Tuesday, August 14, 2012 :: Finally! A treat for the mane at Salon Vim!

Just last week, I was demanded by John to head down to the salon to fix my hair because I have not had a cut nor treatment for as long as I can remember. I was dragging my feet around heading to Salon Vim a long time because I pretty much love my long hair (which took me 6 months to grow!) but John wants to give me a fresh look which he hinted will be much shorter than what I have at that moment of time. Of course and very naturally, I was beyond petrified haha. So I procrastinated until he went bonkers, and there I was, finally turning up at Salon Vim last Saturday. 

I have read and heard alot about the goodness of Redken chemistry cocktail treatment but having done it myself now, I have only good reviews for it! Was pretty intrigued about it after my treatment so I went online to find out more. 

On redken's website, I read that this is a deep conditioning treatment to treat distressed hair which is terribly weakened due to (1) chemical distress & (2) mechanical distress
Chemical distress is caused by chemical services like perming WHICH I am guilty of :(
Mechanical distress is caused by normal wear and tear due to blow-drying, curling, flat irons etc. Very sadly, I am guilty of this as well thanks to my daily curling. Even though I am using my trustworthy BabyLiss curler, there is bound to be breakage and dryness in hair caused by extreme heat. 

John explained to me that there are 6 shots that he can choose from to customize this treatment to my needs. 
You can refer to the chart below:
My cocktail treatment consists of 3 shots namely (1) Extreme Shot Phase for distressed hair, (2) Color Extend Shot Phase for colored hair and (3) All Soft Shot Phase for dry/brittle hair. 

It is a step by step procedure, definitely worth your monies spent on this treatment! ;)
I especially love step 1 and step 2 where the chemicals prep your hair's pH level for maximum absorption during the treatment. 

So the shots are pumped into a shaker tin where the different shots are mixed well like how a bartender shakes up your drink ;) 

After the treatment, my hair was insanely smooth and visibly silky. There is also a "bounce" in my hair where it looks like my mane has a life on its own. It is incredible. Each strand of my hair feels tougher and it definitely looks thicker than before the treatment. 

I have very little hair and my hair is considered pretty fine and weak. Imagine I can section my hair into 4 parts and curled it within 10 minutes. That is how little my hair is. So I was surprised my hair was visibly thicker even though I chopped off my locks and retouched my roots with a light color. Lighter color usually emphasizes the amount of hair you have. So if you have reallllyyy little hair, it is advisable to have darker colors. 
On another note, if you have a good stylist who also doubles up as a good colorist, you can safely go with lighter colors. I would say this because John gave me a different cut that is suited to my face and head shape. It acts to complement the color of my hair and also "adds weight" to it. The color on my hair is a special concoction by John and is not available on charts. That reminds me, VGY attended the Maybelline x Zouk event just last week and I was backstage when one of hairstylist from Chapter 2 actually commented my hair color was stunning. Geez..hehe. 
On haircut, I feel that John's haircut priced at $60 is extremely affordable because his haircut can last for more than 3 months due to the way he sections your hair and the techniques he used. And at the risk of sounding extremely lazy, I need to say..my last haircut with him was...6 months ago ;) 
(now you know why I mentioned he went bonkers at the start of this entry) 

On a side note, John refuses to work on my hair during our wedding haha. But I am adamant on having him to do up my hair! Someone please help me convince him! 

Back to my haircut, I love how heavy my hair looks and the unique lengths although there was no thinning involved! Also look at how smooth and healthy my hair is! 
It has been nearly a week and my hair still feels smooth, tough and visibly healthy! 

Uploaded this photo taken using my iPhone onto instagram!

I highly recommend John at the salon if you are interested to give him a try!
Drop him a call or text at 85229336. He is a smooth and friendly texter~ haha. 

SOMERSET 313, #04-07/08/09
Tel: 68847757 or 68847767
Quote my name or blog to get 10% off from John! ;) 

Before I end off this post, please look forward to the big 100th VGY launch!
I am all geared up for the big 100th which I am aiming to launch next week, which coincides with VGY's birthday week! ;) I am planning a big surprise and it will be a great visual treat!
I am keeping my fingers crossed because I have so many things happening next week!
 It is my graduation week as well and Gushcloud will be sending me to Bali after the weekend! (hooray!)
I need all the faith and strength to pull me through the busy week!

Wish me luck! Wish VGY a happy birthday! <3

With Love,


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