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Recoliv; the newcomer on the beauty collagen category if you have not heard of by now is the up and coming product to look out for if you have been searching for a product to include in your skincare and health regime for that matter. 

Who makes recoliv?
NutraCeutical Ingredients Pte Ltd also known as NCI is established in  2004. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Natural Colloids Industries Pte Ltd that has a long history in the food ingredients industry. NCI was also the first to bring in collagen for joints to Singapore and has been selling it till date. This year, recoliv is the new addition to the company’s collagen products that targets the skin. 
Up till now, I have slacken off on my beauty collagen intake mainly because of the inconvenience and that I have increased my intake on green tea which also contains high antioxidants that I believe I can count on haha.
A short background on recoliv, it is an all-natural collagen product formulated with the most potent antioxidants. It is a skin rejuvenating product that contains the powerful trio of Collagen + French Olive + Grapes
Let me lay down the benefits for each of the powerful trio here:
Collagen (from Bovine origin) helps to slow down the impairment of skin’s metabolism by increasing our skin collagen production, thus improving skin elasticity and firmness. NCI used the latest German technology to produce this collagen which directly deliver to the localized skin area and most importantly easily absorbed by our skin. In short, it targets directly at the skin! 
On a side note, some collagen products which I have consumed before in the past contain some fishy odour because the collagen is from fish origin. However bovine collagen is extracted from cows, and humans are both mammals so our body will tend to absorb the ingredients made from a bovine source more easily. 
French Olive + Grape Extracts are filled with total profile of potent antioxidants to slow down or even prevent excess free radicals in our body to reduce the process of aging. NCI used special extraction and purification processes are used to preserve the antioxidant characteristic of olives and grapes.
2x more than Coenzyme Q10
6x more than catechin (found in green tea and berries)
10x more than lycopene (found in tomatoes) 

The benefits of these ingredients allows rebuilding of the skin and renewing you by the reduction in wrinkles, increasing moisture retention, brightening and evening of skin tone, enhancing protection from UV damage 

Just for the ability to reduce wrinkles, it will be just in time as a Christmas gift for our mothers in my opinion! :) 
On my thoughts and experience on recoliv after consuming it for a month, the most significant difference I can see is better moisture retention for my skin. Instead of feeling tightness and dryness 3-4 hours later, I now feel that my skin has a better ability to retain moisture from my skincare products allowing my moisturizers to go a longer way. When my skin is moisturized (just like that squeaky clean and fresh feeling you get after a skincare regime routine on a cleansed face), my face is more radiant and the skin tone is more even (without issues with dullness due to tired skin).
For my age, I do not have wrinkles to begin with so I am not in a position to comment on the reduction of wrinkles recoliv promised to deliver. But it is good enough for me that it works in regaining a youthful look on my face just by enhancing my skin’s ability to retain moisture throughout the day and giving an even skin tone (YES! No pigmentations!). 

How I consume my recoliv
Because I love drinking juices, milk and even Ribena, I drink it at home by mixing 1 sachet with milk (when I consume in the morning) and Ribena (that’s if I consume it in the noon). I also bring it out along with me in my wallet because it is so convenient to stuff 3 sachets and carry along with me so I can pop them into my drink during lunch/dinner. Once a day is recommended in the morning or afternoon as the collagen hydrolysate gives some energy to start the day but you can also take it in the noon. Knowing that it gives off energy, I sometimes consume mine in the noon when I start to get sleepy after lunch haha. 


With Ribena 
The purplish sediments are natural and it is a result from extracting from the entire grape itself (so this is indeed a good product imo). This is because, some extracts in the market uses only the seeds or skin but in recoliv, extraction is done from the ENTIRE FRUIT so you get the maximum antioxidant properties. 


Now that I have spread the joy about recoliv to you, you can go on to spread the love to others by joining Recoliv’s “Spread The Joy” contest! 
Join Recoliv Facebook page HERE and stay tuned for the release of contest details! Regular tips on rebuilding and renewing your skin goes up on their page regularly like the one below where you can learn how to make a simple but great low –cal, zero carb snack full of antioxidants and anti-cancer benefits! 

(Extracted from recoliv Facebook Page) 
Good luck and cheerios to good skin!

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