Wednesday, February 20, 2013 :: Pre-CNY Hair Color By Salon Vim

Booked in advance for my slot on 23 January with dear John to do my hair for CNY. It was pretty hard to get an appointment with him during that period of time and I am glad this time round I booked earlier! Wanted to get another slot in February to do a treatment just before CNY but it was too late by the time I asked for an appointment :(

Nonetheless, under John’s recommendation, I went for a daring color transformation this time round with forest greens. It is such a gorgeous color I turned heads everytime I’m out! Saw an advert in Orchard that reads “If they are going to stare, make their time worthwhile”. How apt! Did I make your time worthwhile? Hee.

A before and after photo!
image (1)image (5)

The little one tagged along and sat with me throughout the 4 hours.



Everyone in the salon was in awe with the results! I love how rich the forest green looked and the way it compliments the base browns.


The friendly and good people of Salon Vim :*) Thank you for making every visit a pleasant one for me!



Although my entire head was bleached to remove the reds (previous color), the Redken treatment fortified my hair with proteins and prevent breakages. The end result definitely do not look like my hair has been bleached because the condition is absolutely silky, smooth and most importantly, do not lack of lustre.



image (14)image (16)

Tintin and Mary (John’s assistant on my hair for the day). 
Tintin was getting the most attention in the salon haha. Look at her face! She is smiling!


First photo with Gary, one of the bosses of Salon Vim. Thank you so much for everything you have done for all ambassadors/bloggers! Under your guidance, Salon Vim will definitely move on to greater heights! ;)


Dearest John! I’m always in awe of your skills; the awesome ability you have to customize haircuts and colors for every single customer!


Some photos of my hair for the past month

image (2)image (6)

image (7)

image (9)

I have absolutely no qualms with tying up my hair messily if my hair color is pretty. There’s beauty in a messy bun as well ;) 
Haha, actually I have very very little hair. So putting up a messy bun would make my hair look thicker!

image (11)

Heading off to Japan this weekend and I really can't wait! :*)
Have a lovely week, gorgeous people! 

With Love,


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