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Before I start off with a long pictorial post, I wish to address the concerns regarding my previous entry on Tokyo Bust Express. I am taking time to explain now as it was rather biting to read feedback regarding my lack of accountability despite the amount of complaints made to me (via the blogpost) by readers who have experienced bad service at Tokyo Bust Express. No one is in a even better position to understand the extent of negative feedback I received from my readers and I have actually been working with my manager, Sheena, at Gushcloud to rectify the issues which my readers have experienced with Tokyo Bust Express.

Everytime I received a negative feedback regarding Tokyo Bust Express, I will discuss it with Sheena who will then communicate with Tokyo Bust Express on the complaints. It had came to a point where I have been given the green light to take down the promotion stated under the Tokyo Bust Express entry from my blog – a solution which Gushcloud have proposed to protect my readers.

However, I do not like to remove things already posted on my social media platforms. What would it say about my credibility as a blogger? I asked for a better solution which was for Tokyo Bust Express to work on providing better service to all their customers (not only towards my readers) for their long-term good and also permission for me to put up a personal post to account to all my readers. It had been 1.5 weeks now since I had asked for the latter – I am definitely not someone who would shrink from responsibilities.

It took me some time to put this personal post up as I was awaiting for action from Tokyo Bust Express on all the negative feedback. However, none of you listed your name/contact and the only way I could monitor if any measures/improvements were done by Tokyo Bust Express is through new feedback from my readers and messages passed down to me through my manager after the discussion with the company involved. For those who had emailed me, thank you so much for leaving a point of contact for me to take action.

I am extremely thankful for the unbiased comment posted by a kind reader who mentioned that despite reading all the negative reviews on Tokyo Bust Express, she had a different experience upon mentioning she was a reader of my blog. I would confidently say the “different experience” was attributed to the days and days of communication between Gushcloud and Tokyo Bust Express to rectify all the complaints/issues that my readers experienced.

I am extremely apologetic towards all my readers (and my friends) who had a bad experience with Tokyo Bust Express. But I hope that this incident is a lesson to Tokyo Bust Express and all the other beauty salons out there. As much as I understand driving sales is a huge part of their business, it will do no good to the company if the salespersons come across as pushy and rude – especially when a blogger has been engaged to help raise awareness of the company/brand. On my end, I have already notified and questioned the company of their sales tactics and service towards customers especially my readers. The following preventive/reformative actions which will be carried out by the company is not within my control, as it delves into something even bigger and deeper which is the management of the organization as a whole. 
So I hope for your understanding of the extent which I can help you, my readers.

No one would understand how hurtful it was to receive all the negative comments and this issue was constantly on my mind, even as I was supposed to be enjoying a holiday out of Singapore. My readers are important to me and I understand some of you have grew with me since I first started. I take it upon myself that this incident had happened to my readers due to my recommendation as it has never happened before and it will not have happened if I had done a thorough research of the company prior to taking up the advertorial. 

The unbiased comment posted by a reader gave closure and relief to me and I sincerely hope that the company has learnt its lesson. Feel free to email me at if you have a bad experience with Tokyo Bust Express even after reading this post and I will try my best to help in any way I can. I cannot promise that the company will do something for you in return but at least, you can do a part in stepping forward and helping the company to improve so our fellow ladies who visit them in future will have a better experience.

I would like to say again, please manage your expectations towards such beauty salons as such are non-invasive procedures and individual results may vary. No doubt this is an advertorial for Tokyo Bust Express but my results and experience with them were good despite only a single session therefore, I am recommending it to all of you. I hereby apologize once again if you had a bad experience with them and please, please feel free to email me if you would like me to help in any way.


Thankful that I brought my bulky camera to Legoland, a newly opened Lego-theme theme park in Nusajaya Malaysia as some of you have asked for a review for this place. We went in by car and it was an approximate 20-30 minutes drive from JB. 

