Monday, June 18, 2012 :: Vainpot Private Sale & VGY C96 sneakies!

Did you drop by for Vainpot's Private Sale on 30 June? 
Thank you so much if you did! :) 

We spent sleepless nights in there preparing for more than 100 new designs in the shop, shifting furnitures, garment steaming, cleaning (gasp) and so much more! 

Here are some of the behind-the-scene shots late into the night.

The shop in a horrible state of mess. I don't even clean my own room. Thinking back, I really don't know how we managed through. It had to be our two lovely angels who gave us so much support and help. We are too blessed indeed to have found them through countless interviews! :*) 

Don't know how they manage smiles in such adversity haha. Geez, look at my midnight towering bun in the mirror.

How Matt managed such a clean look at midnight in a dusty working environment still amaze me today.

On the day itself.
Our pretty shop just minutes before the private sale!

Gearing up with a quick dinner before doors are open! My trusty partner, Matt from MMTP, Vi & Eve :*)
Can never be thankful enough to have them in my life. 

My darling angel, Yvonne, who have even taken leave from her full-time job to help us out :*) 

Pretty Vivian who can go on without sleep for a few days!

I am looking forward to a Vainpot company retreat with the angels this end June!
We all deserve it for working so hard together! :)

* *

To get things going before I launch a new collection this week, here are some unedited behind-the-scene/over-exposed photos for VGY C96.
Won't be using these photos in the collection as they are over-exposed no thanks to the scorching sun. We all went home 1 shade darker that eventful day :(

My hair looks stunning here in ombre red, doesn't it? In this photo, this is the true bright red color I had on me during the first 2 weeks of dying my hair. The color is absolutely stunning IRL. Someone even walked up to me at 313 HMV asking me where I did my hair while I was browsing the store geez!
I am really so thankful to dearest John for always making me look my best no matter how busy he gets :*)
I will never forget what a reader once told me - That my hair is a testament of his love for me.

Having my little break in this pretty floral dress which I adore so much! Have already worn 2 colors out and I will be leaving the other 2 colors for my other events in June! It is so effortlessly chic and saves me so much time from prepping an outfit before leaving house. Keep a look out for the last color which I will only reveal on VGY facebook closer to launch date this week! ;) 

So here's a great start to a new week for you! 
To hell with dull Mondays! We shall all welcome the new week with anticipation and with so much energy in us! :) 

With Love,


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