Friday, June 27, 2014 :: LIVE Talkshow On Success Legacy

BLOGGING: The Inside Scope
Watch our promo video on 
With butterflies in my stomach as I am typing this…………If you do not already know from my instagram, I'll be on a live talk show next Tuesday, 1st of July at 8pm. Along with me are 2 other bloggers, Meiting (lianmeiting) and Jessica (Tippytapp) and we will be revealing all the good, bad and nasty in the blogging world on top of the FAQs we often receive. Gulp, please be kind! 
It will be a 90mins interview/talkshow, where we will be answering to your questions LIVE! Details on HOW you can ask us questions LIVE and win prizes will be up on Success Legacy’s Facebook page and Instagram Page so follow them closely! ;) 

Success Legacy Facebook:
Instagram: @success_legacy 
To attend the LIVE talk show where you get to bring a friend along too, simply head down to their website : & RSVP to the event. Good luck for this because seats are extremely limited! ;) I will also be choosing 2 lucky followers (+ bring a friend along) via my Instagram! 
If you are unable to secure a spot for the live talk show, do remember to tune into us okay? The live streaming video of our interview will be on Success Legacy's website!  
BTIS us 

You get to win fabulous prizes just by watching the live programme! The generous sponsors for the prizes are Shiseido, Anna Sui, Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, Philosphy, Repetto and GS Desserts! ;)

Psst, I have seen the prizes and they are…..UHHHH-MAZING, I promise! 
See you next Tuesday!

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Monday, June 23, 2014 :: Citrus Media

For the first time ever, Citrus Media presents the very best of its four titles in one single occasion. Wholesome living is at the heart of everything they do. Discover true style and opulence for the ultimate blissful matrimonial unions; revel in the joys of sharing a home with their animal companions; and grow with the their vibrant and ever-changing local hospitality and F&B scene. Citrus Lifestyle celebrates the essential and empowering aspects of personal lives and businesses, while presenting out-of-the-box solutions tailored for your everyday needs. 
Join them for an educational, informative and rewarding experience at SCAPE where they celebrate the all-encompassing spectrum of Citrus Lifestyle!  
Held over three days right in the heart of Orchard Road, Citrus Lifestyle is set to enchant, educate and entertain with fun-filled programmes.


Bridal boutiques will auction off their pre-owned gowns at sure-sell prices, while showcasing their collections at the same time.

Clubpets merchants will present the latest in pet fashion, pet food, and pet accessories as well.

Citrus Lifestyle celebrates the essential and empowering aspects of personal lives and businesses so do join them for an educational, informative and rewarding experience at SCAPE where they celebrate the all-encompassing spectrum of Citrus Lifestyle!

(Further details about the events below:) 
Expect Magical Transformations 
Featuring the very best professionals, products and services of our local wedding industry, Magical Transformations will be one experience that is bound to enchant. Revolutionise hair & make-up workshops, and exclusively designed gowns modelled on the catwalk. Get the wedding dress of your dreams starting from $188 at the Grand Auction, where home staples, childhood montage packages and more are going off at jaw-dropping prices.
A world of premium and novel wedding essentials awaits, offering everything from pre-wedding photography packages to pre-marital and financial counselling. Also stand to receive lucrative prizes and deals at Magical Transformations.
Visit for more details. 
Expect clubpets United 

Join us for a romping good time as we bring exciting goodies and activities to Playspace @ SCAPE. Sign your dog up for our record-breaking Mass Doggie Solemnisation Ceremony, check out the latest doggie outfit trends at our Dog Fashion Show, and much more! It’s also going to be the largest Pomeranian gathering in Singapore, so don’t forget to bring your dear Poms down to hang with their furry friends. Note: all doggie and feline friends are welcome! 
Visit for more details. 

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Friday, June 20, 2014 :: My Samsung NX Mini

Like many of my friends, you could have seen me (and a different side of me) in Singapore YouTube sensation Tan JianHao’s video on “17 Types of Selfies”. 

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes taken on the day of filming! There’s the talented Sylvia who has some great acting chops! 

Don’t get me started and ask why am I standing like this.. 



With selfies and wefies leading the trend, people take selfies in every possible way we could ever think of; in front of landmarks, in front of other people, other ridiculous occurrences, well you get the idea. Coming from a self-professed camwhore like myself, the camera DOES make a difference in taking a good selfie ;) 
Which is why I have to lay my hands on the new Samsung NX mini. 


It didn’t get me long to decide on getting the pretty Mint Green colour amongst the other colours such as Pink, White and Brown. And I have to say..I got hooked onto this camera when I finally gotten it 2 weeks back thanks to Samsung Asia Pte Ltd for gifting this pretty cam to me! This camera has now earned a precious place in my bag because this is the best camera to take a selfie yet. Another reason why it earned a place in my space-constrained weekend handbags is because it is ultra slim and light. It is a matter of which camera CAN fit into my small bag haha. Well, being pastel mint in colour is a bonus because it looks good when I whip up the camera from my bag….. No one ever complimented my White Samsung EX2F before, yah. Just so you know
To begin, here are some selfies taken by the NX mini beauty face mode. 



One with my pretty Korean friend, Alice, from innisfree Winking smile 

I like that the beauty face mode does not overdo the smart blurring effect to achieve the smooth skin look. The effect is pretty subtle as you can see. I do not fancy using the beauty face mode on my other cameras as the effect is pretty overdone but I am starting to get hooked on using it on my NX mini!

The NX mini fares pretty well on food photos as well ;) 

Brought out the camera during a triple date for Korean fare night teehee 


Decided to test out the camera during YSL makeup launch event and the colours are so vivid!


