Saturday, September 8, 2012 :: Bali Day 2!

Finally back with Bali Day 2! 
My apologies if you checked back 2 days ago but I did not post as promised! So so sorry!
This post is filled with pretty beach and sunset photos so no disappointment there I am sure! ;) 
We started the second day by taking photos against a vivi-like background - in Eric's way of describing it haha

Arrived at our first destination for elephant rides but it was pretty expensive. If I don't remember wrongly, the price was close to 80USD. There are definitely more places in Bali offering elephants rides so make sure you do your homework and shop around before paying! 

Refusing to pay for the hefty prices and taking time to travel to a different location was worth it because we headed to a different "safari" which has so many cute animals which we can interact with! Look! 

Kaykay and Eric looking on the cutest monkey

He was pretty fascinated by my colorful bracelets and kept giving an intense and almost human-like stare. It was cute and at the same time creepy that this monkey acted like a human. His hands reach out to ours and it felt like...a human' hand with cold and slightly sweaty palms.  

Just next to the animal enclosures are elephant rides. I read online that these elephant rides may be harmful to the poor animals because to ensure that the seat is secured for the human seated on it, it is usually tied very tightly against the elephant's intestines and it may affect their digestive systems, be painful for them and it may even cause death :( Granted that elephants are strong creatures and can carry extremely heavy logs, but it is not our weight that kills them, it is how humans treat these animals as money making tools that eventually kills them through torture.
Maybe because we are girls, and naturally we have higher empathy for animals, most of us felt bad when we took our first step up the elephant and through natural instincts, we mumbled apologies to it.

It looks like a big wedgie here. I hope it doesn't hurt for the poor elephant :( 

I was actually pretty suspicious of the sharp hammer head thing that the elephant rider was holding that I asked naively if they hurt elephants and whether it hurts. Hah, he could have just felt thoroughly insulted and pushed me off. 

Halfway through the ride, the first elephant our Gushcloud nannies were on....had a big business going on

I am guessing that the walk was extremely hot for the elephants so they were brought in to the water for a dip before we get off them 

My elephant who took me for a ride had a beautiful name.
She is Ria and 16 this year :*)

My elephant rider, Tam, who convinced me the sharp hammer do not hurt the elephants. 

Donna and her elephant. They are so cute, aren't they! 

Went to 2 beaches in 1 day.
This is Sunar Beach. I really love how the horizon divides the scenery into the deep blue sky and the sea. We rarely see the Singapore skies painted in this beautiful shade of blue so this was such a beautiful scenery for me.
If you get to visit this beach on your vacation to Bali, keep a lookout for the row of makeshift stalls selling corn. It was the most delicious thing I have ever eaten that I gobbled up 2 corns on my own! 

Reiee :) 

Hahaha and this poor shaggy dog which kept whining for attention 

Jeneen and I 

Reiee and Jeneen

Jeneen, Tammy and Sophia 

Our next location was at a breathtaking beach where it is popular for watching sunset and having your seafood dinner on the sand. 
This is the Jimbaran Beach. The place where we took many stunning sunset photos! 

Gushcloud sends you love~

Make a guess which one is me! 

Kaykay and Tammy attempted to do a heart shape in the air

My jump shot haha

Can you guess the other bloggers' jump shots? ;)

We witnessed the beautiful sunset

And it was gone in approx 15 mins :)

I edited the colors of this photo in photoshop and posted it on my instagram because...the sun, the sea, the clear skies, the liberating pose....just makes me feel like putting down a beautiful quote to complete this. 
"Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature."

I once asked John if it was worth working so hard on this unusual path of having my own humble and small retail business where I call the shots or I should put my degree to good use and go the conventional way of getting an 8-5 job, climbing that damn ladder. I remember I was pretty stressed up over money issues because I was juggling many financial commitments when I broke down and asked John if everything was worth it. I was probably seeking words of console and a form of validation to what I was doing but his answer to me was not words of console but words of wisdom, I would say. 
So he said to me "Just think of yourself planting seeds now. You are planting seeds that will grow in the future to become something big or something you may not know will come your way. Instead of starting from scratch, why not continue planting seeds?

And I am actually not a bad photographer haha. Took this photo for Reiee and tweaked the colors in it to create a beautiful silhouette of her against the sun rays. Pretty isn't it? :)

Then it was dinner by the sea. The food here is delicious! Please visit this beautiful beach around 4pm to catch the sunset and have a fulfilling dinner for your tumtums if you are heading to Bali for a vacation! It is definitely worth the visit! 

* * *

PS: So it is back to work this Sunday with a photoshoot for a brand new collection. Stay tuned because there will be a VGY manufactured denim floral shorts which is tailored according to my Topshop piece (see below photos). I have been wearing it to death and to all my holidays. Since I received many requests to sell off my personal piece, might as well I do a new one with similar cutting and in a floral fabric which I am in love with? ;) 

The cutting from the side is extremely flattering! 

There will also be a VGY manufactured maxi dress which I received compliments when I wore it out. I have also placed these manufactured pieces in KissJane so you can drop by to try them on! :)
Additionally, the popular Boyce blazer will be available in a new color! :)
I may also release previews of the items on my instagram so follow me at vaingloriousyou if you have not!
Stay tuned next week for Bali Day 3 and 4 and to VGY's new collection! 
 Have a splendid weekend! <3 

PPS: Catch Ted in the movies this weekend and please let me know if you think the bear is..weird. 

With Love,


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