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While I do receive endless questions about the products I use on my face, I also receive questions about my skin occasionally like what do I use to have smoother skin / if I do any special treatment on my body etc. The answer is I am always on the lookout so my products ALWAYS change but I get attracted to products that promise whitening or radiant skin and to the latter, no, I do not do any special treatment on my body, not even spa. Simply because it is puts a dent in my wallet and I do not have time to sit in a spa for 90 minutes. 
Because I am always on the lookout for products, I have some knowledge about the products used in body scrubs etc. I see so much similarities in ingredients for different brands but the prices for body scrubs can go up to a good $70 for a tub. $70?? I can invest in a good eye cream for that amount! 
So I came up with my own salt glow scrub which I keep in a mason jar in a fridge for 2 weeks if I happen to make more at a go. Most importantly, the ingredients are always readily available in my pantry.




Here’s what you need:
- Olive Oil
- 1/2 Lemon 
- Sea Salt 

As I am using this scrub on my body, I prefer a coarse scrub like sea salt. If you intend to use this on your hands or face, you can go for organic fine sugar which will be more gentle on delicate skin. 

Step 1: Put out a spoonful (or as much as you need) of sea salt into a glass holder. 

I usually use 4 tablespoons of sea salt for scrubbing my entire body. 

Step 2: Add in 2 tablespoons of olive oil. You can adjust this amount to your liking. 

Step 3: Add in 3 or more tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Lemons are packed with antioxidants and rich in vitamin C. The citrus in lemons can help to face spots and evens out your skin tone. I usually choose lemon as an ingredient in my scrub as the enzymes in it can aid in the exfoliation process. MOST importantly, lemon juice brightens up your skin effortlessly and is a natural  bleaching agent as well. 

Step 4: Holy ompaa loompa! Your lemon sea salt scrub is now ready to use! Start by gently rubbing this exfoliant on your back, the backs of your arms and legs. I usually concentrate on exfoliating my legs as I have dark scars (sustained from commando mozzie bites which I do not enough willpower to stop myself from scratching and bruising it). Then I will scrub the dark spots like my elbows and knee caps. Lastly, I spend the bulk of my scrub on my back. 

Step 5: It is going to be a tad oily after exfoliation so I recommend to shower off with a good body wash. 

I will usually shower and cleanse after exfoliation with Dettol Radiance Antibacterial Bodywash. I use an antibacterial wash to keep eczema at bay as I had a sudden episode once at my upper back. It made me soooooo conscious of myself I had to skip all my bustiers and strappy outfits :( Poor Melvin from Multifolds had such a difficult time editing VGY shoot photos because of the breakout on my back. 

End off with a good moisturizer for your skin before you head off to bed AND YOU ARE DONE! It is truly amazing to wake up the next morning to baby smooth skin which is much brighter and healthier with that top layer of dead cells removed by exfoliation. Exfoliating once every week gives me healthy and bright skin so I stay to go daring and bare my back in dresses like this :)

A shower gel well known to help one achieve healthy looking skin that glows from within is Dettol Radiance. Due to its exceptional deep-cleansing formula that helps to nourish and purify your skin. Supported by intensive research, Dettol Radiance is formulated with a unique blend of Vitamin B3 and C, the elixirs for healthy, radiant skin. With Dettol’s renowned germ protection capabilities, this impeccable harmony allows the skin to reveal its inner radiance and shine with a healthy glow. 
Two things I like about Dettol Radiance; it no longer has the strong medicinal smell associated with Dettol products. This is a new beauty line by your trusty personal hygiene brand so you can be sure that it does not cause skin irritation. I like that it has salicylic acid in it which can control sebum and prevent body acne (in my case, body eczema).  Secondly, I am a lover of all floral scents so I really appreciate the soothing floral scent that lingers on my body after shower :) 
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