Monday, September 10, 2012 :: Bali Day 3 & 4!

Potato Head Beach Club was the highlight of Day 3 in Bali. 
It is a place I call heaven on earth and a MUST SEE destination!

The perspective walkway which is pretty holed up and at the tunnel end of it, the most breathtaking view awaits us. Potato Head, located strategically on the beachfront of Seminyak Bali, offers crazy stunning architecture with fixtures and furnitures inspired from the aqua sea and its beachfront location. It provides a sense of tranquility and.....this is truly heaven on earth.
The pictures will speak for itself :)

The infinity pool (that has no edge) and you can't tell from the photo but it is shimmery! 

A clear winner in the breathtaking oceanfront view

The indoor area (just next to the pool) which we were seated. The furnitures, fixtures, colors and everything else just seemed so right. 

And we made a shift to the huge sofa bed (which can easily seat 8-10 pax) to enjoy the sun

Before I forget to mention, the sand was shimmery with glitter in it (YES! GLITTER!) and it was so soft that your feet will sink in about 3 inch with every step you take.

Eric and I

Uh-oh, be reminded not to waddle out too far in the sea as the waves are pretty choppy and the locals who saw us playing shin deep in the sea were quick to warn us three people drowned the day before and at the approx same timing as we are there. 

Sophia who waddled out really far out (look at the second photo!) actually found it hard to come back to shore that she kept swimming against the waves!
Although I was only shin deep in the sea, I felt the waves strongly tugging my ankles, as though there are many hands in it. So please please remember not to go out too far no matter how good a swimmer you are! I was once a lifeguard and IMO, the current is really strong. 

It seemed so surreal when I spotted horses in a distance that I thought it was a dream...until they came closer! It was such a dreamy fairytale scene to see dark handsome horses on the beach! 

Good bye and I hope to see you soon, Potato Head! 

We ended the day with a spa which was pretty disappointing.
But it was such a great experience  (which I really treasure) nonetheless because it was a completely bare and honest girl-to-girl talk between Reiee and I (when I say bare, I mean being completely butt naked and sharing a tub together haha).  Now we have "NAKED TRUTH" in a whole new meaning lol. 

Worked hard during the last night to reply customers' emails and woke up with pretty bad eyebags :( 

Thank you so much for hosting us during our stay in Bali, Goodway! ;) 

Wasted monies on these cheap shoes from Discovery Shopping Mall


Saw this really cute small Hada Labo moisturizer in the mall as well! I will be blogging about this product soon! :) 

Last of all, the economy ride home which was pretty spacious. I was listening to country music played from my seat's movie screen all the way home. Ahhh...simple pleasures :) 

We had lemon chicken and it was really good! I am truly impressed with the quality of KLM's inflight meals. It is what I would call comfort food in the sky. 

So that marks the end of my getaway to Bali with the Gushcloud bloggers, many thanks to KLM and Goodway Hotel! And, a big THANK YOU to Uncle Roger (who happens to be Collette Miles' dad) for taking care of us and facilitating the delivery of my laptop back to Sg. Yes, I was so careless I flew back without my laptop! This important lesson costs me nearly $300! 

And to all my lovely readers, thank you so much for reading through the posts! I urge you to try out KLM as a reader informed me they actually have deals from groupon websites that offer a bundle deal for KLM flights.

For the fun of it, I used the KLM passport app to make a short video on my iphone and it took me only 10 mins! :) It is such an innovative app with so many themes to choose from! 
Check out my video here on my facebook profile (because I am unable to embed it here, so sorry!).

Everything has to have a happy ending. So here's a photo to all my lovely readers! 
I love you! <3

Go on. Spread the love.

With Love,


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