Monday, June 25, 2012 :: Heroine Make makeup review

For the past 2 weeks, I have been wanting to sit down to blog this entry as this post contains a few products which I would love to share with you! After using them for 3 weeks now, I am a convert for some of the products below and specially, its eyeliner ;) 

I am not going to list out all products which I was given. I am only going to share the ones which I find is worth sharing and worth splurging ;) 

To be dead honest, before I attended the bloggers' event for Heroine Make makeup products, I never once used any of the brand's products even though I seen them often in Watsons. I was never enticed enough by the cutesy packaging  to try out their products. Guess I am not a fan of these cute, anime-like marketing.
I rarely purchase those Japanese makeup products in Watsons except Dollywink lashes. 
That aside, I have learnt not to judge the quality of the product by its packaging after this event. 

You will see why. 

For this event, we were asked to wear minimal eye makeup as there would be a hands-on session. 
I was greeted with an array of products on the table. 

Turned up at the event with my foundation on, eyebrows drawn darker than usual so it takes the attention away from my bare eyes, light blusher and a subtle tight-lining of my eyes with Maybelline's Hyperliner. 

This is the foundation powder which I tested on my face.

I rate this foundation 7.5/10!
Which is a pretty good rating I am giving since I am quite the bitch when it comes to base products. 
The downside is, upon applying more than 2 layers on my skin, it goes on my face looking abit cakey. So I suggest powdering only 1 layer onto your face if you are going to try out this foundation. 
The coverage for 1-time powdering was enough to cover the redness around my nose areas. FYI, my nose area can get pretty red at the sides so I usually buy specific foundation with good coverage and goes on smoothly on my skin without looking too cakey. So this foundation is pretty decent on my skin, I would say.
You can see the powder puff is provided in the foundation case (as below). Using the powder puff would definitely provide better coverage than a brush. For those who do not like too much foundation on the face, I recommend using a brush to dust on this Smooth Cover Powder foundation instead of its powder puff.

On oil control, it can last up to approx 4 hours which is nottt too bad. I have combination/normal skin which I believe most of us are! (No one has perfect skin!) So the max I can go with this powder is about 4 hours before I need to do touching up. 

Heroine Make mascaras are quite the bomb haha. You will see from my photos below. 

I am a convert to Heroine Make eyeliner. The purple pen which I am holding on to in the photo below is the eyeliner which I totally fell in love with. On my first use, I was impressed by the pen tip and the pigmentation of the black ink. 
I highly recommend this eyeliner for beginners as the Japanese style fine tip brush is really hard to make mistakes with. It is so fine and the control of the flow of liquid out of the tip is extremely miraculous.
I did not get a clear photo of this item as I was too engrossed in examining the details/ingredients upon my first application haha. 
I rate this eyeliner 8.5/10 as I find it does not last as long as it promises. Granted that it is waterproof as stated and DO NOT smudge easily, I realized the liner near my tear ducts always fade away the fastest. And I need a touch up in like..3 hours time. Can someone tell me why? Haha. 
Other than that, I find no fault with this eyeliner and will be getting my 2nd one really soon :) 

With Heroine Make foundation and eyeliner.
At my first stroke application, the pigmentation of the eyeliner is as dark as it is seen in the photo below. For the record, I drew on my eyeliner in like...10 seconds which is really fast compared to using a separate brush when applying Mac/Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners (they come in a pot instead). 

A close up on the eyeliner drawn

This photo below was taken AFTER I put on 3 coats of the mascara (photos of the mascara above). 
It delivers what it promised with bold lengthening effect, keeping curls in place for the entire day and waterproof. 
However, on the aspect of clump free glossy lashes, I beg to differ. It adds volume to each coat and by the time I get to the third coat, it can get pretty clumpy and I had to quickly separate my lashes before it gets too ugly looking when it dries up. 
For that, I am rating this mascara a 7/10. 

With extremely strong sunlight streaming in from the window, I snapped a frontal hoping to capture how caked up my face looks after 2-3 layers of the Smooth Cover Powder foundation. 

My face actually looks really cakey over here.
Nonetheless, it is a pretty good end product with the eyeliner making my eyes look bigger and definitely sharper thanks to the extreme fine tip, a prettier set of peepers with natural eyelashes enhanced by microfibers (in the mascara) giving me a wide-eyed preppy look and the Smooth Cover Powder foundation for smoothening out my face making my pores look less obvious. 

I have been asked a number of times what eyeliner I am using so this post should answer your queries! :) 
I mentioned that I have been a convert for Heroine Make eyeliner and for the below photos, I have been drawing my eyes effortlessly these days with it. I like to extend and flick my eyeliner upwards to my temples at the end instead of a normal wing tip. This is to make my eyes "smile" when I smile haha. My eyes get really small when I smile widely or laugh so with the extended wing tip, it will appear as though my eyes are smiling when they are shut. PS: This is my secret tip! 

And using Heroine Make fine tip eyeliner, it makes the tip look really defined. A plus point which won me over :) 

Remember I mentioned above that the eyeliner do not last more than 3 hours for me although the pigmentation is really strong? Refer to the centre of my eye - this is what I meant. Additionally, you can see the line near my tear duct is fading off as well. However, it does not smudge so I don't know where the color went too haha. Prolly into my eye! 

Posted this photo on my instagram few weeks back. Also used the Heroine Make eyeliner to line my eyes.

Please let me know if you are also a convert to Heroine Make eyeliner after using it! It amazed me and I am sure it will for you too! ;) 

Here's a great start to a new week! Cheers! <3

With Love,


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