL if you have not heard of them by now! VDL is an international cosmetics brand founded in 2012 by The Color Lab of LG Household & Health Care. VDL, which stands for Violet Dream Luminous, is dedicated to young women who actively seek out and realize their dreams and desires. VDL seeks to create a vivid and sensuous makeup universe through vast, vibrant colors, delicate textures, unique scents and constantly brings in new colors, technology and experience to their customers. 
And here's a shop tour illustrated in photos :) 

The signature range where the highly raved (and once island-wide sold out) Lumilayer Primer won several accolades for its technology. More on the product later! 
VDL's signature skincare lines, Beauty Line and Botanicals Line.
More on the Botanical Line products later when I talk about their amazing eye-cream in the skincare prepping steps before makeup :)  
This is one of my favorite products from VDL. Ah, this reminds me… please allow me to digress. I usually do not go back to buy the same makeup product for the 2nd time because that curiosity cat in me always like trying new things. Well, unless the product is sooo good that I can't do without it, I will move on to another brand once I finish using it (or should I say once I get tired of it). So last year, I received a pleasant surprise in the mail with several key VDL products, of which 2 of it I fell in love with - it is the Triple Shot Lip Tint and Festival Mineral Blusher in a really complimenting orangey shade for my skin. So I finished using both products within 2-3 months and headed back just 2 weeks ago to purchase them again. 

 This is the amazing Tint Bar Triple Shot which I have been raving about. One of VDL's best selling items as well. It is a tricolor lip tint which consists of a high definition tint, a natural blending color and a lip base. These combined will act as a lip balm, tint concealer and lip tint all in a single product. I like that this Tint Bar is able to help me create the Korean's bee-stung lips look (or some say, the gradient lip look) with the most red in my inner lips then gradually fading out to a less red healthy flush with shine on the outer lips. It is extremely affordable as well at SGD$24 ;) 
The Festival Lipsticks which are highly pigmented and have great color payoffs. I could not resist the pretty colors (haha!) and bagged home one of these lipsticks in the pretty orangey shade (forth from the left). I was choosing between the gorgeous pink shades and the orangey ones but chose the latter because I have tons of pink lipsticks! 
Now, onto the VDL personalized makeover with Priscilla, the retail manager who is a really pretty makeup artist as well! So I arrived in town with no makeup on, looking really haggard and tired from the morning rush at work. 
The very first step perked me up when Priscilla removed sunscreen from my face with a chocolate-flavored makeup remover especially good for dry skin. Have to give it two thumbs up for its luxurious chocolatey smell! I like that it is a wash-off all-in-one-cleanser that can cleanse away waterproof makeup as well without having to use any pads. Application is on dry face and viola! Simply rinse off with water! Easy peasy just the way I like it :)  
The oil is then emulsified away before the VDL Beauty Treatment Essence is used to prep the skin for makeup.  
I have added this product to one of my essentials that I always include in my makeup bag. It can be used as a face mist anytime of the day when you need a booster to your tired looking face, or it can even be used as a base to smoothen out your pores before applying makeup. 
 Next, my eyes are pampered with the Botanicals Enriched Repair Eye Cream which contains anti-aging ingredients to keep the skin healthy and supple with rich nutrients that reinforce the resilience and regenerative ability of the skin. I was convinced after trying it on my skin because it is not as "thick" as I assumed it would be as with most anti-aging products. It glides on easily and quickly gets absorbed into the skin. This eye cream is also able to erase fine lines and deep wrinkles with a bonus - it also vividly lightens dark shadows around the eyes. So I can't resist and got one bottle home to try ;) Eye creams are one of my favorite products to have, haha! 


I know some women leave out eye cream to the last step but I always apply my eye cream first. It is one of the valuable tips I learnt from a key personnel in skincare 2 years back. When your fingers are laden with products residue, each heavier than the other, it would affect the absorption of the eye cream into your skin. The last to go on your regime should always be the moisturizer, not the eye cream because it is such a rich product with ingredients that acts as productive barrier against the environment. 

So the last step in skincare (or rather the second last step), will be moisturizing the skin. The VDL Beauty Moisturizer is also one of the products I brought home because it is extremely hydrating and contains a strong antioxidant that I always look for in my skincare products. It is made with 100% prune water extracted from real prunes. Prunes are extremely rich in Vitamin B and contains more antioxidants as compared to blueberries. The high levels of Potassium present in prunes promote cell regeneration and vitality thus making the skin look more youthful and radiant. And it is a plus plus point that it smells really good and relaxing that I used it as a sleeping mask ;) 
Priscilla's tip to using the VDL Beauty Treatment Oil together with the moisturizer - It acts as a quick booster to give the face the extra boost to look even more radiant and "awake". Just like how an MUA would use a quick booster on a bride or a really tired looking model to give that extra boost of nutrients to the skin! Pssst, this product has 7 different natural oils that are 99.6% highly concentrated to enhance natural radiance and glow. 