Just a reminder to slap on a good amount of sunblock as there are not much shade around and you know nowadays when the sun shines on your skin, it bites through with a stinging feel. Imagine having that feeling for as long as you are in Legoland – I am sure you will come out looking like a baked lobster.

Outfit: Maeve black tube corset, Sephora floral shorts both from VGY


Just next to the Legoland entrance, there is the Legoland hotel which works are still ongoing. 
It will not be ready until 2014 :(


We were shocked to see this sign when we were paying for the tickets haha. 
True enough, it rained for a good 20 minutes when we were there but we took the time to rest our tired legs.



(Hmm..who’s the fairest of them all..) 
Come to think of it, our huge group of friends (of about 16 pax) always poked fun at each other’s turning 30’s look, bulging tummies, beer bellies and in all, how much we have all changed since the secondary school days. Of course, none of us are spared haha but it was all in good fun.



There are Lego exhibitions everywhere and when walking through them, we felt like giants. 
I find it a tad ridiculous for these exhibitions to be placed outdoor as these Lego plastic bricks will definitely come under the strong weather conditions. Just how long can it last? How do they maintain the small plastic bricks? They can’t be changing the structures every 6 months, can they?



The twin towers behind us looked really majestic and tall but they are pretty small in real life.


Some of the structures have a bustling life of their own with moving ships, moving buses etc. 
It is pretty interesting and amazing how Lego bricks can build such structures! 
I forgot who I heard this news from but these structures are hand-built from scratch and the master responsible for building each structure (say a bus or a human or a building) is paid from $5 per piece. Correct me if I am wrong?




Singapore’s Merlion, Fullerton hotel (at the back) and a glimpse of our SBS Transit bus haha.


Can you see our Maybank building at the back?


There wasn’t much to do as the park is still undergoing renovation works and not all rides and attractions are ready :(
So we spent our time…playing funfair games and let me tell you now, DON’T waste your monies on their games because they have made the games almost IMPOSSIBLE to win. We spent alot of monies on this basketball game here just to realize the shape of the ring is in a small oval – 100% impossible for the basketball to go through. John was a basketball player in the past and he couldn’t even get the ball into the ring despite shooting perfectly!




To top it off, they make sure the game is designed in a way that makes you keep trying and trying. If you don’t spend at least SGD$30 or more on a game, it is impossible to get a prize (discounting luck). For this fishing game below, to get the prize you want, just keep accumulating your points. And to accumulate your points, of course, you need to pay for more games –.-“ 
Someone tell me how did they even come up with that…


But anyway, I saw someone carrying a huge unicorn and I wanted it badly. So we finally found the booth with the unicorn as prizes and the rest was classic. God knows how much we spent there but I only got a small small pink unicorn and my friend got the huge one (after spending..approx $60+ if I’m not wrong).



Finally we saw something adults like us could play haha – a rollercoaster. 
Oh, did you see the news that people were stuck on highest point of this rollercoaster ride last week and had to bear sun and rain while waiting for help to come? Haha whatttt is going on, Malaysia!


The entrance of this grey castle leads to a long queue for this ride.



The queue took us only about 15-20 minutes ;) 
We used to be adrenaline seeking dare devils who will never say no to any rides that promise to throw us high up or hang us upside down in the air. I don’t know if this happens because of age but we have this tiny bit of fear in us while queuing for this not-so-scary-at-all ride :/


So we girls went home each with a prize. You don’t know how hard our boyfriends had to play to win these back – it was earned with money and sweat hahaha.
Say hi to my tiny pink unicorn.


My review for this place is only 2 out of 5 at this moment of time.
It is absolutely not worth the SGD$70 paid for the tickets with so many renovations still ongoing. 
There were alot of empty land yet to be filled up and I seriously don’t understand how could there be a $70 entrance fee for such little attractions. Maybe you would like to consider going there in year 2014 instead and just bear with Universal Studios Singapore at this moment? :)

With Love,


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