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A topic that is rarely communicated amongst all other skincare and makeup have to be body care or so I call it. I am one of the majority who place lesser importance to body care. In fact, so much importance is placed on my skin care regime (and on my hair) that I tend to disregard other parts of my body. I take my own sweet time every morning and night to complete my skin care regime and keeping up with hair/scalp tonic with massage that it leaves me sooo tired to care for other parts of my body. My poor legs and arms have been on the receiving end of sunrays, lack of exercise, lack of moisturizing, lack of toning. 
Many times, I do think about the possibility of fairer legs and arms if I place as much importance on them.I see improvements when I take time to care for my face and hair. For example, the brightness and skin texture of my face have greatly improved over a period of 6 months when I invested time and effort in caring for them - in the process learning a lot about facial care and product ingredients. The returns are so worthwhile because I can even go out without piling on layers of makeup now.

I also used to have soooo little hair and problems on balding which was so prevalent it kept inferiority complex at the fore front. 
(Can you imagine I lived with the bald spot for the longest time…..)
That goes to prove that if you genuinely take effort in caring for your face/hair or any body part, your body will know and results will show in time to come :) 
After attending the Clarins S.O.S. Workshop and penning this blog post makes my resolution for attaining that dream legs and arms that I want even stronger. How can you not when I have told you my inspirational experience from caring for my face and hair? ;)

Lack of knowledge in body care products makes the inertia to "attain my dream legs and arms" even harder. Which is why I am so glad this engagement with Clarins came so timely.

Now before you jump on the bandwagon and ask where in the world does a skinny person like me require any products for cellulite control, prevention is always better than cure and it is never too late to start. I never belong to the anorexic minority who does not have any cellulite. I do have ugly cellulite dimples at my thighs but not so much that it is a big concern (unlike my balding issues previously).  Moreover, other than promising to firm and plumps skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite after several weeks consistent use, Clarins Body Life Cellulite Control is also a moisturizer that acts to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


At the first use, I like how the pale pink emollient gel immediately melts into the skin without any overly thick feeling of stickiness which I face with many moisturizers. Although I am only at my first week of use only, it is probably a good sign that my legs become more moisturized, plump, smooth, visibly firmer and my cellulite dimples were not as pronounced at every application that it makes wearing short dresses and shorts so tempting. It is a far cry from my usual dry legs with a handful of darkened scars on the front and cellulite dimples at my back thighs which worsened the entire appeal from waist down. Yes, you just don't see that in my photos haha but we all have areas we find fault in ourselves, don’t we? 


Back to Clarins Body Life Cellulite Control, the added bonus for me would be the texture of my legs and arms became incredibly soft  just after few days of morning and night usage - which is what I have been hoping to achieve albeit with my lack of discipline in sticking to religious body care regime.

I was just speaking to a staff from Clarins during the event that they should hold such intimate sharing session with consumers as well because for someone like me who has never used Clarins and have always associated Clarins with a much older audience perception, I am truly a convert after trying out the various body care products on my legs, arms and hands during the sharing session in the Clarins office.  Haha it does help when you also have another blogger friend sitting beside you who is a Clarins user and a strong believer in their body care products. Thanks Candice! ;) 



I am not going to lie but body care is a new area for me and I am genuinely impressed with Clarins body S.O.S line. They are the No.1 Body Care Expert and has the answer to every women’s body concerns. Through the sharing session, I discovered the most suitable body care products through consultation with the Clarins Experts to target areas of my concern in particular slimming, firming and hydration. I also experienced for myself the efficacy of the products for example the Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin. It is truly amazing and you can also see for yourself from my photos above how the back of my left hand became so much fairer and brighter after testing out the scrub.  

One of the products which the Clarins Experts picked out for me is the Body Shaping Cream. I immediately fell in love with its unique mild floral scent and fluffy soft and wet cream which melts easily into the skin to aid the special massage techniques imparted to us during the Clarins sharing session. My lovely friend, Candice, swear by this product! 



I have been applying the Body Lift Cellulite Control and Body Shaping Cream religiously using these massage techniques that I learnt during the sharing session. It is not as easy as it seems but it gives my legs a good massage and I am definitely getting better at it! ;) Manage to find the same video on YouTube which I viewed over at Clarins office! 

If you are interested to try out Clarins and be a satisfied first time user like I am, Clarins is giving away free Body S.O.S Trial Pack which consists of (Slimming/Firming/Hydration products) along with a 15 minutes Skin Time Consultation with Clarins Experts ;) I would definitely grab this opportunity if I were you because I am truly a convert just after my sharing session last weekend with them. Sign up for your trial here! 
After signing up for it yourself, you can also get your friends to sign up with you because….the more friends you have signing up, the higher your chances are in winning 1 of the 20 Clarins gift sets (worth $120 each) and a grand prize of a Body Treatment at Clarins Skin Spa (worth $185).  Pssssst, I heard from my girlfriends who previously visited Clarins Skin Spa for their highly-raved Body Treatment in preparation for their wedding as it gives almost immediate shaping results for the brides to look good on the big day! 
Good luck and I am 99% if not 100% sure you will be a convert like me if you give Clarins a try! ;) Here’s a fun shot with the Clarins girls in their office! They all have such toned figures if not fair skin! 




Good luck with your Clarins experience! ;)

With Love,


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