Friday, January 20, 2012 :: Our Birthdays + Hotel Fort Canning + Vainpot Appreciation Brunch!

Brought J out for a surprise dinner at White Rabbit on his birthday! 
White Rabbit is a restaurant housed in a restored traditional chapel. The elements of an old chapel was retained and the simplicity of the restaurant is absolutely stunning. I was 100% sure John will feel at home in this lovely chapel :) 

Grabbed some photos from online to show you how beautiful this place is.

The grand entrance

Had my nails made in chapel stained glass to go with the decor in the restaurant :)

 A screengrab from my instagram John took of my nails

It was really dark in the restaurant at night. Lights were pretty dim and we couldn't take proper photos :( 

Love this Mac&Cheese! A must-order if you are there!

Don't really fancy the appetizer on the right. Some goose liver paste which just didn't taste right.

At the Rabbit Hole for drinks 

- - -

On my birthday, John booked dinner at Kinki Restaurant.
He booked the private dining area where we had a breathtaking view of the sea. 
(photo grabbed from online) 

This salmon sashimi is really worth the monies! Absolutely succulent and fresh.

Picked this pork belly sushi from the Kinki Customs menu.
For $16 or $20+ (don't remember the price), I think it's really not worth the splurge but it is really warm and delicious. 

Pomegranate Miso Black Cod.

My must have chawanmushi.

John gave my hair a fresh coat of color the night before my birthday! He said I have to look my best for my birthday (aww). I really love the new color!
I am planning of asking him to do the new color "trend" that he is starting in the salon - It is something like subtle highlights underneath the hair at the back so it forms a gradient that peeks from the bottom! Saw it on one of his customer's really beautiful! 

U.S. Prime Beef Teriyaki.
This is really good!

Mixed Tempura. Forget about ordering this dish. 
I think tempura taste the same everywhere so you can really skip it.
Nothing special about this dish. 

Grilled Giant Sea Prawn.
It is a grilled dish but the deep sea taste is sealed in the meat so every bite is spectacular! 

Went for a walk opposite Customs to enjoy the night breeze and stunning view.
What a great way to end the night! 

- - -

Spent a night at Hotel Fort Canning with John to attend a wedding which I was a last minute maid-in-honor. 
It was indeed a romantic night spent :*) 

Jewelry from BKK

Flower arrangement from Holland which costs $4k.
Was telling John I want a combination of cream, white and red roses for our wedding flower arrangement haha.

- - -

Bought our girls out for an appreciation brunch at Prive on the last day of 2011.
Loving my hair color here which faded to honey brown by the end of dec! 

One of our cutest and youngest angel, Bernice

Here's your hardworking people behind MMTP

Our hippiest angel haha, Daphne

On the left, Yvonne,VGY's hardworking pixie. Brought her out to dinner 1 night and boy can she really eat!
And Huiping on the right, one of Vainpot's conscientious and punctual queen.

We have 2 more angels who couldn't make it to the brunch :( 

Thank you for working hard and pushing yourself to hit sales target everyday! 
Could never pull Vainpot off without you lovely girls.
We appreciate every single one of you and let's work hard together for 2012! :) 
Looking forward to our renovation plans and a new Vainpot! 

A big thank you to all of you! <3 

So glad that CNY is just around the corner. I can finally take a breather and spend some quality time with John. He has been pretty busy in the salon of late and we are really looking forward to more activities together. 



With Love,


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