Friday, October 5, 2012 :: Accessories & Weekend Tales

When outfits get very boring, we turn to accessories to make an outfit pop. 
I for one, have endless accessories at bay for emergencies. 
Ask me for one anytime and I am able to just pull out 5-6 pieces from my bag ;)

I have a knack for buying hard to match accessories. But then again, blues are perfect for fall/winter!
Remember the photo of my chapel stained glass inspired nails? I fell in love with this necklace because it resembles that of chapel stained glass which I have a soft spot for. It is just the essential to bring along in my bag just in case I need to seriously jazz up my outfit! Can’t wait to use this for VGY shoots!

I do not fancy too many black accessories on myself. Why look so common and gaudy when you have so many colors to choose from? Muted colors when paired correctly make an outfit pop and it gives a classy touch as well.
My studded chunky bracelet in refreshing grey looks so much better than the usual black, don’t you think so?

Every girl needs a long necklace. 
Mine comes in the form of flowers, pearls and gems.

Chose a monochrome stripe chunky necklace to go along with my sequin tiered navy top and VGY Sephora shorts for work at Vainpot on Weds.

I find that with the necklace, it makes my curls look more glamorous. 
Try visualizing it without the necklace. Or cover the necklace in the photo. It looks really boring isn’t it? 
I love how it photographs really prettily!

Bracelets-of-the-day I am wearing while penning this entry down in Salon Vim! 

All accessories featured above are from Eltix, where you can find not-so-mainstream accessories (like my chunky grey bracelet and chapel glass inspired blue necklace). 
If you are more of a facebook troller (haha), visit their Facebook Page for quick updates on new accessories and get discounts.

The Day
 has come for the long-anticipated hens night for my beautiful friend, Alice!
My aim when planning this hens night was to make sure it (1) attracts the most attention wherever we go (2) glamorous as hell theme with a crazy touch, haha! We will be such a terrible and annoying sight :p

So I will be kept extremely busy this weekend with this crazy hens night today on a lovely Friday night, then a sleepover on Saturday where all bridesmaids get busy running errands, plan gate-crashing games (literally just being maids lol, but very willing ones) late into the night, and the mega wedding on Sunday. That was quite a mouthful but I am not done yet. John & I will be taking 2 days off on the following Mon and Tues to celebrate our 2nd anniversary :*) I will try my best to reply emails on a working day but please give me more time to do so! When I am back, we will be working hard to put up a clearance post on VGY so please stay tuned! :)

For urgent matters, please contact my lovely and she will assist you on my behalf. 

Last but not least, have a beautiful and well-rested or a crazy weekend doing pointless matters that most importantly makes YOU happy and recharged for the new week! xx

With Love,


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