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Don’t ask me what my title stands for – whether it is grammatically incorrect or not, that is not the importance of this post. But yes, 2013 IS a transition year for me to more opportunities and to building my future in the year 2014. 
A transition period is where things come to almost a standstill; with few or no accomplishments or even just wandering about clueless of what a new day will bring. I have been there.
After graduating with a degree in Finance at the end of 2012, I embarked on to 2013 with uncertainty but I moved forward with goals that I set out for myself to achieve – one of which was to devote my time and effort to grow VGY manufactured designs.  On that, the designs this year have been received with roaring support from the customers but I feel there is always room for more improvement. For goals which I had set out for myself, I am always more harsh in the sense, I often think I could have done better. 
I still remember the conversation I held with Serene and separately, with John, and that I came to realize, working in and for VGY will always be a passion because I simply love the process of designing all the way to receiving the finalized piece for my shoot. Let me digress here, people usually think that all manufactured pieces from Sg online stores are rip-offs from higher end brands but let me tell you, it is more than that. Everything starts from an inspiration but the final piece will be something that is born out of months of planning, months of sampling with different cuts to see what works best for chosen fabric. And ESPECIALLY VGY manufactured pieces – size XS of every single design is tailored according to my specifications; to put it bluntly, XS is made for me. To whom do I sell these pieces to if I manufacture pieces that I can’t confidently wear myself? 
Now back to the conversation I held with Serene and John. Not sure how I am going to put it across here but my drift was there are many online shops out there who exist because the owners are making big money out of it. However, I can never bring myself up to that business level to commercialize VGY, do it on the big scale and sell pieces for the sake of generating income and covering hefty overheads every month. I also know of shops who hire purchasing agents to source and buy clothes back from overseas then resell them on the website for a profit. It is a fast way to earn money, but the process of it is meaningless. But why? Call me someone with no ambition to grow their business but I am very sure of what VGY means to me. People usually ask me why do I not launch collections as often as other online shops. My reason being I see nothing that catches my eye; or that I am still taking my own sweet time to perfect that manufactured design because I am not satisfied with it. Even if it means no income for that month, I am perfectly fine with it. I find myself really happy being absorbed in the process of buying, designing, perfecting, receiving, shooting and finally selling it. 
I find life in it because I breathe life into it. 
This brings me to my next point which can possibly be the turning point of my life from 2014 onwards. Remember few months back when I received nasty comments on my social media platforms? (I know who you are,girl, but that’s not the point) I want to say thank you to you because that entire month when I succumbed myself to you, it was the time when I sought solace in God and it opened up a burning passion inside me. Disappointment quickly turned to strength and suddenly, I found my vision clear, no longer clouded by tears. John could see the change in me – I became all fired up and optimistic. I discovered an interest in studying the market, learning how properties in our scarce valuable land gets transacted and of course, the treasures that can be found in the marketplace. With faith and encouragement from John, I took up a 3 months course in becoming a real estate salesperson. Now, just before the clock strikes 12 where a new year begins, I have passed the exam and am on my way to becoming a licensed RES. Comparing VGY and a career in property, I will be and can afford to be money hungry in the latter and that is where I will work towards my next goal – in buying land, building and selling houses. It is a long-shot but never mind about the process. Most importantly, I took the first step out.
I took that leap of faith. 
But not to worry about VGY. I gave up a career in dance few years back for VGY and I will never give up VGY for anything else again. VGY keeps me grounded and this brand will always live on.
After years of being a stoic non-Christian, a free thinker to be exact, I accepted Christ into my life this year. The main reason being John is a Christian and I want to love everything that he loves including God. Before I started going for church service on Sundays, I have been downtrodden about life and was enslaved to being a prisoner to negative thoughts. Very often, I find myself crying, not knowing what to do, whether I am going the right way in life. It was painful because I am not one who would show her feelings to the world. It was tears behind smiles. 
After I met Christ, things changed drastically in my life. For the starter, I started emitting positive energy inside me which emulate from having grace, faith and believing.  In turn, this positive energy opened many doors for myself as a blogger and for VGY. 
Just 2 months into accepting Christ, John proposed to me in Japan. 

Till this day, I can never forget how I felt that day on February 27. The overwhelming love, the happiness and that unspeakable moment held in time :*) 

Worked twice with SK-II and Clozette on my instagram, blog and videos 

Was selected out of the many more reputable bloggers in Singapore to fly to Korea for Innisfree Green Tour

Going on a trip with the Gushcloud family to one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. 


The birth of VGY’s new label, SWAN 
Swan by VGY


Knowing a group of fun loving girls (from left: Eve, Yina and Evonne) who I had made many happy memories with through laughter and tears.
(not in this picture, Jayne and Trisha as well!) 


Seeing the growth and potential in Vainpot Boutique. 


This angel who has entered my life to bless VGY. 
The list is endless but it goes on.  
These past few years had not been easy on me but I know 2014 will be an extremely good year for me because God will be placed in the centre of my life. 
“If he is for me, who can be against me?” 
I will be highly favored, greatly blessed and deeply loved. 
Through the hard times, I get by with reading inspirational quotes and have amassed quite a load of it. I want to be able to share it with someone out there who may be having a hard time or needing some encouragement at this point of time. Through these quotes, you can also get a glimpse of the thoughts that had gone through my mind, or if you are smart enough, the tribulations I had gone through to stand tall today to find favour and grace in people. 
I have intended to make 14 DIY mini scrapbooks of these quotes and give it out at this post. Regrettably, I have underestimated the amount of time and work I have left to complete before the year ends and I have not done so. Nonetheless, I hope to finish making these simple mini books before CNY and send it your way to wish you well for 2014. 
Leave me a comment here with your name, email and anything you wish to say to me (and include if you wish to have 1 of these 14 mini books) and I will choose 14 of you to bless you with these humble notes I have kept. I hate having to choose so I may make more then 14 depending on the circumstances. 
Thank you for being a part of my life, reading it and encouraging me along the way. Here’s to starting on a clean slate! With humble beginnings, let’s march to greater things to life! 
Live life believing. Live life with a leap of faith.

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