Thursday, December 5, 2013 :: Boracay With Tigerair & Gushcloud

Heading off to Boracay this Sunday with Serene courtesy of Tigerair and Gushcloud and I can’t be more excited teehee. Gonna be away for 4 days and it will be most fun travelling out on a short getaway with a gal pal! Serene and I share a very urm unusual friendship, to say the least haha. Other than being my other half running The VainPot Boutique, we are sisters-in-Christ and…..strangely enough, always squabbling and screaming down each other’s neck to get our point across. In that sense, it is a healthy form of communication (at least for us) although it always ends up with one being exasperated and the other rolling her eyes.  
Then again, I am glad that I can be there for her when her other half is miles and miles away. For these past couple of months, we have grown even closer and have mutual respect for each other as friends, partners and GIRL BOSSES of our own online shop haha (but not before through many tears and laughter). 
Just last month, we were buzzing our butts off travelling all over Singapore to find vintage furnitures for VainPot. More are coming in by next year and we hope everyone will get to see a new VainPot by then ;) Oh, before I forget again, we have been gathering feedback from many customers and have FINALLY decided to open our doors to vendors in VainPot Boutique teehee. For the past 3 years, we have always rejected interested brands who wish to rent a small space in the shop with us due to many reasons. Money was not a concern for us as our main objective for VainPot is solely to help gain traction and trust for our online shops in this highly competitive business. 
Having receiving so many feedback from regulars and walk-ins, we have now decided to open our doors to non-conflicting brands so our customers can get to shop a whole variety of products in VainPot :) So if you are interested in renting a small space or wish to see a particular brand in VainPot, please feel free to drop me an email at and I will see what I can do! ;) We are highly selective of the brands which we will welcome into the shop as our goal in 2014 is to work towards a brand of sophistication and fine living. As you can see, going mainstream is the last thing on both Serene and my mind ;) 
Oh, I had digressed too much haha. Back to the Boracay trip this Sunday! Googled a few images and I am already excited looking at them! :D 


We will be putting up District Boracay! ;) 


Tigerair is finishing the year with a bang because there are giving away $1 million worth of flights in their year-end draw! 
Here’s giving you first scoop of this kickass year-end draw! 100 lucky travellers will walk away with $10,000 worth of flight credits each. Every booking you make gives you 1 chance in the draw. Book and travel by 2013 to qualify. Every booking made per booking reference number will be counted as one chance towards the $1 million draw, regardless of number of passengers/sectors booked. If you happen to be one of the lucky winners, you can use your $10,000 flight credits throughout 2014! ;) 
Visit for more information and details! 
Till then! :D 

With Love,


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