Friday, August 31, 2012 :: Wonders Of Reebonz

Over the past few months, there has been a huge buzz online over Reebonz. Have you ever heard of them?
I for one, have never shopped in Reebonz before despite hearing my friends rave about the extensive spread of items they offer on their website and all the good deals in a form of an “event”. It is an exclusive online event where you are invited by an existing member to join and this is the heaven because you may find certain designs priced lower than what they offer in local boutiques.  
Finally jumping on the bandwagon, I signed up for an account with Reebonz and took a tour around their website.
  My senses heightened when I was greeted by this sleek signup page which was really captivating with the model in an iridescent white dress placed strategically at one end.

So what is Reebonz all about?

They are an online shopping platform that provides luxury products to their members.
I was in awe of its comprehensive spread of items like handbags, apparels, accessories and shoes. With the wide selection of items, I was pleasantly surprised at how user friendly this website is.
The range of items are grouped according to brands and they are all given a little tease on the cover photo which makes everything looks so enchanting.

I clicked in to all of the brands just to see what if being offered beneath each inviting photo! I ended up at some of the prettiest finds which I am so tempted to get! :(
This pretty Bleu Cobalt Balenciaga Classic is priced at $1955.00, which was $105.00 CHEAPER than its retail price at $2060.00. It is a real pity that this stunning color is sold out already!
I really like how the photo zooms out clearly to show an enlarged image of the bag. There is no lag time involved in loading the photo. Additionally, the clarity of the photos provided is undoubtedly one of the best I have seen on online shopping platforms. If I had my VGY website up and running in future, this is what I will set out to achieve - to ensure that the website runs smoothly without any lag loading time and the clarity of the product photos, well in my case, clothes :)
The second item which caught my eye and it is in one of my favourite colors!
The Villabella Avenue Quinn from Kate Spade in Sophroniti. I really love its’ sleek and feminine bow design. It reminds me of my Ted Baker clutch (you would have seen it if you are following me on my instagram!).


As you can see on the right side of the page, the price of the bag is clearly shown and it is down by $105.00! Sigh, I added this bag to my wishlist because it is sold out again! I hope I can manage to grab it again the next time! I really love this bag! :(
Coming back, I am truly amazed by its competitive pricing of the products in Reebonz! How do they manage to keep the prices so low?


I was checking in my purchase when I saw this stamp of guarantee of:
-          Best prices in town compared to retail boutiques (or Reebonz will match their price + give you an additional 10% discount)
-          To give a wonderful shopping experience with no gimmicks (I find this a huge promise Reebonz is making to their consumers, don’t you think? To be able to make such a statement, they must be 100% confident of all their products and services offered!)
-          Hassle-free 14 days return
My Delightfully First Purchase
My first purchase from Reebonz came in a form of a pretty tassel earring in my favourite red. I really like how simple its check-out process is. But I better be quick! The things sell out really fast on their web!
Just so you know, I am penning down this entry by literally going through my shopping process in Reebonz with you so I will end here to complete my shopping!
Can’t wait for it to arrive! It will be a great keep for CNY 2013! ;)
Invitation to Reebonz and all its events is only via invitation!
So, here’s my exclusive invite to you and your friends!

Let me know if you managed to snag any good deals because I heard there was a 99% discounted sale recently!

Good luck and have fun shopping! :)

With Love,


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