Monday, November 25, 2013 :: HYPERGRAND

Birthday presents for the 2 worms in the family haha.
The two little ones in the family; one born on Singapore’s National Day and the other on the alternative date and month (8998), are endearingly called “worms” lol. 
Brothers being boys are probably the most annoying creatures ever hahaha. It is really funny to see how Tintin stares and growls at them when all they do is walk past her. See!? Even she finds them annoying haha! 
Annoying as they can be, I still love them with all my heart and they are extremely smart, musically talented and mature for their age. This year, I got them both watches from HyperGrand when I was first introduced to this brand via an email. I thought it is the perfect gift for them! Am pretty apologetic that I only get to give them their presents recently as we do not see each other often. But I do hope they like it! ;) 


I like these NATO watches for their extra fine-weaved straps which comes in many designs. Also, notice that even though the face is black, you can see the fine details of the cut out double dial. It is always good to have the dial in high legibility so at a glance, you can tell the time. Not too complicated and minimalist at its best. 



Thinking of getting one with a floral design for myself for dress-down days. And I think this makes a great Xmas gift! You can see more designs at their website and facebook! 

That’s all for now! Will be back soon! xx

With Love,


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