Friday, February 15, 2013 :: Kiehl’s Media Event


I was extremely elated to be invited to Kiehl’s media event on their star products that I made time amidst my crazy Jan schedule to attend although I turned up pretty late for it! :/




The midnight recovery concentrate is pretty amazing albeit being a wee bit oily for me. I am starting to fall in love with products with essential oils as the efficacy of such products are amazing. Oils are able to penetrate even deeper into the skin epidermis layers compared to creams. Upon using this product overnight, the oil production on my face is well-controlled for the next day and is not as oily as it would be by the end of the day. It also brightens up my face as though I look thoroughly rested (although I had only 3 hours of sleep).


The midnight recovery eye cream is pretty good as well and the lines under my eyes have reduced after using this for 2 weeks now. The cream also absorbs quickly into my eye area without being oily or sticky.


We get to try out other products as well and the skin brightening exfoliator is worth giving it a try. It is gentle enough to be used daily!


With the pretty Gushcloud bloggers – Tammy, Colette and Donna :)


With bombshell Evonne :)


One with pretty Beatrice :)


On a side note, thank you for the overwhelming response to Laura Lace Playsuit (the one I am wearing in the photos)!
It is such a pretty piece worth keeping for events, dinners and special days when you feel like wearing something luxe!
If only this playsuit had pants instead of shorts, I will definitely bring this effortlessly stunning outfit to Japan! Japan is extremely cold now and I look forward to be wrapped in layers haha, NOT. I am so afraid of cold weathers I don’t know how I will survive staying out the entire day, geez.

Lastly although this came abit late but still, Happy Valentine’s Day to all! May your days from now on be filled with abundance of love! :)

With Love,


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