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This post may be a tad sensitive for those who are not open towards discussing issues about their breasts in public. For myself, such topics are not taboo to my circle of friends and I for one, talk openly about these topics of such that are deemed sensitive by the majority.
Prior to this Tokyo Bust Express engagement, I have been discussing about doing an invasive procedure to my boobs with most importantly, John, and to my circle of friends. Most of my friends have gone through the knife and was able to properly advise me on the procedures and post-operation. So far, no one has objected to my decision for plastic surgery at my boobs and John has been extremely supportive but of course, not before first finding out everything he needs to know about this surgery. However, I am seriously reconsidering getting an invasive procedure done as I see a difference in the shape and size of my boobs just after a single session from Tokyo Bust Express. Well definitely, for the results to be lasting, you need at least 5 sessions to stabilize the mammary glands. 

With a single consultation with a friendly Tokyo Bust Express consultant, Angela, at Park Mall, I learnt that mammary glands in fact is the one which determines the size of your boobs, not fats. Even if you slim down, your boobs SHOULD NOT be the first to go. 
Behind closed doors, the consultant felt around my boobs and analyzed that I have 2 issues.


1) My mammary glands are big but during the course of puberty/growing up, my mammary glands were not given enough nutrients to grow so I became…well, less endowed.

2) The position of my mammary glands have shifted due to the way I wear my bra (especially when I always love to wear double buckle strapless bras). I came to learn that I need to wear a three buckle one instead for better support. Due to the incorrect position of my mammary glands, I have this issue loosely known as “four breasts”. The other two “breasts” are situated just outside the underarm area which can be seen when wearing strapless clothes.



After the elaborate consultation which lasts approx 20-30minutes, I was brought into a VIP room for treatment. 

There are many hallways which are comfortably lit with soft orange glowy lights which plays a part in calming your overall mood down before your treatment starts.




My VIP room was extremely cosy with a really soft bed and fluffy blankets. The 2 black pillows provided my tired feet with the extra cushion and lift it needed.



Changed into an airy robe and very soon, my friendly therapist came in for my 1st treatment which is the massaging session. Of course, I am not able to post up detailed photos of the procedure but let me try to break it down for you here as accurate as I can be! :)



My first procedure was to stimulate the mammary glands through a “pinching” action around the nipple. The pain factor is only about 2.5/5 and not to worry, it is extremely bearable :) By stimulating the mammary glands, it is similar to “waking up” the glands so it can absorb more nutrients at the 2nd treatment (GTC) which I will further elaborate below.

The massage session took about 30 minutes and the pain factor is about 1.5/5. The purpose of the massaging action is to bring the mammary glands back to the right position and the minimal fats surrounding the mammary glands will move along and be reshaped. I cautiously use the word “minimal” as I learnt through the consultation that breasts is not entirely made of fats. Contrary to popular belief, breasts are made of fats which is absolutely wrong. Fats is only a small small portion. It is the mammary glands and collagen that make up your breasts and determine the size of it.  Massaging will also greatly help sagging breasts if you have this problem.

Thereafter, a machine was rolled in also known as the GTC TREATMENT
An enhancement cream made of phyto-estrogens (plant hormones) which can also be found inside our breast tissues is directly applied to my bust before my chest was wrapped up for the treatment. 
The pain factor is 0/5! :D 
It was extremely comfy I actually fell asleep!


When the treatment ended, I was given a mirror to see my bust and I was shocked to see my bust were more plumped up, fuller, perky, sit higher up on my chest and the most amazing thing is the distance between my breasts are closer giving an added illusion of bigger bust. It was an obvious difference from before the treatment and even without wearing a bra, there was a cleavage to be seen. (No more push-ups!) 
For one who do not believe in such breasts enlargement procedures from massaging in the past, I am extremely surprised by the results seen just from a single session.


