Saturday, September 22, 2012 :: GUSHCLOUD APP!

Gushcloud omg
(My way of saying oh my god…now)

Gushcloud rewards is finally back with an awesome app!
Now you can gush from your phone just like how you use instagram on your phone ;)

I already have the gushcloud app downloaded into my iphone.
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Launch the program to sign in! 
This app connects you to your facebook and twitter.

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You will be greeted with a pretty welcome page and a short tutorial to get you started!
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Choose to gush whatever you like on your page! 
On the right, this is my profile page! I have just jumped on this bandwagon so please subscribe to my profile to see another side of me! 
(At least, I have another social media app to express myself)

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Earn titles according to how much you gush.
Hmm…..I am….still a rookie ;p

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On the trending page, you get to see the hottest topics all around the world.
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Now this is the part where you will be most interested in – earn money by simply supporting a campaign. 
VERY SIMPLY, choose a campaign you like, then LIKE/TWEET/SHARE it to earn monies! 
You can see a little red flag on each campaign. That red flat tells you how much you will earn for joining the campaign!

photo 4 (3)photo 5 (3)

I decided to join this campaign because I have been hearing it so often on 987fm while travelling on the car. 
John even asked me he heard the radio right – that the record holder could hold his stare (without blinking) for 30 mins! 
I told him maybe he heard it wrong. 
Or is he right?! Anyone knows??

Anyway, click on the campaign of your choice and it will lead you to this DETAILS page where it is just a simple 2-3 steps process to earn monies!
photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)

After doing so, you will find yourself earning GP points which can be converted into cash!
For starters, I now have 99GP in my account.

photo 3 (2)

10 GP = $0.12 SGD approx
And I just earned cold hard cash in a short span of 5 minutes from exploring the campaigns!


Go to
Check your rewards on the top left hand corner. Mine is 99GP which translates to $1.21SGD! 
Then choose to withdraw the cash in anyway you prefer – bank transfer or via paypal.

Alternatively, you can exchange for coupons or donate the money to charity! 
This is an excellent way to do your part for charity amidst your busy lives. Even a dollar counts so please consider this option! :*)

Gushcloud rewards 2

Lastly, come join me once you have created your account to start gushing!
Gushcloud 2

Sometimes, I'd like to take a breather from Instagram and Twitter - having a social media platform which I can express myself freely. I gushed some inspirational quotes during mid week to pull myself through. 
At times when the going gets tough, reading inspirational quotes and pasting them somewhere where you can easily read them can turn the day around and make you feel slightly better with a sprinkle of optimism :*) 

You think so too?

With Love,


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