Monday, August 27, 2012 :: Pre-Bali Update!

Happy Monday to all! 

As you are reading this entry on a lazy Monday morning in your office (goddamn!), I am soaring above the clouds heading to Bali to spend a good 5 days with some other bloggers. 

Well, I really deserve this getaway haha. I have been working wayyy too hard the entire week for VGY's 100th Collection. Don't get me the wrong way. I enjoy working hard for VGY, to push out beautiful collections every launch. But this time round, I had a nervous breakdown after working nonstop and going on without sleep for 40 hours. I think going on without sleep really had me up in my head. I was on the verge of tears every damn minute!

I have been receiving many personal emails regarding my opinions on the items in Col.100. I will roughly answer them here because I still have too much work on hand! :(

Regarding Amelia laser cut eyelet peplum skirts, I am wearing XS and my favourite color is.....really all 3! I have altered all my 3 personal pieces to three inches shorter but have yet to get a chance to wear the Sea Mint color out. It is easily alterable and has a fantastic cutting :)

Wore the white one for Maybelline x Zouk x VGY event!
On a side note, I have last few pieces of the denim bustier which I am wearing. Only sold this during the event so I won't be putting on for sale in VGY. Email me at if you are interested! :)

And the dark navy one for an event I attended 2 weeks ago!
*Will be blogging about this event! 

Of the Ted Baker inspired floral maxi, I saw this piece at Taka when I was in the shop to purchase their clutch. Really wanted to get it badly but the price is...close to $300! 
So I decided to get it manufactured and I made a few tweaks to the design so it is even more flattering than the Ted Baker's piece I tried in the shop!  

This is the original piece.

Ted Baker is a hugeeee company so I believe they purchased alllll the fabric available in the market for this floral design. That's why you don't see it anywhere else. So you are actually paying $300 for this unique floral fabric design. Anyway, the 2 floral fabrics which I chose for this dress have not been used anywhere else (at this moment) and I doubt there will ever be! At least, not anytime soon! 

Out of the 2 colors, I prefer the Coral piece! The color is even prettier IRL and the sales at KissJane evidently tells me...most customers who see it IRL will buy the Coral one over the Lavender piece.  

Lastly, thank you so much for all the encouragement and support I received for this makeup video! Feel free to let me know your feedback on it so I can improve in my future videos. I am always willing to listen to all feedback! :) 

Back to my Bali trip!

I will be flying business class on KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines)! It is my first time taking this airline. I hope I will have a wonderful experience onboard ;)

 Visited their website here and the top 10 destinations caught my attention!
The first one is Bali and prices start from $213 which is pretty affordable!
KLM has 1 daily flight from Singapore to Bali daily.

I really like that KLM has a mobile app which allows us to do everything from checking available flights, planning and booking air tickets effortlessly online. It is just like how easy I buy my movie tickets via my iCathay app on the phone to book movies on the go. Eliminates the queue, waiting time, travelling down etc.
If you are interested, here is the link to their app!

So I will be back with tons of photos and I will do quick updates via my instagram!
Follow me at @vaingloriousyou if you have not! :)

Lastly, I am extremely grateful for all the support and blessings I received regarding VGY Col.100! :*)
All your kind words mean so much to me!
You girls are absolutely wonderful people!

To many more kind and loving people out there, we all make this world an amazing place to live in. 

With Love,


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