The bulging underarm “fats” (4 breasts) which I mentioned earlier on has been pushed down to my bust. If you refer to the photo below, there is no more unsightly fats spilling out from my sides. One result which I am very happy with!


I was given a second consultation after my treatments to understand more about what to expect subsequently and how to wear my bra correctly. I was in complete envy when I saw Angela with a very nice bust shape and she is a C cup! Usually for females with bigger breasts, they tend to have sagging issues but Angela’s bust looks really pretty and perky!




Angela educating me on the star products they offer.


The Jujitsu Serum is a product made in Japan and it promotes collagen production. The key selling point of this product is it does not require extra massage which is highly recommended for busy working ladies. A simple application on the bust a day is good enough for home-based bust enlargement treatment. This is also the same serum used to apply to your bust before the GTC treatment. You will be interested to know due to the efficacy of the product, only a small pump is required ;) 
Tokyo Bust Express was really nice to give me a bottle to sample. I have planned to start using it religiously from mid-Nov onwards!


The Majikou Essence is the second key product which can effectively promote firmness of breasts making it look fuller.


The Misu Supplement Cream is the remedy for ladies with breasts which lack of firmness and is saggy.


Super friendly Jiefang from the HQ, who is also my reader, came down to oversee the entire procedure. 
She gave me a stalk of pink daisy on our first appointment and I was so happy to receive it haha. 
I am more than happy to receive a huge bouquet of flowers over…any branded bags or clothes etc hee ;)


The experienced therapist who gave me the thorough massage and all the time providing me with information about every step of the procedure. I was fascinated by her knowledge and quipped many questions which she effortlessly answered!


The friendly team who ensured all customers who walk in have the best consultation and experience :)



Tokyo Bust Express is the winner of Bust Enhancement beauty awards by Cozycot in year 2010.
With that said, I highly advise you to manage your expectations realistically as such non-surgical bust enlargement procedures will not give you the results surgical procedures may give. Additionally, individuals react differently to the rate of absorption (for the phyto-estrogens applied to your bust). Let’s say your rate of absorption can be a good 8/10 but my rate of absorption is a 5/10. So obviously you will see better results than I do. You only require 5 sessions but I may need 8 sessions for my mammary glands to stabilize (hence staying in size and shape thereafter for years to come).

However, you can definitely expect results of half a cup to one cup with the recommended number of sessions after a personalized bust analysis. I have personally experienced and seen immediate results JUST AFTER A SINGLE SESSION so it is pretty amazing what massaging, activating and feeding the mammary glands can do to your bust size.
The issues I listed at the start of this post are immediately rectified after my first session.


Last but not the least, Tokyo Bust Express is offering a very special promotion for my readers! ;)

Envy-me! Pre-Festive Package:

For only $12, this is what you will be getting! 

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redheartshapedbox (1)


(It is a really good deal and I have been asking my friends to go sign up as well!)

You can click on this link here to leave your particulars and reserve a slot!

Alternatively, you can send a text/call or email at the following: 

SMS VGYTokyo_FullName_NRIC to 8533 0226 to enjoy “Envy-Me! Pre-Festive Package” at $12 or call 6262 6161 or email your details VGYTokyo_FullName_Contact_NRIC to info@tokyobustexpress.com and mention VainGloriousYou to enjoy the promotion!

Terms & Conditions:
- Only applicable to females 18 years old and above
- While stocks last for both crystal pendant and booster kit
- Treatment voucher applicable to non-promotional services only
- Strictly by appointment only
- Promotion is valid for 2 months

Tokyo Bust Express can be found conveniently at the following locations: 
Park Mall (9 Penang Road, #11-06 S238459) 
Nex Mall (23 Serangoon Central, #03-32 S556083) 
Novena Square 2 (10 Sinaran Drive, #B1-111 S307506)

Enjoy and good luck! I hope it works for you as much as it did for me!
I have never disappointed you with any of my recommendations so far, have I? ;)

With Love,


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