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Let me give you a background of innisfree if you do not know this popular Korean brand by now!
innisfree (spelled with a lower case “i”) is a naturalism Korean skincare brand that has taken Singapore by storm with its inaugural launch last November (did you see their snaking queue?!) 
The brand is renowned as the Korean pioneer in naturalizing beauty for their strong stance on featuring pure, natural ingredients from the island of Jeju coupled with reliable, revolutionary research – which altogether carves out a niche category for itself. In pursuit of an eco-friendly methodology that aims to preserve the balance of nature, innisfree strikes a chord in the hearts of green consumers worldwide and has since gained a mass following not only in Korea, but in the regional markets of Hong Kong, China and Japan. 
Having been to Korea and Jeju island to experience and learn about this brand just few months back, I have been spreading the good word about innisfree’s technology (under AmorePacific which also creates Laneige, Suhwahsoo etc), and the brand’s sincerity. My media friends who went on this trip with me also have only good reviews for this brand in their respective magazine write-ups in Her World, Cleo to name a few reputable ones :) 
You can read about my innisfree green tour trip here back in Nov 2013:
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Innisfree in Jeju Island Day 3 & 4
When I received the latest innisfree Eco Science White C Pore Double Serum and Eco Science White C Double Serum, I was anxious (more than excited) to start using it as I am attracted to products with whitening properties haha. I am obsessed with fair and glowing skin so I will never stop trying out products to find out what works for me ;) I guess I speak the minds of majority Asian women?? 
Now as many already know, I am pretty fair skinned, in fact, even fairer than most if not all of my friends. You may think that the products will not have a noticeable difference on my face, even I myself thought so I was wrong. Recently, I turned up for the Elle x HP training day with my usual girl pals, Yina, Evonne and Beatrice when they have noticed my face was at least 3 times fairer than my shoulders! O.O I felt really silly to be honest haha but then again, I was caught off-guard as I did not expect the 2 innisfree products which I have been using for about 4-5 days to have such a noticeable effect! 
I prefer to use Eco Science White C Pore Double Serum in the day as it gives a noticeable glow which does not have the overly dewy look. I do know that some women do not like the dewy look as it is associated with being “oily”. I love it that wet dewy look though! However, the glow with this serum is subtle, not too much dewiness yet gives off enough shine to resonate a translucent and healthy skin that looks energized and firm. 
The Eco Science White C Pore Double Serum delivers both brightening and pore-care effects to your skin. I used to have a problem with clogged pores and blackheads (remember?)  which I always complain here. So what happens when your pores get clogged? When pores are clogged with impurities, even fair skin has a tendency to look dull. Which is why many girls can look fair but their skin lacks a healthy glow. The second active ingredient in this product contains mint extracts which help to purify pores and control sebum to amplify the brightening effect. 
For the photos below, I used Eco Science White C Pore Double Serum and sunblock with light dusted blusher on my cheeks.
I really like that the formula is pretty light, non-greasy and it is absorbed very quickly into my skin. Upon dusting on my blusher, I noticed that even without foundation, the product makes my skin smooth for my blusher to glide on without uneven patches which I often encounter when I do not prime my face before foundation. 




John (who refused to let me photograph his skin for reference) has been using this Eco Science White C Pore Double Serum for 2 weeks now and his feedback is his sebum is more controlled in the day now and his face do not get oily easily. While I change my products every 2-3 months, John has a even higher resistance. 
What do I mean by that? His skin DO NOT take well to the product and becomes immune to it after just 1.5-2 months time. Therefore, you can tell now both of us change and rotate our products quite frequently. He was on brand X for a period of time (with me) but his skin has now become immune to it to the point his face gets really oily and dull the moment we step out of the house. It no longer improve his skin condition. So when I got him to try Eco Science White C Pore Double Serum and Eco Science White C Double Serum, there was a drastic improvement which got him hooked on using BOTH MY BOTTLES -.- argh. 

For night time, I use Eco Science White C Double Serum instead as it is richer and can double up as a “night cream” imo. I tend to use heavier products at night as skin temperatures generally tend to rise at night, making it susceptible to moisture loss and wrinkles. It does not help that I sleep in an air-conditioned environment which  makes my skin even more dry. So I tend to use heavy and more oily products at night which are focused on moisturizing and recovery then I sleep, my skin works for me! No kidding here man. Try really taking good care of your skin before you sleep. I guarantee you WILL wake up to good skin. Define good skin. Good skin is when I look into the vanity mirror and do not find fault with anything on my face. Easy as that if you ask me. 

Back to the Eco Science White C Double Serum, it has the primary focus in brightening and moisturizing the skin through a combination of Jeju’s organic tangerine skin and green tea. If you didn’t know, innisfree’s organic green tea helps keep your skin moisturized, and their organic tangerine peel keep your skin brightened. Now, can you imagine both components put together? 
It is richer than Eco Science White C Pore Double Serum which means it is “heavier” in the sense that it deeply nourishes and moisturizes your skin. I like the amount of richness as it helps to repair my skin barrier function overnight and my skin do not feel dry in the morning. 


In my opinion, both innisfree’s Eco Science White C Double Serum and Eco Science White C Pore Serum are more pricier compared to the usual over-the-counter drugstore brands would offer. HOWEVER! The ingredients stored in these products are definitely worth the splurge! It contains PURE VITAMIN C AND ALSO VITAMIN C IN ITS STABILIZED FORM to complement the status of pure vitamin C. Vitamin C is an extremely powerful antioxidant that has outstanding effectiveness in skin brightening and regeneration. Tried and tested for 2 weeks now, my favourite day product now is Eco Science White C Pore Double Serum which I will apply just before sunscreen. 
Hope this recommendation is a good one for you ladies! Another good product scored! ;)

With Love,


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