Tuesday, April 2, 2013 :: Tuesday Update Of Hair, Food, Makeup!

Before the week gets busy with VGY’s first shoot of the year, meetings for VGY’s SS2013 designs, preparing Vainpot Boutique’s accounts for the financial year amongst a dozen others zomg, decided to spare some time to update my blog here :)

I finally had my long fringe snipped off after I came back from Japan. 
Headed to the salon to pick John from work as we had a birthday party to attend and he ushered me into the salon, threw a cape on me and said “let’s cut your fringe”. Haha he knew I will be hesitant and probably not turn up for my next appointment if I have the time to reconsider.  So it was a done deal in 5 minutes -.-


But I have immense faith in John because I have implicit trust in his skills and his foresight :) 
He had been getting me to cut my fringe since the start of the year but I always turn him down haha.


I wanted to achieve a poufy and well curled bangs instead of choppy straight ones so I got John to teach me how to curl the fringe.


Everyone in the salon loved my fringe! :D 
Took her a photo with Fiona because she was pretty intrigued by my new look haha. And a couple hairstylists in Salon Vim couldn’t recognize me!


How do you like my new fringe? :)


Thank you my dear John! Now I look so young with my shorter fringe! ;) 


Dont forget to quote my blog for 10% discount for all hair services! :)

313 @ Somerset Orchard Road

Singapore 238895
Tel: 68847757 / 68847767

PS: If you are going to drive, park at the open space carpark which is just slightly FURTHER DOWN 313 mall carpark. It is cheaper! :)


Headed off to our dear friend Gou Jun’s birthday party after that! I always look forward to weekends because that means meeting our friends for movies and dinners (and finally WORK HAS ENDED FOR THE WEEK!).



That’s the gorgeous belle in our group on the left, May, Henry and Alice.


The group of cheeky guys
From left to right, Jonathan, Ann Yeng (but I call and spell him name as Onion), Brian (but I call him Mike), John, (don’t remember his name!) and Henry.



Of late, many have told John to feed me more haha. I am eating alot, really! 
We are always heading out to brunch on weekends after Sunday church service. 
Headed to Prive as we wanted an alfresco dining area with a cosy scenery to soak up the sun ;)



Have been coughing alot recently. It got so bad I couldn’t sleep and gagged often. Hot drinks during this weather is pretty…sweat-inducing ugh. But still, this is the only way to prevent my lungs from getting too cold!


Lemon Meringue. This was my first time having meringue and I really like the frothy texture of the sugar and cream coupled with a lemony base. Not sure if I should recommend you this meringue!


Had omelette with mushrooms. Meh, this is only so-so. 


And eggs royale with salmon if I don't remember wrongly! Have tasted better ones though!


Took a few shots of my new fringe while travelling to the next location. This is how it looks from the side. Yet to perfect the art of curling my fringe haha but if I could, I would make it more curled in and poufy than it is in the photo.



Many asked what makeup do I used so here's everything I am using in the photos!
On my face: I used RMK’s liquid foundation, Mac blush, Nars illuminator.
For my brows: MakeUp Store eyebrow pencil with Heavy Rotation eyebrow palette and Dolly Wink eyebrow mascara.
On my eyes: Heroine Make’s waterproof liquid eye liner, Maybelline eye liner to tightline my eyes on the bottom, a light orange color from one of Loreal’s quad eyeshadow palettes, ZA Volume mascara on my bottom lashes, and Amazing concealer on my undereye.  
On my lips: I mixed 2-3 colors from Loreal Caresse Lip Stains series. (Thank you for sending the lipstains my way, Loreal!) Usually, I am not able to answer directly what lipstick I use because I always mix several colors together to get a new shade! 




Have a great week lovelies! Off to prepare the outfits for tomorrow’s VGY shoot! This will be the first time we shoot in a cafe! I hope the photos will be good! I have implicit trust in Melvin (from Multifolds) and his photography skills! :) 
Also, I’ll be back with another advertorial post and stay tuned to my Japan post!

With Love,


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