Monday, July 16, 2012 :: All about Sally Hansen!

In this post, I will review Sally Hansen nail polishes which I received from the press event. I only take time to take photos for products which I find worthy of a review because I want to share what I have with all of you! :) In the past way before the existence of beauty bloggers, I always spend money on makeup just to keep searching for the perfect foundation, the perfect mascara, the perfect eyebrow pencil etc. Because there is no one to advise me which product is good and which product suit my needs. So I hope via reading my blog, you will save on these monies and straightaway purchase products that will be long lasting and just what you need! :)
There is no point in reviewing every single product I am given if it is not good. It will waste my time blogging about it and your time in reading. Through time, dishonest reviews will affect my creditability and I will lose readership in no time. 
Tell me, have I ever recommended bad products or sucky food places so far? ;) 

So, I attended the Sally Hansen's event at Rendeveous Gallery and met Evonnz ;)
John dyed Evonnz's hair in this wonderful candy color ombre! It is such a pretty and outstanding shade IRL! Kudos to Evonnz for always being so adventurous with her hair colors! 

This gel cuticle remover wowed me! Tried it hands on and took photo of the before and after. 

I apologize for my horrible looking nails! It was a busy working week and I absolutely did not have the time to pamper myself! In fact, I headed straight to this event after a collection launch and turned up looking so haggard :(
Anyway, as you can see, my cuticles are pretty dried up and uneven. Definitely in need of a manicure! 

See how my cuticles look so soft and moisturized now? Used the gel cuticle remover and with several wipes on each finger, the dead skin cells (areas which I circled in the above photo) are completely removed now! 

This event was a hands-on session. There was a Sally Hansen expert to teach us the art of pampering our own nails and this was the final result! I took the entire session working hard on my own nails! It was worth the effort! Look at my pretty barbie pink nails! Used Sally Hansen's Diamond Flash topcoat and the end effect is HI-SHINE for an entire week! 

Just like how you can mix lipsticks to get a different color, you can layer on different nail polishes together to get a unique color. I love the combination of these 2 colors below.
From left to right, Black Tie & Diamonds. 

My favourite colors out of the lot, Something New (the color which I posted on Instagram!) & Heart to Heart (a foxy bright red, just what I like my red to be!). 

A clear view of my 2 favourite colors in their true colors. Pretty isn't it? ;) 

I have always been using the OPI,  Poshe and Seche topcoat for the longest time and have not been adventurous in buying topcoats from other brands. However, I am adding Sally Hansen topcoat to my exclusive selection for topcoats. I like how this top coat gave my nails high shine for a week and how smooth the liquid is! Considering my job scope where I have to touch rough envelopes and stocks daily, I was pretty surprised my topcoat's shine lasted 7 days. 

I am not a fan of purple colors but I love the first bottle on the left ;)
It has a really pretty name as well - Nude Shimmer.
It carries a pink nudish tone which is really suitable for weddings! 

Used Something New for the coral pinkish tone and Nude Shimmer on my ring finger. 

Saw Evonnz doing similar to her nails at the event so I tried splitting the colors on my ring finger using Something New & Black Tie :) 

Hope this review gives you an answer because so many of you have emailed me in asking what nail polish I am using in my latest instagram photo! ;) 

PS: Geez I know I promised a Maybelline giveaway post by end of June. But please give me some more time! Have been pretty busy of late! So many backlog posts and personal emails which I have not yet gotten down to! :( So sorry all and thank you so much!

Hope you'll have a great start to a new week! I am starting my Monday as an off-day (yipee!) and spending this precious day with John & Tintin. I treasure all my off days because to work hard, you have to learn to play hard too! :) 

With Love,


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