Wednesday, October 27, 2010 :: a dance event, gorgeous tresses & kissjane


Finally done with my first 2 exams; Finance and Econs paper, both which I took only 1 night or less than 3 days to revise thanks to the Apple orders matter. Gulp~

Taking a breather away from my books before my 3rd paper this Friday, here are some photos of the latest event I had with Natasha Studio (check them out here) and my new hair in natural rose!

Natasha Studio held a Bboy showdown competition at Esplanade and together with Tappy, we were the hosts for the night. The winner is Bboy Mac Spencer :) Congrats!




Dearest J could not get a good clear shot of us as he was far away from the stage. It had been so long since I wore my SD military cap out :/ And spot the red watch on my hand. J randomly brought me into a shop, strap a watch on my wrist, agree that it is nice and purchase it in a matter of 10 minutes. Haha but I secretly love it so much because it’s red! Thank you so much, love :/ !




This is a photo of my old hair color, the color which you see in the recent Collection 72. Went to the Vintage Restaurant located at Bussorah Street with dearest J.



Headed off to Salon Vim to look for J and he created a new color for my hair which I mentioned in the previous post. It is called the natural rose and he added in pretty soft red highlights in a shape of an “L” at the left of my head where the weight of my hair is the heaviest. He mentioned about creating a signature trend of his own for this season by having only 3 packets of highlights on his customers’ hair. The effect is absolutely gorgeous with the soft red highlights blending in naturally into the natural rose base color. It is not the usual red that I see on most heads.

Dearest J used a unique technique to cut my hair in such a way my inner layers curl naturally and my hair look thicker than it actually is. J, you are damn awesome!








Here’s the man behind my gorgeous tresses :o)


Lastly, VGY is now located at KissJane in CityLink Mall! I love the store concept and layout. Everything is in pastels of cream and I adore cream colors! Know what? Hershey’s is just directly opposite us! Nomnomnom~

All clothings placed in KissJane are not sold in VGY online boutique NOR Vainpot. Most of it are sourced overseas and are manufactured with quality fabrics with only 1-2 pieces or less than 5 pieces available.



Everytime I look at VGY’s logo, I am overwhelmed with happiness and pride :*) It is the testament of the fruit of my labour, my passion for fashion and a clothing brand which I built with only less than $100 to start with.

This is VGY’s 3rd retail shop space and I hope she will continue to grow in many years to come :*)

Rock on, VGY!


With Love,


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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 :: facing it with guts


I sat down today with J and talked about my life, everything that happened, everything that IS happening and what is going to happen in the near future.

For the past 3 years, I had worked as an Apple reseller as a sideline for gadgets like iPhones, MacBooks and etc. This year, my orders came up to a staggering amount close to $100k. And the main supplier whom I placed my trust in…gambled all my money away. I hear gasps haha.

Shockingly, I have now landed myself in a huge debt. Although I was informed by the investigation officer from the Commercial Crimes Bureau I have no obligation to do so as I am a victim as well, but I have compassion and I run a business with integrity and conscience. I feel for the customers who have placed their trust in me and handed me cash to order the gadgets.

There is a chance I may be deferring my studies for a year to work on VGY to repay the debt; I am still deciding. But I take things in my stride and I believe this happened for a reason.

Who knows? VGY could flourish in the 1 year. VGY may expand. I can travel more, expand the network and an opportunity may come changing my life from hereon. Really, who knows?

I am thankful I have my lovely half to shoulder this with me. Throughout the ordeal, I had his support, encouragement and advices. We sat down to discuss the future, what’s in for us, how are we moving on from here. We talk like adults; we talk with conviction, we made plans. I know, some may think it’s too soon for us to talk about the future when it has been less than a month. But when the time is right…the time is right. 


With Love,


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Friday, October 15, 2010 :: before the exam starts, gulp


I love the new curling tongs I have. Look at how natural my hair look. It’s like I am born with these curls haha.

IM SOLD. But I wonder how will the response be when this curling tongs are launched in VGY new collection.



And this is my natural curled hair (permed @ Salon Vim 1 month ago).
Haha I love the chiffon maxi so much. Have worn it twice; it’s the one similar to the previous entry. Will be selling it off in my personal selling post coming up after my exams!



I have been camping at TCC at Terminal 3 to study of late. Stayed there till 3AM in the morning, chalked up a bill of $99+. & thank you so much to Eugene for coaching me! (L) :) I appreciate your help~!

