Friday, November 16, 2012 :: Salon Vim Appreciation Dinner x Roland Seafood Restaurant

This may come as a shock or disbelief to most but I have always been paying for all my hair services done at Salon Vim for as long as I first visited them. Although John is my boyfriend, rules still apply in a company and I pay for my own hair at the same price which you do :) Bet most of you don’t know that? 
It was only last month when I came to know that Salon Vim will be sponsoring me alongside all other bloggers contracted under Gushcloud. So I went for my first sponsored trip last month and I will be blogging about what I did later in the post. 
Having been with Salon Vim for 2.5 years now, I am extremely grateful for this sponsorship opportunity, so THANK YOU! It is an incredible feeling to be blessed with such opportunities :*)

Being part of the huge Salon Vim family, I was invited to the appreciation dinner which was held in mid Oct at one of the famous chilli crab restaurant in Singapore – Roland Seafood located in Marine Parade. It has become a familiar place to me as I have been holding one too many dinners at this restaurant.


There are many  more bloggers who were unable to turn up. It was not easy organizing an event with a huge number of bloggers who mostly have commitments like their jobs etc. I remember late nights where John cracked his head over choosing a date where most could make it down for the dinner. I found it funny how choosing a date can be so easy yet so hard at the same time haha.

Photo credit to Meiting

The restaurant’s signature dishes were all served to us and it was such a sumptuous dinner! 
If you head to the restaurant, please place an order for the dish below. The fried mini squids is the star of the dish and my favourite! I even asked if there were any pre-packed squids which I can buy home to munch on – super delicious it was.


Boneless fish dish where the meat has been removed from the fish and served atop. This is John’s favourite dish and our friends who frequent this restaurant (for their  Bachelor Night) loved this dish as well.


Most of us loved this dish! The prawns are extremely succulent and the dark gravy is really sweet and savoury!



Asparagus with mini shrooms haha. I really like this healthy dish as it is pretty light and refreshing on the flavouring. I would always order this dish!


Roland’s famous chilli crab!


Salted yam and egg crab – I very much prefer this over the chilli crab. Personal preference as I like the saltiness of this dish. 
John and I will ALWAYS order this dish when we are there haha. 


With Ling & Yina :) 
PS: Can’t wait to see you girls on 3 Dec! I loveeeeee steamboat dinners!


With Gary, the boss of Salon Vim and Colette :)


Gary and Shine :)
If I am not wrong, Shine is acting in a latest Ch 8 Drama “It takes two”. 
It should be on air now at 9pm so catch her on tv!


The super super shy Melody :)


John with 3 beauties
Ling, Yina and Sophie :)


With the lovely Meiting whom is one of the pioneer bloggers in Salon Vim :)



Justin, the heir to Roland Seafood Restaurant and our dear friend :) 
Thank you for hosting this dinner and being such a wonderful host!


Justin even offered us karaoke after the dinner!


Roland Seafood Restaurant
Block 89 Marine Parade Central 
Singapore 440089
Tel: 64408205


Prior to this dinner, I had my hair done at Salon Vim by dearest John. Wanted to go even lighter instead of the usual browns so John added in some ash greens to mattify the brown and bring it a tone lighter.




My roots just after 1 month. My hair grows out really fast. 
Many thought that my hair is super thick but really, look at my scalp, I do not have much hair follicles and years of eating MSG-laden foods led to excessive loss of hair during my younger years. This condition was much worse when I first met John in the salon. I was literally balding :’( 
He told me to trust him and give him time to make me love my hair again. And so I did and I have never visited any other salons. The impression of super thick hair is due to healthy shiny locks and the right color/hairstyle combination so it all falls into place together making my hair go from zero to wow. Through many years with John, I came to understand that haircut is really important as well. If the haircut is cut following your head shape, it will complement your entire look. 
I used to find faults with my haircuts everytime despite hopping from one hairstylist to another - I just could not find one who makes me happy with the haircut/hairstyle. 
But after the first visit to John, I was extremely happy with my hair for the first time and I have stayed till now :*)


Photo taken by Meiting who was at the salon at the same time!

I fell in love with the Redken treatment after doing it the first time 1.5 months ago so I asked for it again. It gave me sleek silky hair which looks really good in curls!


After the treatment, I did not want to have my hair curled as I want my tresses to rest for a night and bask in the after-treatment. My hair smelled so good and fluffy soft!



Products I use at home. Of all shampoos, I love Loreal’s Vitamino Color shampoo and Absolut Repair (with Lactic Acid). I have been using these 2 products for as long as I can remember and my hair condition greatly improved with the right home care products used. I use my shampoos/leave-in interchangeably weekly so my hair can absorb all the good nutrients from different products!



Photo taken from my instagram @vaingloriousyou
This photo was taken after my hair color faded and sets in. How much I adore this matt brown color!
photo (1)

Mention my name “Tricia” or “VainGloriousYou” to get 10% off all hair services. 
You can also text/call/whatsapp John at 85229336 to book an appointment. 
Remember to book in advance as it is pretty hard to go in as a walk-in with John. 
Even I have to book 2 weeks in advance! :( 

Salon Vim by Chez Vous
313 Somerset Orchard Road
Tel: 68847757 / 68847767

Happy Friday and be kind to one another! It will all come back to you in more than ways you ever know! :)

With Love,


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