 Of course, the last step would be a good sunscreen! Remember to use an entire dollop (be generous!) for the face because just a wee bit is not enough at all to protect the skin from sun rays or the environment. 
The skin is well prepped for makeup! Having a good canvas to work your makeup on not only allows the makeup to glide on smoothly, it also ensures your makeup stays intact all day long and that your skin do not get tired easily from the environmental stress. 
Now, finally onto the makeup! The first step to priming your face begins with a good primer so your makeup does not oxidize quickly the moment you step out of the house and ensures your makeup stays fresh all day long.

The award-winning Lumilayer Primer is a violet pigmented primer that combines red and blue color to create a clear, radiant and bright skin. It is perfect for a clean healthy glow and is suitable for all skin types. Here’s a tip! You can also mix this primer with a foundation at 1:1 ratio ;) My skin was definitely less dull and not as tired looking after application of Lumilayer Primer. It is comparable to a higher-end primer I use from Guerlain. I have to say it is definitely worth the tag at $36 for a 30ml bottle. This Primer is also able to create a 3D face line by interacting with light at reflecting them at the different angles of the face. This is also one of the products I brought home! How can I not!? It was sold out island-wide previously! ;) I love this product so much I would be bringing it with me for my trip.
So Priscilla also added in Satin Veil Primer by applying it only on my T-zone areas to reduce shine and control sebum. The Satin Veil Primer gave a matte finishing while still leaving the subtle radiance to glow through the matte look. It leaves me with a silky smooth skin thanks to the soft veil polymer which meticulously fills in the bumps and lines around my T-zone to create seamless smooth soft skin. 
Onto the foundation, Priscilla used the Perfecting Last Foundation with an SPF of 25PA+++ for me. I like that it is an ultra-high definition foundation that creates long lasting makeup with perfect coverage and settling without any darkening. The foundation lasted me through the day and to another event later in the night without much oxidation.

This photo is taken AFTER application of Lumilayer Primer and Satin Veil Primer but BEFORE foundation and concealer. Look at how clear and radiant my skin is with a subtle glow compared to my neck (which has no products laden on it).

After foundation and concealer, the next step was application of VDL Locking Pressed Powder in SPF 30++. It is a translucent clear powder that creates a clean and perfect complexion with a neo pen puff that enables smooth application without any clumping. It comes in 4 colors but the one I am using is in lilac. 

Have you come across such pen puffs for loose powder? Not me though. I like how it enables light application of the powder without the loose powder clumping in one area. It is easy to glide on and the result is velvety skin that looks natural and matte. 

Photo is taken AFTER foundation, concealer and locking pressed powder. Thanks to the Brightening Tone Concealer (featured above with the Locking Pressed Powder), it corrects the dark colors around my eyes and covers my skin flaws especially the redness at the sides of my nose. 
The brow was then constructed using the Expert Brow Contour Kit and Festival Browcara (brow mascara). Love the brow mascara so much I just have to get one for myself!

I find it interesting how VDL give names to their products. The blushers are named with an action, the eyeshadow in a place and the lipstick is the name of a man. So what is used on me is “A BACK HUG, IN CLUB E, WITH ASTON” hehe.
Geez…hi Aston :p 

I have a newfound love for oven baked eyeshadows! The one seen on the left in hues of purple is the Festival Mineral Eyes eyeshadow. It is oven-baked with multi-dimensional visual opal pearls that can fit into any uneve skin surfaces and provide long lasting adherence while reacting with light to create radiance on the eye lids. Additionally, one thing I learnt is by baking the eye shadow, it boosts the glossiness and reduces the heaviness of eye shadow so the colour can be built on for a night look by simply layering and blending! It comes in 8 colors and the one I have chosen is in purple! Brought this home as well and I can’t wait to use it on one of the VGY shoots ;) 

For the eyes, Priscilla used The BOMB Eye Bomb Tip Liner and Eye Bomb Mascara. Considering my eyes are watery at times, it is amazing how the eyeliner stayed all day long with  natural matte look. There are some waterproof/long lasting eye liners in the market that gives a plastic-look finishing which I find really spoil the look for the eyes.
As I have lash extensions on my upper lash, mascara was applied on my bottom lashes instead. I will let the finishing photos speak for itself how the mascara boosted the look of my sparse bottom lashes. 

The precision and flexible nip tip that can accurately draw in-between lashes enabling a clean eye line. 

And the makeup is completed! 

