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Recently, I stumbled on an online store who is pretty active on instagram (@JustTangySg). Have you heard of them? ;) I have been wearing a jewellery accessory from them since 2-3 months ago and it is my lil’ lucky charm (next to my personalized pandora bracelet which I really do treasure alot). 
JUST TANGY is a local online store in Singapore founded by Sarah, who is an avid online shopper and a fan of exclusive international designer brands. 
She finds magic in bringing emerging international brands, which are highly sought after but unavailable locally, making them more exclusive and special to own. These brands are carefully selected for their exclusiveness, unique design and popularity – just like the one I am always wearing; The Claire Aristides Lucky Horseshoe Charm Bracelet. 
Claire Aristides, a brand nestled under Just Tangy’s repertoire of designer labels is an Australian jewelry who creates classic & timeless pieces to be treasured for a lifetime. Her collections are stocked in Syndey and United Kingdom but thanks to Just Tangy, they are now available for sale online in Singapore too ;) 
The finer details on the white gold bracelet which I worn to Boracay and did all the sea activities in it. In fact, after my fellow Gushcloud blogger Kaykay (@yankaykay) mentioned to me during our Boracay trip that it does not tarnish and she wears hers all the time, I have been wearing mine without taking it out every night :) 

Been wearing it on my arm with my pandora and personalized name bracelet from a cool stall in Boracay hehe. 

Before I forget, it is also available in Rose Gold and Yellow Gold as well! I am also contemplating getting the new diamond initial alphabet bracelet from Claire Aristides after seeing how Kaykay paired it together with her horseshoe charm bracelet. It is so gorgeous wearing both together! 


Do check out Just Tangy below to view more beautiful jewelleries from timeless brands, to name a couple, the highly raved Daniel Wellington watches and Lucien Elements.  

Instagram: @JustTangySg

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