Tuesday, September 4, 2012 :: Bali Day (Night) 1

Just last week, I was extremely privileged to be one of the bloggers from Gushcloud to be flown to Bali for retreat! Actually had an internal struggle with myself closer to the flight date as I know I'm not going to see Tintin (my little dog if you still don't know) for the next 4-5 days. It was such a tearful farewell for me and Tintin haha. 

KLM was our flight sponsor and we were flown business class to Bali! It was my first business class trip and that was such an experience!
From left to right:
Myself, Jeneen, Reiee, Kaykay, Sophia, Eric, Donna & Tammy

In the business class arena.
It was extremely roomy, extremely comfortable and just the comfort itself minimizes any tension you have before the plane takes off. 

My window seat with Reiee

Did I mention the seat was able to recline flat? Literally like your personal in-flight bed. Prolly because of my petite size, I was able to sleep in a fetal position with my legs well stretched. 

Our in-flight meal which I chose fish for my main dish. I don't have very high expectations of food and I am definitely not a fussy eater so I gobbled the entire tray up because the food was pretty delicious. Everything else around me finished their portions as well except...Reiee haha. She turned and said to me "you really can finish everything on the tray hur Tricia..." 
Yes I can~ When the food is really good haha ;) 

Donna and Tammy who licked their trays clean as well haha

We were picked up by our smiley hotel staff at the airport teehee

Goodway Hotel & Resorts sponsored our stay in Bali with 2 hugeee villas and 2 rooms.

The entrance to lobby had a rustic Indonesian flavor which I oddly find...soothing :] 

The entire resort is humongous! This road leads to our villas.

The other 2 rooms given to us were situated along this pretty stretch

This pavilion comes alive at night with animals! 

The pool area was so serene! How I wish I have a book and a good smoothie to sit back and enjoy some me-time. It was such a pity we didn't get a chance to enjoy this facility :( 

The villa which I shared with Reiee, Donna and Tammy. 
The living room has such a homecoming feel isn't it? :)

One of the rooms with a huge king sized bed. It is actually way bigger than it seemed in this photo! 
It also comes with a big cosy toilet.

Cosy room I shared with Reiee.
Haha we pushed our beds together to cuddle to sleep at night.

With Uncle Roger who is the manager of Goodway :)
He's such a friendly old man to be around! 

It was night time when we landed in Bali. Upon dropping our bags off at the hotel, we headed out to find dinner which was a short 10-15 minutes away from our hotel. 
For this amount of food, each of us paid only about $10-$13+ ! 

oh, a side note here. To those who may be suffering from sensitive noses etc, remember to bring your flu meds! I was sneezing terribly (once every 10 seconds?) and had a bad flu for the first night in Bali! Guess I hadn't get used to the air there! 

Walked through the shoddy streets in search for a place to settle down for some drinks after dinner and we came across many places selling this thing called "MAGIC MUSHROOM".
WHICH I advise you not to consume because I had a close friend in my uni who actually jumped down from his villa in Bali after taking this drug. He fractured his hip and had to stay in a hospital in Bali for some time.
He mentioned not being able to control what he was doing and "it seemed like you are trapped in time going back to the same 30 minutes for a long time".
If you are thinking it would be safe if you are doing it with a big group of friends who can "take care" of you,
no one stopped my friend when he jumped down from the balcony -.- 

Also came across this huge banner haha!
PS: John, can I deposit here for a little while, while I go shopping with my friends? :p 

So we settled down at a open-concept club known as "Engine Room" which had grand ceiling decorations. It is really very hard to miss this club. They have uncontrollable loud music which can burst your eardrums.
And I don't really like the club scene in Bali because it was abit too wild for my liking. 

With 2 pretty ladies; Jeneen and Sophia :)

I will be putting up Bali Day 2 tomorrow so check back again! ;)
It's gona be a hugeeee photo post! 

With Love,


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