Thursday, January 23, 2014 :: I Am Still Alive

I've been extremely busy these few weeks with rushing out VGY CNY launches (ONE MORE LAUNCH COMING UP!!!), errands, events and training. But with CNY coming up, only good things ensue because of His Grace and I'm very excited about it! VGY is finally taking a big step to growing, and getting a space of her very own :D  
So MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE PARDNER, Serene, is letting go of her office, because we are shifting into a bigger space together. She's looking for someone to take over her current unit, which is located very conveniently near Singapore Post and Paya Lebar MRT, at Grandlink Square. It's about 450sq ft, suitable as a shop space, for warehousing/storage or as an office for small business owners. There's about 1.5 years left to the lease, and is newly renovated and painted. 
If you're interested, do drop a message or call to 9836 4873 for more details. 
PS: This is the place I always hang around when I have nowhere to head to after work :p Extremely cosy with high quality wood lacquered flooring ;) 





* * 
Have been attending quite a number of events of late with the usual girl pals (and a few new additions to the group)! I will take time during CNY to work on the photos and blog about it so please be patient with me and give me more time! Have tons of good makeup and skincare products to introduce as well! ;) 
Lastly, keep the emails coming in for my previous post. Thank you so much and I take time to read every email –Every single email puts a smile on my face :*)  Regrettably, I am unable to reply to all these personal emails as I am swarmed with so much work it is unbelievable. Came to a realization that being busy is a really good problem so I shall not complain about it haha. Coming back to my little gift to 14 ladies, do give me abit more time to get back to you ok? I have completely underestimated my time to DIY those little booklets I promised :( But I will have it done! Maybe it will come later than I promised but I will make it a good one! :) 
Till then, stay tuned to the next VGY launch! It is our last launch for CNY with fully manufactured designs in the collection! Worked hard with my very kind supplier throughout November and December to rush them out in time for CNY. A couple of hiccups here and there with the customs in Singapore but thanks to the very patient and understanding group of customers we have at VGY, everything is moving smoothly :*) 

Cannot thank Him enough for the grace and favor that has been bestowed on me. 
It is truly the undeserved, unearned and unmerited favor from Him to me :*)

With Love,


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