Off to another event for Hic Juice’s opening at Boon Tat Street ;)



During low-light environments, the camera fared not-too-bad as well. Here’s one night at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant with John!






Here’s the mint beauty in its full glory.


The intuitive touch screen display which is also able to…..




to take a good angled selfie shot ;) I also like how the quick flip of the display turns on the camera automatically. No more searching and fidgeting for the on and off button everytime I need to snap a shot!


Other than Samsung’s well known and easy transferring of photos into your phone via Wi-Fi®, NX mini has an added function also known as Tag & Go. If you have watched the video above, you would understand more clearly about this function! It is able to transfer photos from NX mini to any NFC-compatible smartphone seamlessly – just like what I did to transfer photos from my NX mini to my smartphone! ;)

Last but not least, the 9-27mm lens zoom lens, which plays a pivotal role in taking a good selfie or rather, a wefie shot, from wide-angle to telephto shots.


Find out more about the NX mini here if you like to know more before heading down to the nearest gadget store! ;) Otherwise, try to win one by entering a lucky draw in my quaint little boutique at 42 Haji Lane by end July! 
Psst, you would probably love to know that the purchase of NX mini comes bundled with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 and not forgetting an external flash! 
Good luck with your new NX mini! 

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Sunday, June 15, 2014 :: Cure Your Hover Finger

Perhaps it was this really unglamorous photo of myself that got my friends talking about how relatable my previous post on Hover Finger were. 
Then we started comparing who had the worst ever yet moment of regret due to to Hover Finger. It was an irony how we tried to outdo each other and at that point of time, I wished I had the best regretful moment to tell. Say hi to my ego. 
So we came to this conclusion, 
In this era where shopping online is prevalent and fraudulent websites and sellers alike await to strike at any opportunity, we must be alert and protect ourselves through education and knowledge. By educating ourselves to identify what causes fear in online shopping and to eliminate that fear by knowing what protects our interests best so that fear will be ultimately eradicated. 
By using a reliable credit card which protects us, the consumer’s interests will be well protected, well at least, you know there is an authority you can rely on. The crux of it is, you are able to pay for your online purchases with confidence. 
That’s why the only cure for Hover Finger is Visa! 
Here is why you should own a Visa card, if you have not – sharing with y’all the 4 things I love about Visa. 
- Visa’s secure network (Visanet)
- 3-Digit security code
- Verified by Visa
- Dispute a transaction 
Allow me to further elaborate on the highlighted point because I find it really good knowledge to share. In situations where you as the consumer receive defective, damaged or counterfeit merchandise, or even receiving merchandise or service which does not match what was described, you can contact the card issuer to dispute the transaction IF you are unable to resolve the issue with the merchant/seller. 
Should any of the above mentioned happens to you unfortunately during your online purchase, Visa will step in to dispute the transaction if you are unable to FIRST resolve the issue with the merchant/seller. 
Not bad huh? 
Do you have a case of Hover Finger like I do? Well, with Visa, I think Hover Finger won’t be a problem anymore! 

>>> <<< 
Go on. I know you are one of the sufferers too. Probably is. Diagnose it, cure it and get protected.  That is why I am always smiling now. Time for me to book a trip to Japan to see the cherry blossoms!
Good luck to you ;) 
I am a Visa #HoverFinger #ProtectedEverywhere influencer.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014 :: Vainpot Boutique Mega Sale Is Back!!!

Vainpot Mega Sale Final Poster Details
It had been such a gruelling month rushing blogposts out for clients, managing VGY online collections, doing property work on top of that, preparing for the annual MEGA GSS SALE that is happening really soon, in fact this SATURDAY AND SUNDAY at Vainpot Boutique! So so thankful to be blessed with a strong hearted, like-minded and hardworking team here at VGY and Vainpot Boutique. You girls are warriors! ;) 
This time round, Vainpot Boutique’s GSS will be even bigger, better and ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT from the previous sales because this is not only a sale. This is going to be an EVENT OF THE YEAR (at least for us teehee) many thanks to the myriad of sponsors who are interested in being part of this and came pouring in with discounts, door gifts and even decorations for the shop! 
This sale is going to be a blast with truckloads of clothes (yes we mean it, trucks filled with clothes) parked nearby our boutique ready to be loaded into the shop during our top-up timings. We have never done a sale at this scale so do lend us your support for an even bigger sale event next year! ;) 
On a really emotional note, I am beyond thankful to the sponsors who have came forward to lend us their support and trust to make this folks have really made my dream come true :*) THANK YOU! With the help of the team at VGY and Vainpot Boutique, we have managed to rope in sponsors which (most of them) I have personally tried, tested and love their products ;) 
And something which makes my heart race to announce….The first 150 shoppers in the queue will be rewarded with a GLORIOUS goodie bag filled with LOADS AND LOADS of goodies and also lucky draw prizes from these lovely sponsors: 

samsung logo 

loreal logo ss 






nougat logo 

Cherpetite logo

Erabelle logo (purple)

Graceous logo




Official Logo

fire fly logo 

The entire boutique will be decorated in a whimsical Alice In Wonderful theme thanks to the wonderful peeps at Hilly Events! So excited to be seeing them in action this Friday night as we prep the place up for Saturday!
hilly fb logo 
Do remember to snap your photos, hashtag vainpotmegasale and get them printed out at our photo booth with courtesy from the wonderful people at Ray Photography! Only from 11am to 2pm so make your way down earlier!

We will also have a LUCKY DRAW with a grand prize of……… 
There will be more than 250 designs up on sale and over 20 new VGY and MMTP designs which will be launched FIRST at the boutique ! 
Do drop by for this exciting sale and see you there!!! :D

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