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Never thought that I would be given this opportunity to be able to coach a group of ladies and guide them but I was lucky enough thanks to KOSÉ! In fact, you should have seen these lovely ladies on my Instagram and Facebook posts last couple of weeks! I will be making use of this post to talk about my skincare routine on using KOSÉ the past 2 months and my experience on being a blogger mentor to my 6 beautiful SEKKISEI Cinderella finalists. 

Those who have been keeping up with my posts will know that I change my skincare routine once every 2-3 months. This time, my skincare routine consist of the following products from KOSÉ; SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash, SEKKISEI Lotion, SEKKISEI Emulsion, SEKKISEI Eye Cream and SEKKISEI Sunscreen.  They are also the star products which I would highly recommend to all because of its simplicity (to use) and comfort for my skin. I emphasize on the word simplicity because I get to complete a religious skincare routine which usually consists between 5 to 7 steps in just 3 sufficient steps now (wash, lotion, emulsion). 

The switch to KOSÉ products has been a very comfortable one with no discomfort to my highly sensitive skin. My skin took easily to the new skincare routine consisting of the full range of KOSÉ products and my application time has now also shortened in just 3 simple steps.
I was speaking to the finalists at the KOSÉ makeover and there was a general consensus that KOSÉ 3 simple steps skincare routine and the sunscreen are clear winners. Additionally, I also realized from the conversations held with the lovely ladies that most of them agree about an afterglow from using the products just like I had experienced (so I can assure you its not just me)! 
A short review on the star products which I have mentioned, 
On the white liquid wash: It is a milky white texture which foams easily and leave my skin feeling clean but not overly dry.
On the lotion: This is the start of the 3-step process. It didn’t take long for me to have a good opinion on this because my skin tone lightened so much that my face is now 1-2 shades lighter than my neck if you can see from my above close-up photos! Additionally, it leaves my skin feeling soft and all ready for moisturizer. 
On the emulsion: This step always leaves my skin feeling dewy and a brightened look. I enjoy using this in the mornings because it makes me look more awake than I am haha.
On the cream: The last step of the 3-step process; I like how the texture do not feel like a “cream” at all but more of an essence gel. It is much more liquid than usual cream moisturizer which is why I love how it feels on my dry skin! 
On the sunscreen (essence gel & essence milk): This sunscreen is a clear winner to me with its non-sticky texture which glides on easily on the skin. At SPF50+, it is great for my daily use to work and I promise you, I will be using this sunscreen for a long time to come ;) 
I recommend using the entire range of KOSÉ products as I find there is good synergy when using the same SEKKISEI range altogether! 2 thumbs up for this skincare routine! 
Did not expect to be writing such a lengthy post on the skincare products but good things must be shared, right? ;) I have been receiving a lot of enquiries on the efficacy of KOSÉ products on me so I hope the above will answer all your questions! 
Ah, talking about my experience at the KOSÉ SEKKISEI Cinderella finalists makeover shoot, I have a few angels to thank for helping me to coordinate along the way. Giving thanks to my manager, Sheena, at Gushcloud who have been the most helpful, and for sending your kind and fun-loving intern, Jiaqi, to look after me during the shoot. Lastly to my VGY angel and trusted good friend, Eve, who was with me every step of the way :*) 
Behind the scenes of the makeover shoot 
It is always a mess behind the scenes haha 
Prior to the shoot, the girls have been prepping up their skins with the entire range of SEKKISEI products to look good for this day! Alot of hard work and dedication, I would say! But it is all worth it to see them shining like stars and glowing in their skins for the shoot! 
Shots of the Cinderellas taken while having their fitting at Vainpot Boutique! ;)

One thing I really love about shoots is that you get fussed all over like a princess haha. Just like Chloe below. 
Leggy Gina looking so radiant! Absolutely love her skin and hair! :) 
Ena who was quite the natural on set basking in her confidence! 
Sweet looking Elizabeth who is in one of my favourite VGY dress ;) 

Sensual looking Cheryl who is sooo shy teehee ;) 
Selfie with the really friendly and bubbly Michelle :) 
And more photos! 

It was definitely a great experience being a mentor to the ladies during the shoot. Often being behind infront of the camera myself, I have to guide them to looking confident in their photos with the right posture and smile etc. But I guess, the talented photographer, Ukay, did a better job at directing the Cinderellas! ;)  


All of them looking lovely in VainGloriousYou!

Giving thanks to Ukay, photographer of the day for being so patient with the ladies and guiding them for their first ever shoot :) 
Lovely Dana from KOSÉ! Thank you for being so easy to work with! Had been such an experience! 
Here's Nicholas and KC from Salon Vim who came down to do styling for my Cinderellas! Thank you for the great job, guys! 
And to everyone on set who made this shoot possible, THANK YOU again and again! T’was such a fun shoot! 
Do remember to vote for your favourite Cinderella! Read more on their progress at their personal Facebook pages below! Voting starts from now till 15 June, so please do vote for your favourite Cinderella HERE and you’ll receive an e-Coupon for SEKKISEI Lotion at just $25 (UP $41)! This is a must-try product in my opinion so do give it a shot! ;)
Elizabeth Han
Ena Teo
Chloe Pek
Cheryl Ann Khoo
Gina Poh
Michelle Aw

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