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Couple weeks ago, I received an invitation from one of the biggest Japanese hair removal salon in Singapore for body hair removal and it couldn’t have been more timely. Prior to the invitation, I have been researching on trusted salons to do IPL for my arms, legs and full brazilian area. 
If you know me, I have been doing brazilian waxing for the longest time and had signed up packages for it as well. Unfortunately, even being a regular for b-waxing, every single trip still made me wince and grimace in pain. Haha here’s a regular b-wax customer telling you IT IS STILL PAINFUL EVEN IF YOU WAX REGULARLY! 
Of late, I was advised by a kind waxing therapist my skin (@ my V-zone) is extremely thin and she does not recommend I continue with waxing. She did not even want to do waxing for me for fear of the pain that I will experience. But stubborn as I am, I went ahead with the session and it was excruciating pain –.- Nothing I ever felt before and I knew then I HAD to switch to a painless method instead. Now you understand why I said this invitation was timely? :) 
In my course of researching, Datsumo Labo came up many times in searches and word-of-mouth from friends was the deciding factor for me to work with them. So on the first week of December, it was my first ever appointment with Datsumo Labo ;) 
Because I am very well-endowed in the department of arm hair –.-, I will document the progress of my full hair removal experience for 2 years here and provide links to all the older entries on Datsumo Labo in my posts. I hope it will help you in deciding to choose Datsumo Labo for your body hair removal as well. 
Who is Datsumo Labo? 
Datsumo Labo opened its first Japanese salon in Shibuya, a district in Tokyo where Japanese youngsters tend to gather. Datsumo Labo is a widely popular full body hair removal salon, with 54 branches opened worldwide within 3 years. Datsumo Labo dispelled the image of full body hair removal being an expensive treatment, and it introduced a monthly full body hair removal plan at the lowest price in the market. The innovative hair removal service provided by Datsumo Labo (S.S.C Hair Removal = Hair Control) is a whole new way of next-generation hair removal with less damage to the skin. Datsumo Labo welcomes you with state-of-the-art hair removal machinery that is most suitable to each skin type. 
The consultation area and the fuss-free clean treatment rooms. Everything is fuss-free to cut cost and drive prices down for the consumers. 

The machine featured is the highly raved painless Smooth Skin Control Hair Removal technology developed by renowned medical equipment manufacturer, DEKA. It works by removing hair through the synergy of gel and light. By weakening the regrowth of hair, S.S.C causes unwanted hair to gradually become thinner and less noticeable. It causes little pain and is especially suitable for customers with sensitive skin. Which is just what I require to treat my highly sensitized vaginal areas, not the traditional harsh IPL treatments. 

A photo of my thighs. Through years and years of shaving, it left obvious pores which are visible at close range. Actually, I had it worse at my underarms. After 2 years of S.S.C. (at another Japanese salon), the pores, ingrown hairs, and the ugly black stubble which remained visible even after I shave were all gone. What is in place now are a pair of really fair and smooth hairless underarms haha. But let’s not talk about this fairly popular salon which I visited for my underarms because I had to endure really bad service attitude every session. 

A photo of my lower leg. 

My hairy arm -.-
They say a hairy woman is a horny woman, right? ;) 

The procedure started with a special cooling gel. This gel was applied all over my arms, legs, and brazilian area. 



It was less than an hour for full arms, full legs and brazilian area hair removal. Thereafter, cooling ice pack is used to soothe the treated skin. 


I know you must be interested to know about the pain factor for brazilian area hair removal. It is PAINLESS. When a person like me say its painless, you can take my words as a gauge because I have almost NO tolerance for pain – it’s like zero threshold to any pain. Dr David from DRx have also said I have NO tolerance for pain haha. However, having done three areas, I can make a comparison on the pain factor for your reference. For arms and legs, I felt virtually NOTHING during the procedure. Comparing my arms and legs to my vaginal area, of course, I felt sensations during the course of treatment at my vaginal areas. Naturally, your vaginal area as the most sensitive part of your body will feel the pulses sent from the machine but it is nothing more than a quick jolt to your skin – which in that sense is already 100x less painful compared to waxing -.- 
In months to come, em’ visually exposed areas like my arms and legs will be smooth and glistening heh. 

The wall of bloggers and celebrities who frequent Datsumo Labo. 

Look who I spotted on the wall! *hello! 

My friendly therapist, Janice. 

Lastly, Datsumo Labo has really affordable pricing plans which can be paid monthly instead of the usual costly lump sum you pay for IPL treatments. For full body hair removal, you pay a low price of $99/month which I personally think is extremely reasonable considering there is NO OTHER HIDDEN COSTS OR ANY +++. Now that I have found and achieve a good regime for my face, it’s time to move on to my body because it lacks lustre and has so much room for improvement. So first up, body hair has to be gone for a smoother, brighter looking skin haha. 
I will be documenting my visits here over 2 years so if you are a consumer who is careful with your purchasing decision, I hope my entries will help you in finding the best and affordable salon for your body hair removal. As I have a pretty busy schedule, I opted for treatment once every 2 months instead of the usual monthly treatment session. You can also choose to go for a monthly treatment plan. For more details, visit their website at
#01-13 International Building,
360 Orchard Road Singapore 238869
Tel: 6836 2140
Opening hours: 10:30AM - 9:30PM 
Tanjong Pagar / Orchid Hotel Branch
1 Tras Link #02-02 Singapore 078867
Tel: 6538 3053
Opening hours: 10:30AM - 9:30PM 
*new branch opening 25 Jan 2014*
City Hall / Adelphi Branch
1 Coleman Street #03-34 
The Adelphi Singapore 179803
Tel: 9008 3329
Opening hours: 10:30AM - 9:30PM
Good luck! 

(Last 2nd day of 2013 and I will try my best to rush out my last heart-to-heart blog post of the year! Have so so so much to say! )

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