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It is such coincidence that John and I are both Sagittarius and our birthdays are in December – the month of celebrations. 

In the past, I used to read many articles regarding how the reunion of 2 Saggis is a call for World War 3 but this is only true to a certain extent. The hearsays online do not take into account the individual’s character and upbringing which is highly dependable on the environment which the Saggi grew up in. That is to say, I believe, 2 people of the similar horoscopes can in fact, complement each other if both sides have different characteristics (from different upbringing).

Sometimes, John and I do have our own World War 3. The most intense war should be that time where my temper flew and I smashed his car’s huge front facing window :x
The small car you see is a car toy which he placed on his dashboard. What you are looking at is the glass from outside of the car.


Haha yes, I should go for anger management classes. My temper is really bad and I am still learning to curb my temper and keep it in check. This only happens when I am under immense amount of stress or PMS :x 
I am so thankful John has always love me for who I am, for my weaknesses – despite my terrible temper and many faults of mine. 
But then again, I am not a girlfriend from hell! Please don’t judge me from this! :x 

Back to birthdays, John just celebrated his birthday on 2 Dec. Celebrated a day earlier as he was overwhelmed with work. It was just a quiet and intimate affair at Salt & Grill Sky Bar @ Ion by Luke Mangan. It is at Level 55 and overlook the entire Orchard, Rivervalley etc. From the mysterious experience of taking a dim-lit lift all the way up to Level 55 where the romantic ambience of the restaurant greets us upon entry; it is fine dining at its best. 

I have no photos of the restaurant as we dined in at night and the restaurant is soo dark. 
Found some photos online of this place in the day and it is breathtaking.




salt interior low res
(Images all from Google)

We ordered the chef’s menu for 2.
It was a 500gsm Waqyu T-bone which can be shared between 2 pax. 

image (8)

Ordered a separate appetizer – prawn toast. 
It is so delectable it whet my appetite for the mains.
image (1) 
image (2) 
image (3) 

image (7)

Been wanting to wear this pretty VGY peplum floral top out. Saw the chance to wear it for John’s birthday and I am so glad it matched the elegant ambience :) I was quite worn out from work so the floral prints actually helped brightened up my look for the night. 
image (5) 

Salt and Grill Skybar
2 Orchard Turn
Ion Orchard 55/L
Singapore 238801
Tel: 6592 5118   
It is available in the latest collection in another gorgeous romantic peony print and timeless structured white :)

After my graduation in Aug/Sept, I have been taking in the feedback from customers and studying them carefully before I start on manufacturing line for VGY.  
Most of VGY manufactured pieces (if not all) have been designed in bigger measurements now. I have even opened up to manufacturing sizes to cater to L and XL market. 
The unique thing is, I still have many customers who are around the same petite size as I am. So I make my clothes in such a way XS fit girls around my sizing perfectly. But not all girls are as…short as I am. So I have made the length longer to cater to girls who are XS yet 163cm and above in height. All I have to do to fit into them perfectly, is to alter the length of my own piece ;) 
So please continue sending in your feedback to me at as I take every feedback seriously! I cannot please everyone but I will try my best to find ways that works better for the majority. 

My other photos from Instagram and Twitter :) 

So far, I have worn out this ballet lace top in cream and wine red colors. This photo got quite a number of likes on my Instagram hee. Next on my list – black. 
image (4) 

Went shoe shopping last week and bought 2 JC heels – 1 day after the other. John had to drag me to the store because he thought its high time I get new heels haha and he bought the first pair for me. Loved it so much I returned the next day to get another design! If I had said yes to the 3 beauties below, John would have buy everything! –.- 
image (9)

Worn 1 of them out over the weekend! 
image (11)

This photo got quite a number of likes as well on my instagram and it makes me wonder, everyone loves Ted hur? I still maintain my stand – the movie was only cute for the first 5 minutes then it became weird after the bear “grew” up. Ted was gotten from the toy claw machines at Prize Stage but we had SUCH luck catching these toys the salesperson strike a deal with us to give us Ted if we spent a certain amount at the machine. I think he can’t bear to see us playing so terribly haha. 
image (10)

Brought Tintin to Vainpot Boutique on Monday. This little brat always get so many likes on instagram she makes John angry hahaha. 
image (12)

My new hair color.
I love this new color so much! It goes well with my skin color and makes me look like a Japanese! In fact, I was mistaken for one at my shop on Monday. Geez, I was secretly overjoyed ;D 
image (13)

I have been contemplating for the longest time to get a smaller camera and the latest one from Samsung caught my attention. I love my Canon DSLR which takes beautiful photos but it is simply too bulky to carry out after the change of my lens. Missed so many opportunities taking photos outside when I visit new places/restaurants etc as I don’t often carry out my bulky DSLR. 

Does anyone have this Samsung EX2f camera? Is it a good camera? I am thinking of getting it as a birthday gift to myself! So please share your reviews if you own this camera! :)


Before I end off this post, it will be an exciting weekend ahead because I am so looking forward to the Maybelline event this Saturday! Even more so than my birthday haha. So many new pieces I can’t wait to preview it to everyone! 
I will be at the event with my angel, Eve so ink the date in your diary and see y’all there! <3


With Love,


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