This is Peach-Me-Up; a very romantic drink :*) Try it when you are there!



And…I lost my new sunnies on the cab today :( And it is only my first time wearing it!
Chances are very small but I just have to say it here; If you happen to find it, puh…leeezzzeee return it back to me! I will give you a combo hug + kiss!



Lastly, let’s work hard for our exams, all RMIT mates! ^^!

With Love,


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010 :: the sunny side


Went to enjoy the sun during 1 of the weekends to get away from the city and stress! There was this dog event at Cafe Del Mar and there were so many beautiful dogs!





A warm and appetizing palate of sweet potato porridge and home cooked dishes at this awesome restaurant tucked away in Upper Thomson Road near Ang Mo Kio after a long day under the sun.



This heart shaped top is sold in Vainpot. Wonder if the one in grey is sold out already? I love it! :o) May be selling away this cream colored one cuz I only worn it once ^^



&..Everything happens for a reason.


With Love,


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Thursday, October 7, 2010 :: VGY Collection launch, curled tresses


Collection 72 header


Before I fly out of my house, I have finally launched Collection 72! Some items here are unique to VGY so…there you go! :)

Collection 72 hairstyles have been lightly curled and styled by John Tham from Salon Vim :) I love the way he do my curls. Just recently, I headed down to Salon Vim @ Somerset 313 to have a haircut before I color my hair next week :) I loveeee my new fringe, new layers and awesome tresses!





I actually have very little hair, haha. But John is able to section and cut my tresses in a way to create volume around my tiny skull :) You can’t tell I am balding right? :p



I love sunnies :) I have tons of them!



Thanks John ^^

On a sidenote, I will be selling this lovely floral chiffon maxi I wore in these photos, but only, it will be in black. The one I wore is in navy blue. It will be placed in my upcoming new shop space in Citylink! Keep a lookout for it because I only have 1 piece! :)

With Love,


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Sunday, October 3, 2010 :: THE OTHER GUYS




Two mismatched New York City detectives seize an opportunity to step up like the city's top cops whom they idolize -- only things don't quite go as planned.

Freaking hilarious movie. I laughed like a hysterical hyena throughout the 1.5hours. Oh-my-hahaha-god. Damn the 2 idiots and the quick-witted humour the entire movie is laced with. Coupled with some insanely by-idiots-for-idiots humour, this is one hell of a genuine laugh-till-your-sides-ache movie.


With Love,


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Saturday, October 2, 2010 :: 1-altitude , 2AM Dessert & CLOTHES



Went to Stella @ 1-Altitude in OUB building for lunch. It is the world highest alfresco bar in the world (or so they claimed to be haha). A restaurant that serves modern cuisine and features wood-fired grill foodies and more. An exciting place to dine given the majestic view that got me so mesmerized. All my stress were temporarily gone; just got to say the view is extremely breathtaking at 60 storeys high.




Imagine dropping from this height.


L1090700-1 L1090695


L1090709-1   L1090703-1L1090731-1

Had a 3 course meal and these are some of the foodies. Didn’t manage to take nice shots for all but..these are good enough to make you lick your screen I suppose! :D



2AM Dessert Bar @ Holland V. They were featured in the newspaper back then.



Ordered a dessert called Purple. Really nice :)



I can just smack my greedy lips right now looking at the drummies. The chef is very particular about the taste of the food served. Try these drummies with the special light sauce served.



If you can find any ice cream parlour, you can find me.



A mesh overlay bandage tube dress in black. The 2nd layer you see is actually mesh. Able to fit up till a small UK size 10. This will be launched in Collection 74. I am expecting it to be a sell out because it is a really nice piece :) Can cover your tummy imperfections thanks to the mesh layers in front.



My favourite 4.5" inch high clogs which I can walk in it for 24 hours. And brown leather mid-cut red wing. Please don’t ask me where I got my shoes from! You can find them easily in lj sprees etc.



I am thinking of selling this oversized black jumpsuit I am wearing. And many more of my clothings which I have only worn once. Maybe I should open a selling post here haha. Any takers?


Before I end this post. I hope Tintin will stay healthy and be a happy little puppy. She vomitted some sticky foamy substance and got me all frantic and flustered when I reached home. Imagine my shock; I just burst out crying.


I love you Tintin :*] We will always be together! You and me! S2.

With Love,


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