See what I said about the Festival Mineral Blusher? It gives a naturally radiant flush to the cheeks because it has both the blusher and highlighter! Now you see why I have to go back and buy it the second time? ;P 

From left to right, Festival Eye Primer, Festival Mineral Eyes in 301 Club E, Festival Eyeshadow 604 Sun Kiss, Festival Mineral Blusher 602 Back Hug, Festival Mineral Blusher 301 Last Date, Festival Mineral Blusher 201 Guess What. 
Bottom from left: Festival Lovemark Lipstick 601 Ashton, Ready Action Lip Balm 601, Festival Lipgloss Satin603, Salmonade, and Festival Gel Liner Auto 101 Cosmic Flower.


Thank you Priscilla for being so friendly, knowledgeable and informative! Simply adore the makeover you personalized for me! Love sessions like this because I get to learn so many tips from the MUAs! :) 

The VDL Blossom Collection
Release date: 24 Feb 2014
Just a sneakkkkk peekkkkk because these products are not yet out in the market (yet many customers have been calling in to check on the releases!). I am eyeing the lipsticks!! My deep passion for lipsticks go really far haha! Tried on the lipsticks and the colour payoff is woah, intense, and it feels like velvet to the touch. The color on the lips is as true as the color you are seeing now from this photo. And I like how innovative the lipstick shape is! The 4 edges can be used to create the perfect cupid’s bow and the perfect sharp and clean corners of the lip! Gahhhh I NEED THIS!


Also a sucker for earthy tones, I am eyeing this Expert Colour for Eyes in Nude Rush. This is VDL’s first eyeshadow palette release as well so I am excited for its release! Swatched the colours and I like how intense and pigmented the colours are on the skin and it gives a dewy and shimmering look. Gahhhhh one can never have too many earth tones eyeshadows! 

Tricia x VDL Giveaway
Want to win VDL’s signature product, Lumilayer Primer? You really need to try this product out because I love how it makes me look and how lasting it is on my face throughout the day! Just tell me why do you want to win! As easy as that! ;)
Simply leave a comment with your name, email and contact number! I will choose FIVE lucky winners on 21 February 2014!
Please note collection of prizes is only available at Suntec City Mall.
Contest is open to readers residing in Singapore only.
VDL Flagship Stores

Suntec City Mall #02-338/339 Tel: 6837 3442
Jurong Point (JP2) #01-02 Tel: 6794 3561
Bugis Junction #02-21 Tel: 6337 9382
Bedok Mall #01-35 Tel: 6844 9318
Thank you for reading and good luck! x

With Love,


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Wednesday, February 12, 2014 :: Pet Expo 2014

The PetExpo is Singapore’s largest PET-ducational Fair held yearly and this year, this highly anticipated event amongst pets lovers will be held from 28 February to 2 March 2014 at Singapore Expo! You can look forward to a myriad of pet products and services, educational material and social activities focused on pets and their well-being!
By working with the various local animal welfare organisations to promote pet well-being and pet adoption, the three-day show will feature a series of activities supporting these causes and they include: 

Charity Fundraising, 

Pet Adoption, 

Pet Food Donation Drive, 

and Adoption Parade 


More information can be found here:
Programme Schedule for the 3 days can be found here: 

A few programmes I look forward to during the Pet Expo 2014 is the “Adoption Parade” held by AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore), Cutest Small Animal Contest, Meet the Stars (like Bobo who is Singapore’s first skateboarding bulldog) amongst many other exciting activities! 


Bobo. Psst, don’t think Mr Grumpy Face can’t skate ok? He is a fireball on wheels~ 

Adding on to the festivities, Pet Expo 2014 will also be organising the LARGEST Golden Retriever Gathering, and they are aiming to break the Singapore Book of Records! If you own a Golden Retriever, please do bring your big furry friend out to socialize and be part of leaving a name in the history book! ;)

More information here:
* * * 
For owners who are avid learners like myself (teehee), we can gain invaluable practical experience by participating in the hands-on courses at Pet Expo. Courses include basic grooming for dog, cat and rabbit; agility and Frisbee training for dogs; as well as managing your dog’s behavioural issues. Hmm well….for the life of Tintin, she suck at playing Frisbee so I will just stick to courses like dog’s behavioural management workshop. It is really affordable for this workshop at only $28 (usual price: $100)! 
Dog Behavioural Management (Workshop) 
Some topics covered in this workshop are pretty interesting IMO like “What does a dog really wants? In the Dog’s point of view”. Cool isn’t it? Imagine you can step into the world of your furry friend and know what they are thinking; kinda’ like being a dog-whisperer! The duration of the course is 90 mins long facilitated by private consultant, Lucas Bong from Smart Doggy Academy and PETAS represent 
More information about this course I have highlighted here: 
Here comes the essential information:
Show dates: 28 Feb – 2 Mar 2014
Show venue: Singapore Expo, Hall 6A
Show opening hours: 10.30am to 9.00pm daily
Admission fee: $3 per adult / $6 per adult for 3-day pass
You may like to follow @petexposg on Instagram for more updates regarding the event!
Hope to catch you there! Tintin and I will definitely be marking our territories at this popular event! ;)

With Love,


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