Saturday, December 7, 2013 :: Journey with Clozette & SK-II

Been waiting to sit down properly and write this entry because it is one of the many opportunities I am blessed with this year and I want to share and detail this part of my life in my trusty ol’ blog :) Finally managed to find time to do so in the midst of my busy schedule!
Stay tuned for the end of the blog post because SK-II is being generous again this festive season! ;) 
If you do not know by now, I took on a project with Clozette to do 3 beauty videos with SK-II slated for release by this year end. Filming commenced back in October and we managed to finish filming all 3 videos in a single day! It was extremely tiring but productive I have to say! 

Filming took place in Crowne Plaza Hotel and this was the very first video we shot. 
Came in with my tired morning face and with no makeup on for the videos! If you realized, all my videos started with no makeup on. Just my bare face with only SK-II skincare products to brighten up my look :) How I wished I did my eyebrow embroidery back then or I should have drawn some brows on for the filming! 




It was slightly past noon when we started on the second video. Again, I took on the camera without any makeup on. Prior to filming, I freshened up and prepped my face with SK-II products but this time with SK-II Signature Signs Uplifting Eye Mask included because my eyes looked really tired by then. 
Prior to the filming, I have actually included even more tips in the script (I can go on and on where fashion is involved) but due to time constraints, we had to leave them out on the day of filming. But no worries! You can always email me to ask me! ;) 
SAM_0154 SAM_0155 

It was so hard to memorize the script. I had to memorize an entire paragraph of words, recite it out while looking natural onscreen – it is really really hard. Kudos to all the actors out there! I now have newfound respect for your profession! 
This photo was taken after countless times of passing the script back and forth to the crew because as soon as the script leaves my hands, my mind became a hopeless blank. 
And if I can digress, I really love my long straight hair! Did the Keratin Hair Treatment + a new color with John @ Salon Vim few days before the filming and the condition of my hair was so straight, shiny and healthy!  

Curled my hair for the later part of the video! 


I really love this Zara dress on the left. Although I had to spend 1/3 of the cost of the dress to alter, I couldn’t let it go because it is in florals! The lime playsuit is courtesy of Topshop. Cinched it with a belt so it looks like my legs are longer.  ;) 
SAM_0166 SAM_0172 

Casual chiffon spag top c/o Topshop as well! 

Watch this video here! ;) 

The last video was shot after dinner time and ended after midnight! This was the first video released by Clozette from our collaboration and I am glad the toll of filming the entire day did not affect my performance for this last video! ;) 
Meet the lovely Jessie and Shn from Clozette. Shn stands at a towering 176cm! 


Dress from Topshop

In this video titled “Fashion Capital Travel Essentials”, I shared about my trip to Tokyo with John early this year because up till now, I am still receiving so many emails about this trip! I talked about taking care of your skin in the dry and cold climate with the focus on fashion (yet again hehe). I have to say a rigorous skincare regime has now become an integral part of my life from this year onwards with so many opportunities that taught me how to understand and take care of my skin. 
This video also features outfit ideas for a trip to the colder countries! Picked my outfits from Topshop again! So thank you so much, my favourite store! ;) 
SAM_0191 SAM_0203

Please view the video below! ;)


If you have watched all 3 videos, you would be be able to answer this question effortlessly and stand a chance to win one of the two SK-II Pitera Essence Set! 
Which skincare product do I like to put in the fridge for the beauty equivalent of a wake-up call cold shower? 
Email the correct answer to, along with your full name, mobile number and email address. Your email subject should read “Win SK-II from vaingloriousyou’s blog!

Contest will end on 19 December 2013 so make sure you send in your correct answer by then! ;) 
Good luck and stay tuned to my next update! 

With Love,


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