Monday, November 25, 2013 :: L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Eye Cream

The new product to rave about is the new L’Oreal Revitalift Laser x3 Anti-Aging Transforming Eye Cream. This range boast of 14 years of research with 30 patents and a star ingredient in the highest concentration thus far (3% Pro-Xylane). 
This product promises triple action for your eye woes (1) Reduce fine lines, (2) Reduce eye bags and (3) Replump skin hence retightening eye contours (thanks to Pro-Xylane which can firm and tone skin). 
Although I do not have many pressing problems regarding my eyes except occasional dark circles, fine lines and puffiness (during late nights), maintenance is the key to keeping my eyes youthful and healthy looking. With the appearance of fine lines, it will potentially become wrinkles and even crow feet (ohmygod) if I do not take care of or pamper my eyes with the right products. It doesn’t help that we are constantly exposed to harsh environments/late nights from work/air-conditioned (dry) environments and make-up is unable to hide tired, saggy, puffy eyes. You can always tell whether a person maintains her eye area with just a glance at the eye contours. 
I love that this eyecream has a metallic applicator which feels extremely cooling on the skin. Could be because I keep all my products (most of the time) in an air-conditioned room haha. It is so refreshing to feel the cool metal against my undereyes in the morning. 


For comparison, this is a before and after photo.

Both taken without makeup. You can see how puffy and tired my left eye looked in the BEFORE photo. I have this nagging issue with my left eye from time to time on double creasing (due to fine lines which could potentially be wrinkles) and puffiness. Comparatively, my eyes do not appear as puffy after 8 days of night usage and my skin seemed to have re-firm around my eyes. The difference is subtle in real life but it could be seen in photos on my close-ups. 
While I am unable to capture the really fine lines around my eye contours on photos, I did not experience creasing of my concealer under my eyes after the 4th day of Revitalift Laser Eye application. That, to me, is a good sign that the eye cream is working hard for my eyes ;)
I like how the texture of the eye cream is so delicate and velvety smooth. My eye area feels extremely hydrated and smooth upon application and most importantly, it does not cause millia seeds unlike some of my eye cream products which are too oily. 
As I tend to overload the product on my undereye when I use the metal applicator to apply and roll at the same time, I prefer to first dispense on my ring finger, dab it on my eyes then roll the metal applicator over it to evenly distribute it and at the same time massage my eyes and relax with it. 
On application, I prefer to first dispense onto my ring finger, dab the cream on my eyes then roll the metal applicator over it to evenly distribute it and at the same time massage my eyes and relax. 
I am a lover of eye creams and am always in search of good ones as the delicate area around the eyes are in need of so much care to ensure signs of aging like wrinkles, eye bags and sunken contours do not show up. These can easily make you look tired no matter how much amount of makeup you pile on. Just like my skincare products, I rotate my eye creams (both day & night usage) every after 2 months or so. 
For now, that’s all I have to share! If you are interested in giving L’Oreal Revitalift x3 Laser Eye Cream a try, I say GO FOR IT! At $37.90, it is definitely worth the money for the quality and for what it promises!  Better get a good product for your eyes because they are the windows to your soul and the first thing people look at when they talk to you! ;)
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